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POD HD500 represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. It is the only multi-effect pedal that boasts 16 brand-new, state-of-the-art Line 6 HD amp models, 100+ modern and vintage-styled M-class ef... Click To Read More About This Product

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POD HD500 represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. It is the only multi-effect pedal that boasts 16 brand-new, state-of-the-art Line 6 HD amp models, 100+ modern and vintage-styled M-class effects, and a comprehensive digital and analog I/O.

HD amp modeling: sound and feel like never before
HD amp models defy the accepted standard. They feel, behave, and interact with previously unachievable realism.

Creating these new HD amp models was no small feat. Line 6 mixed 15 years of amp modeling experience with 3 years of new research and development to build an entirely new amp modeling technology from the ground up. During that time, we hunted down 16 incredible amplifiers and”with the help of LA's top tube amp experts”restored each one back to peak condition. The new modeling technology uses 10 times more amplifier information than before, including single-ended class A tube stages, class AB push/pull interactions, power supply behavior, and more. The result is a high-quality warmth, feel, sustain, and articulation for you to fall in love with.

Tube amp fanatics have long enthused that their favorite stacks and combos aren't merely "amps," but instruments themselves, with playability equal to that of the guitar plugged into them. New HD modeling takes the POD HD experience to that same exalted level, capturing the genuine playability that great guitarists demand.

Your amp collection”now in HD
On the POD HD500's menu is a collection of freshly modeled amps, many of which are brand-new to POD, and all of which are essential for performing guitarists who require a wide variety of tones in one streamlined, multi-FX-sized package.

POD HD500 includes 16 HD amp models based on:
¢Fender Twin Reverb
¢Hiwatt Custom 100 (DR103)
¢Supro S6616
¢Gibson EH-185
¢Fender Bassman
¢Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb
¢Divided by 13 JRT 9/15
¢Dr. Z Route 66
¢Vox AC-15
¢Vox AC-30 (Top Boost)
¢Marshall J-45 MkII
¢Park 75
¢Marshall JCM-800 (2204)
¢Bogner Uberschall
¢Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
¢ENGL Fireball 100

100+ M-class FX
Made famous by Line 6 M13 and M9 Stompbox Modelers, M-class FX have found their way into the hearts of many musicians. POD HD500 features a whopping 100+ M-class effects to craft your sound. With this wide tonal palette to play with, you can sound like anyone under the sun, or no one but you. You can also use up to 8 FX at once.

¢19 delays (including cool tube and solid-state tape echoes)
¢23 modulations (including both blackface-style opto and brownface bias-modulating tremolo, phasers, choruses, and rotary speakers)
¢17 distortions (classic stompbox distortion, to vintage fuzz, to thick metal chunk)
¢12 compressors and EQs (including stomp comps and studio tube compression)
¢26 filters (including wahs and several exclusive custom filters)
¢12 reverbs (from surfy springs, to studio plates, to cutting-edge digital room sounds)

The power of this collection is truly mind-boggling. In addition to these classic sounds themselves, POD HD500 functions as a fully featured looping, pitch shifting, and harmonizing machine. Ready to start creating? This rig could keep you going for a lifetime.

Unprecedented flexibility”stunning simplicity
Beyond the mere depth of the amp and FX models, POD HD500 offers flexibility to mix and match amps and pedals in multiple pre-set rigs, attainable at the stomp of a switch.

Scale from an instantly routable signal chain up to the flexibility of a MIDI switching system and beyond, (even compiling several rigs within the POD HD500's memory, storing a full rig per "slot" with total flexibility and direct access).

The engineer's behind POD HD500 made it easy to access its deep programmability. Smart FX make it a snap to quickly dial in your tone, and the free, easy-to-use editor/librarian software supports your deepest, darkest tonal explorations. POD HD500 was designed by guitarists for guitarists.

Comprehensive connectivity for live and studio use
Put simply, POD HD500 connects to just about anything and everything”analog or digital, balanced or unbalanced, for amplification or recording.

A snapshot of the back panel shows 1/4" and XLR outputs (mono/stereo), USB, MIDI in and out/thru, S/PDIF out, FX loop (mono/stereo), guitar, and mic aux ins with mic level, Variax connection, expression pedal input and a L6 LINK jack for seamless integration with Line 6 DT50 tube amplifiers.

Edit and organize and all your sounds via computer with the included editor/librarian software (works on Mac and PC).

Built like a tank
POD HD500's cutting-edge technology is kept safe within a "bulletproof" bent sheet metal housing with heavy-duty metal footswitches and expression pedal. No injection-molded plastic boxes here”POD HD500 is ready to lap up years of road and stage abuse and keep you playing.

Version 1.3 Firmware update now available!
Power-boost your POD HD multi-effect with an additional six HD amp models and five amp parameters “ all for free in firmware update v1.3.

To get v1.3 just connect your POD HD via USB to your computer, run Line 6 Monkey Intelligent Updater and follow the instructions.

Firmware update v1.3 includes six HD amp models based on* channels from three classic American combos (the œVibrato channel of a Fender Deluxe Reverb, the œVibrato channel of a Fender Twin Reverb and the œBright channel of a Fender Bassman), two British half stacks (the œNormal channel of a Park 75 and the œNormal channel of a Marshall JTM-45 MkII) and a high-gain Line 6 original.

