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The Mackie MR5 reference studio monitor delivers truly professional quality and everything you need for critical monitoring”at a price that's unbelievably affordable. The MR5 speaker's wide, even disp... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Mackie MR5 reference studio monitor delivers truly professional quality and everything you need for critical monitoring”at a price that's unbelievably affordable. The MR5 speaker's wide, even dispersion means a broad sweet spot, minimizing funny dips or peaks in frequency response when you move off axis. You get superior bass extension”tight and free from distortion”so your lows pack just the right amount of punch. To ensure the best sound possible for your setup, the Mackie MR Series monitors have acoustic controls for tuning them to fit your room acoustically. With their active bi-amplified architecture, wide dispersion, ultra-flat frequency response, and outstanding bass performance, Mackie MR5 monitors deliver superior imaging with impeccable clarity, for a truly inspirational, non-fatiguing audio experience.

Mackie MR Series monitors achieve their transparent sound quality thanks to these key design elements:

Mackie Minimum-Diffraction Molded Baffle:
When it comes to baffle design, shape matters; it plays a role in how sound waves travel. Mackie's baffle is precisely molded to minimize diffraction, so sound waves radiate smoothly, and are dispersed optimally. Mackie's precision waveguide is designed to ensure broad, even dispersion and a smooth transition between highs and lows. The result is a crystal-clear image of your mix, with an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. Whether you're in mix position or not, on axis or off, you'll always hear an accurate representation of your mix.

Amplifier Design:
Amplifiers are the power behind a monitor's sound, but they can also color it. Unlike passive monitors, Mackie's amplifiers are precisely matched to the monitor design. Featuring Mackie's proven Class A/B architecture, the MR5 monitors' amplifiers are meticulously tuned to deliver ultra-flat frequency response, so the sound remains neutral. To compensate for room characteristics, acoustic controls allow you to adjust High Frequency and Low Frequency settings (±2dB). Balanced inputs allow you to get the best signal possible, but the option of unbalanced inputs mean you can connect easily to any source. And MR Monitors deliver enough power to handle the toughest source material, at sound levels beyond sane people's requirements.

A speaker's cabinet is more than just an enclosure”it's another component that affects the overall quality and character of the sound. Mackie's cabinet features a rear port, carefully tuned to deliver superior bass performance with no audible vent noise. Because air passes through the precisely engineered curved port easily, there is no distortion, and no build-up of pressure within the cabinet that could affect driver movement. The rigidity of the cabinet's precision-braced MDF construction also prevents vibration, meaning your sound is always free from unwanted resonance.

Transducers are responsible for converting your electrical signal into sound, so consistent, unwavering performance is a must if you want sonic clarity. Mackie specifically created ultra-low distortion steel frame woofers and waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeters to work perfectly in concert with all the components in each MR monitor. You get a precisely tuned monitor that performs with impeccable consistency.

MR Series Monitors are ideal for a variety of applications. Use the MRs to empower your mixes in the studio, or to add pro sound to your multimedia, gaming or home theater system. You can even use them for a great-sounding home DJ rig. The MR5 and MR8 Monitors share the same design, so they function great together, too, making them optimal for multiple monitor setups”just add a Big Knob”as well as surround systems. For any applications where high-quality sound and classic good looks are required, MR monitors are the perfect fit.

Mackie's Reputation Speaks for Itself
With every product Mackie releases into the wild”from monitors to loudspeakers to mixers”Mackie ups the ante on performance, reliability, and affordability. Mackie's innovation and commitment to great sound is why so many of Mackie's products are top sellers, and why Mackie's gear has legions of enthusiastic devotees.

Tracktion 3 Music Production Software
The MR5 includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software which doesn™t make you bounce around endless menus and windows to make music. Based on a simple, single-screen interface, the award-winning Tracktion 3 is a fast, powerful, and complete solution for turning your ideas into finished songs. It comes a plethora of power and plug-ins to keep your music flowing”not locked in menus or limitations.

  • Studio monitor with true Active design
  • Precision Class A/B amplifiers with Active protection circuits: 55W for LF / 30W for HF
  • HF and LF acoustic controls for room correction
  • Balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Ultra-low distortion 5-1/4" steel frame LF transducer
  • Waveguide loaded 1" high-resolution HF transducer
  • Minimum-diffraction molded baffle for smooth, wide sweet zone
  • Magnetically shielded for safe placement near computer/video monitors
  • Precisely tuned for working interchangeably with other MR units
  • Acoustic Performance
    Free Field Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)
    Lower Cutoff Frequency: -3dB @ 60Hz
    Upper Cutoff Frequency: -3dB @ 22kHz
    Sound Pressure Level @ 1 meter, +4dBu into Balanced Input: 100dB SPL @ 1m
    Maximum SPL Per Pair: 113dB SPL @ 1m

    Low Frequency: 5.25"/133mm steel frame cone woofer with rubber surround
    High Frequency: Wave guide loaded 1"/25mm silk dome tweeter

