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MIDI Keyboard Controllers

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Akai Professional MPK249 49-Key Controller (MPK249)
Akai Professional MPK249 49-Key Controller
  • New: $399.99
  • Blemished: $351.99
  • Rating:
Arturia KeyLab 88 Keyboard Controller (230441)
Arturia KeyLab 88 Keyboard Controller
  • New: $799.00
  • Blemished: $703.12
  • Rating:
Akai Professional MAX49 USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller (MAX49)
Akai Professional MAX49 USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller
  • New: $499.00
  • Blemished: $439.12
  • Rating:
M-Audio Oxygen 25 MKIV (OXYGEN25IV)
M-Audio Oxygen 25 MKIV
  • $119.00
  • Rating:
You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a modern recording studio that isn't rigged with a MIDI keyboard controller. For many present-day musicians and engineers, MIDI keyboard controllers are essential to the music-making process. By granting performers the ability to control various synthesizer sounds from a single keyboard, the compact versatility of these devices are astoundingly popular with musicians from all walks of life.

With digital technology expanding by the second, MIDI keyboard controllers are growing along with it. Today, renowned and respected companies like M-Audio, Korg, and Novation are continuously working on the possibilities of what MIDI keyboard controllers can do. And throughout this selection, you'll find no shortage of cutting-edge models to choose from.

For touring musicians, recording in only one location simply isn't an option. Of course, that's what the Akai Professional MPK25 was designed for. Combining portable performances and production with Ableton Live Lite software and MPC technology, this MIDI keyboard controller is a scaled down version of the MPK49. An ideal travelling companion, the MPK25 has the same flexibility and utility that made the MPK49 one of the hottest keyboards on the globe, but its compact size makes it perfect for musicians on the move. Another popular choice is the Alesis Q49 USB/MIDI keyboard controller. Consisting of 49 keys, pitch and mod wheels, octave buttons, assignable data slider and much more, the Alesis Q49 is packed with everything a musician needs to bring their creations to life. Easy to connect and easy to use, this MIDI keyboard controller works with practically all music software and MIDI hardware devices.

As a musician, you know that inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. But that's just one of the reasons why MIDI keyboard controllers are so convenient. No doubt, whether you're an industry professional or a hobbyist with a home studio setup, anyone with a passion for producing exceptional pieces of music can benefit from owning a MIDI keyboard controller.