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Crown XLS1000 DriveCore Series Power Amp (NXLS1000-0-US)

Was: $229.00

Now: $179.00

Save $320.00 Off List!

Crown XTi 6002 Power Amplifier (NXTI6002-U-US)

Shop New: $1,999.00

Shop Used: $1,759.12

Crown XLS2000 DriveCore Series Power Amp (NXLS2000-0-US)

Was: $399.00

Now: $249.00

Save $650.00 Off List!

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Harbinger V2115 600 Watt 15" Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker (V2115)

Was: $249.99

Now: $199.99

Save $300.00 Off List!

Harbinger V2112 600 Watt 12" Two-Way Powered  Loudspeaker (V2112)

Was: $229.99

Now: $149.99

Save $300.00 Off List!

Alto TS112A 12" Active 2-Way Speaker (TS112A)

Shop New: $299.99

Shop Used: $263.99

About Our Live Sound Equipment:

"A live performance is an experience like no other - that goes for the performers and the audience alike. From the build-up before the show to the sound of your music filling a venue and the crowd cheering after a set, everything about it is rewarding. Live sound equipment is what makes it possible; there's no substitute for a solid pro audio setup. Whether you're a venue manager or a band looking to bring your own gear to gigs, high-end live sound hardware is a critical part of the equation. Because there's so much to choose from, the first step to picking out live sound equipment is to narrow the options down based on your needs. For instance, if you're searching for a projection upgrade to really rock the house, the best place to start is with PA speakers and stage subwoofers. You can play it gob-smackingly loud with a powerhouse like the 1000W QSC K12 12" PA Speaker, and since it's self-powered, you won't even need a power amp to do it. Of course, if you do prefer to use passive speakers, there are plenty of live power amplifiers available to get them thumping: check out the Crown XLS1500 DriveCore Series, for example. This amp is loaded to the nines, with precision detented level controls, electronically-balanced XLR outputs and a special ""PureBand"" crossover system that gives you all the oomph you need to turn it up to 11 (figuratively speaking). If you're new to the live sound game and looking for the best way to start from scratch, consider directing your attention to live sound packages. These are perfect for the newcomer, since they offer pre-assembled kits of gear that's chosen specifically for how well it works together. That means a big time savings on your part: just get the whole bundle at once, plug it all in, and you can expect great results with no teething pains. What matters most is that you have the gear you need to put on an amazing show, and the live sound equipment found here definitely qualifies. All the leaders in live sound are present and accounted for: Yamaha, Peavey, JBL, QSC, Mackie, Cerwin-Vega… the list goes on. And so will the show, as Queen told us it must, when you've got solid gear backing you up."

Guitar Center offers the best deals on all your live sound needs. We offer you great deals on audio mixers, PA Systems, PA speakers, stage monitors, power amps, and subwoofers. We offer you all the best names in microphones to capture the sound, signal processors to clean it up and enhance it, stage lighting and effects to create atmosphere, and mic cables and wireless systems to get it where it needs to go.