    Low Frequency Power: 55 watts, 4 ohm load, 85 watts peak
    High Frequency Power: 30W, 4 ohm load, 50W peak
    Slew Rate: >15 V/s
    Distortion (THD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100): < 0.035%
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (Low Frequency): > 101dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, unweighted, referenced to 55W into 4 ohms (High Frequency): > 93dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, unweighted, referenced to 30W into 4 ohms
    Type: Monolithic IC, Class AB with DMOS power stage

    Electronic Crossover
    Crossover Type: 24dB/octave
    Crossover Frequency: 4kHz
    Sensitivity: +4dBu at 300Hz for full output
    Input Impedance: 20 k?, balanced bridging; 10 k? unbalanced

    Low Frequency EQ: +2dB/+4dB @ 100Hz, shelving
    High Frequency EQ: -2dB @ 5kHz, shelving

    AC Power Requirements
    US: 120V AC, 60Hz

    Note: The MR5 does not support multiple voltage configurations. Make sure the voltage rating for your particular model (as indicated on the rear panel near the IEC socket) corresponds with your local AC mains voltage.

    AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250V AC, 16 A male
    Fuse: 115V AC: T 1.6AL/250V, 230V AC: T 800 mAL/250V
    Power Consumption: 75W with music, loud mix, 10W quiescent (idle)

    Physical Dimensions and Weight
    Enclosure: 0.625"/16mm thick MDF with 0.750"/19 mm MDF front panel
    Damping: Adiabatic foam
    Dimensions (HxDxW): 11.25"/286mm, (11.50"/292mm when including top of waveguide) x 7.75"/197mm x 10.50"/266mm
    Weight: 14.3 lb./6.5kg

    Tracktion 3 System Requirements
    Windows XP
    Pentium / Athlon 1GHz or higher
    512MB RAM or higher
    OSX 10.4.8 or higher
    G4, G5, Intel 1GHz or higher
    512MB RAM or higher
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These are budget monitors / Bedroom producers apply

I picked up a pair of the MR5's about a year ago now and I have never stopped loving them. I'm only at the beginning of my studio's inception, so the price point...Read complete review

I picked up a pair of the MR5's about a year ago now and I have never stopped loving them. I'm only at the beginning of my studio's inception, so the price point was mind blowing (especially for the Mackie name -- and I know that re-branding and de-branding occur when companies just stick their label on something cheap, but these aren't cheap sounding). They provide a very neutral palate without coloring the sound. I consider these starter monitors that are less meant to be used to produce and master a professional album but more to train the ears to listen to sonic detail from monitors and make bedroom mixes. If you're looking for top quality sound spend more money and get something with at least an 8" driver. I plan on adding a pair of Yamaha HS80m's to the MR5's and run cross between the two sets for comparison. I'm rating them based on their price category, and for the money, you can't get better. 5 stars.


Most Liked Negative Review


Great Clarity, Poor Referencing

I so pumped to hear these things up against the few other top brands that they had at the store. they certainly had a bit more punch to them than yahma or KRK. The...Read complete review

I so pumped to hear these things up against the few other top brands that they had at the store. they certainly had a bit more punch to them than yahma or KRK. The problem is just that though. They overly represent the low-range IMO. after getting great level set with them my final CD mixes were really lacking in the low end and bass. ALSO, my Digidesing Hybrid! HD synth plug-in causes awful distortion as these monitors just cannot cope with the bit depth of that particualr Virtual Insturment. Not saying these things suck. they sound great for the price and would be awesome as a second small set but I would not use them as your only pair of monitors. They do not reference all the sounds very accurately.

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nice monitor, was not the one in the pic

By jeff

from flagstaf

Verified Buyer

nice monitor, the one i got wasnt the one in the picture. so i got the older model. which they no longer sell replacement parts for.

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Big sound

By chris bocci

from Undisclosed

Over all, I think they are okay if you get a pair of these and they work. I wouldn't say these reproduce music as acurately as other monitors I heard but have lots of bass.
These Mackie MR5 monitors have a big sound with plenty of bass to spare. Take into consideration that I got these for listening to MP3's and they remind me of those AIWA mini shelf units people had ten years ago. I did like the smooth high end on these and you can slid a switch on the back to get more but I did not find that necessary with the low or high end.

The reason I gave the MR5's a 6 out of ten was for two reasons. The bass can sound flabby at times (I had them on the floor away from any corers or walls) but the biggest reason for the rating was that one of the monitors started to cut out after a week. I returned it, noting to the rep that this monitor had come in a previously opened box and asked for a factory sealed unit (they sent me another open box!).
As noted, one of the monitors started to not work after a week of use.

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Good Speakers

By Braxston Young

from Undisclosed

This is my first time ever having some real studio monitors. I have to say i'm pretty impressed of the quality that it gives. These speakers are very good for their price. Sometimes cheaper is better.

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From a small studio owner and mastering suite

By Terry Hancock

from New Mexico

The best little monitor that I have ever heard.
I just had to jump in here, after the last ridiculous plant. For many months now, I have recommended that my associates, friends, family...anyone...immediately buy this speaker. I have the big JBLs and subwoofer for mains. All of that has always received excellent reviews from the pros. But, when I got this little Mackie, I was shocked. With the bass at +2, it sounds very similar to the big system, while allow sublte differences to be heard in the midrange. Not negative, just different. It is powerful, and your ears will blow before it will distort.

I consider it one of the greatest steals that I have ever gotten from Musician's Friend. It was well worth the original sale price!

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Awful! Stay away!!

By jeff paoletti

from Undisclosed

I bought the original model a couple of years ago, they are:
- All BOOM and SIZZLE!
- Useless for mixing mains
- Gathering dust

Stay away unless you are looking for a second pair to see how your mix might sound on other systems. Putting a sock in the port helps dampen the boomy bass, though it also curtails the low end extension.

Hopefully the MK2 s are better.
level controls for tweeter and woofer. But not enough to get the boom out
One of them buzzes whenever there's activity in the DAW.

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Very nice, flat response for very little money

By Jerrold Tidwell

from Baltimore

Outstanding monitors.
So far these have beautifully handled everything I have thrown at them. The only drawback I have seen... if you could call it a drawback... using them attached to my mac i5 core exposes poor quality sound and video recordings from the web (however, this isn't what they were designed to do!). You truly get the full picture with these monitors. If it is a cheap recording, the MR5's won't lie. On the other hand, if you are listening to a high quality recording, you will hear things you would never have picked up on otherwise.

I studied. KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, etc. I have NO REGRETS. In fact, I ordered a new Mackie Mixer that should be arriving this week. Mackie has always enjoyed a fine reputation. Buy a pair of MR5's. You'll see why.
nearly 18 lbs a piece. You do the math.
I bought the pair for what you would spend on one krk5. These won in price and quality over the other brands, hands down.

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By jedirocker8

from Undisclosed

WHOA!!!! I can't believe the price on these.... they are incredible. Simply incredible. They fill up my entire room with delicious sound. The eq settings are awesome, they get really dang loud, the input options are nice, and the straight up sound quality is unbelievable for the price. I marvel at them, even though I've heard plenty of better studio monitors, because these could easily be doubled or tripled in price and still be worth every penny.

I originally only wanted to spend this much on a pair of studio monitors, but after purchasing the best pair I could find, I realized that getting good sound for this much was an unrealistic fantasy. These looked like the next best thing! If you are looking for reasonably priced studio monitors with amazing sound, look no further. You will hear things in your music you never thought you could hear before! BUY THESE BUY THESE and you will love them love them!!!!

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Great reference speakers for a home studio

By IZ-Zdn-7

from Columbus OH

I'm very happy with these pair of speakers and even happier for what they costed.

I've seen other DJs playing with 5 or 8 in reference monitors in smal lounges or art galeries, in that case I would recomend a set of four speakers well placed around the room. So bad they cant be chained so, use a quality XLR splitter. In this type of venue, a set of four of these speakers will sound better than two 12 or 15 in PA speakers because the sound will be crisper and better spread out, in a small venue like those there is no need for a subwoofer.

In summary, I love my mackies and I am looking forward to buy a second pair.
It is very hard to get speakerd of this quality at this price, so when I san the price drop I quickly got a pair. I use this speakers for precticing and recording, the sound is clear, powerful and does not distort even when the volume goes up.

I use the XLR inputs to avoid any interference instead of using the RCA as most people I've seen use.

The speakers with get hot if they are played at high volumes but that is normal for the type of amps it has.

This set of speakers has a wider angle of listening that others I've tried. Rockits are more directional than these, but M-Audios are about the same. I have not had the chance to test properly other monitors.

Something out of topic maybe, but try to place them out of reach of little children as the moving diaphargm is extremely attractive for them.
Great quality. I know that a pair of 8 in reference monitors will be better that these 5 in ones but they are just perfect for getting the job done.
They're a steal.

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Amazing Speakers

By Akoostick

from Portland

Better grab them while you can...they are way better than the new MKII's that are replacing them. I'm tempted to buy another set to save for later. These are jewells. Too bad Mackie had to mess with a good thing and bring out in inferior speaker in its place.

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Quit searching for a quality sound... Because the sound is right here.

By Trace Morgan

from PA

I've been looking for new monitors in my studio, and as soon as these dropped dramatically in price, I picked up a pair. I have loved them every second. The cases are quality. The frequency is excellently accurate and honest (flat). I play and record all types of music, and these work for all. I have owned and/or listened to KRK's, m-audio, fostex, alesis and JBL's. All were completely belittled by these Mackie's. (JBL's held there own though.) Still save a few hundred and go with these.
The speaker cones and cases are very structurally sound, without any shake or rattle from the cases even when listening to music at high volumes.
You will not find any speaker that sounds this good, and has vertisitility, at anywhere close to this price.

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