Five additional, fully adjustable amp parameters don each new HD amp model (and will be added to the HD amp models you already have). Further customize essential aspects of tube amp feel and behavior with Sag, Hum, Bias, Bias Excursion and Master Volume.

Meet the new HD amp models:

Blackface ˜Lux VIB
The œVibrato channel rounds out the HD model based on* the classic combo that' considered by many to be the ultimate studio amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Blackface Double VIB
Fender Twin Reverb is an all-time classic of biting twang and shimmering clean tones. This model is based on* a Fender Twin Reverb œVibrato channel, which is a separate preamp circuit with clipping characteristics that are different than the œNormal channel due to an additional 12AX7 tube stage.

Tweed B-Man BRT
Based on* a Fender Bassman, the amp that started it all “ instant rock and roll tone. This model is based on the amp' œBright channel, which provides a different voicing from the œNormal channel by utilizing the second half of the first preamp tube. (The œNormal channel uses the first half only). High frequencies are increased due to the addition of a bright cap across the volume knob.

Brit J-45 NRM
This model is based on* a Marshall JTM-45 MkII, which marked the beginning of the distinctively bright and crunchy sound that Marshall amps are known for. The œNormal channel is adept at big, bold clean tones.

Brit P-75 NRM
Based on* the œNormal channel of a Park 75, a Jim Marshall-designed amp that enjoys cult status for its powerful Plexi-style tones. The œNormal channel delivers a slightly darker tone than the œBright channel, a model of which already appears in POD HD.

Line 6 Elektrik
A face-melting, soul-weeping Line 6 original with high-gain capacity, interactive presence and mid-range controls. Careful, this might hurt a little¦

*All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6' sound model development. Fender, Bassman, Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Hiwatt is a registered trademark of Fernandes Company Ltd. Supro is a registered trademark of Zinky Electronics, LLC. Gibson is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitar Corp. Dr. Z is a registered trademark of Dr. Z Amps, Inc. Vox is a registered trademark of Vox R&D Limited. Marshall is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification Plc. Bogner is a registered trademark of Bogner Amplification. Mesa/Boogie and Rectifier are registered trademarks of Mesa/Boogie Ltd. Engl is a registered trademark of Ausflug, Beate and Engl, Edmund.

  • HD amp models that feel, behave, and interact with previously unachievable realism for an entirely new playing experience
  • 16 HD amp models based on the most sought-after guitar tones: California cleans, classic crunch, vibey boutique warmth, modern high-gain, and more
  • 100+ effects including delays, modulations, distortions, compressors, EQs, filters, and reverbs; Up to 8 simultaneous FX; Tap tempo
  • 512 user-writable preset locations
  • 48-second looper with dedicated footswitches for Undo, Play Once, Pre/Post, Rec/Overdub, Play/Stop, Half Speed, and Reverse
  • Built-in tuner with signal mute
  • 1/4" and XLR outputs (mono/stereo); MIDI in, out/thru; S/PDIF out; USB; L6 LINK; FX loop (mono/stereo); 1/4" aux in; XLR mic in with mic level; 1/4" headphone output; Variax VDI connection; External expression pedal input
  • Free editor/librarian software
  • Bent sheet metal chassis, metal footswitches and expression pedal
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Line 6POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

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The new POD HD series has finally achieved an authentic amp sound and feel in a floorboard unit. Most commendable is how the built-in effects behave and interact like real pedals in front of...Read complete review

The new POD HD series has finally achieved an authentic amp sound and feel in a floorboard unit. Most commendable is how the built-in effects behave and interact like real pedals in front of an amp, providing the right amount of boost, etc., and how different guitars (strats/les pauls) sound authentic with each model. Prior to purchasing the HD500, i had bought the HD300 and used it live for a week with spectacular results. The 500 took longer to get the hang of, with a more versatile (and thus more complicated) interface, but the payoff is that I can run both my acoustic and electric guitars through it using the AUX input, and have amazing sounding patches for both instruments, sending stereo XLR outputs to the band's PA system. Up till now I would need a whole separate setup for the acoustic guitar (preamp/tuner/compressor) with its own power supply etc. After using a POD xtLive for two years on cover gigs, and real amps and effects for showcase situations, the dramatic improvements in modeling quality in the HD units is extremely rewarding. Favorites are the very meaty-sounding Dr. Z Route 66, the Divided by 13 with its dual blended gain knobs, and the wonderfully jangly/crunchy AC30 models. I'm not a big fan of spending lots of time tweaking tones, and it will most likely take me a few more weeks to dial in more tones for some Zeppelin-y Marshall, Park & Supro sounds. But, I just can't say enough about the overall quality and feel of the sound direct through the PA and monitors. Highly recommended for gigging guitarists!


Most Liked Negative Review


It Depends

My review is strictly concerning using this for studio recording. I have used pods in the past and always found them lacking for recording. I bought a line 6 HD and spent a lot...Read complete review

My review is strictly concerning using this for studio recording. I have used pods in the past and always found them lacking for recording. I bought a line 6 HD and spent a lot of time tweaking the settings as the presets are pretty marginal. The sounds I was going for were generally the Fender amps where I could get a good clean/crunch sound. I didn�ۡ���t spend hardly any time with the effects; instead I just want to get really good amplifier and cabinet combinations for direct recording. The HD series is definitely a step in the right direction but it still has some pluses and minuses, which depending on how you use it is very important or not at all. Pros: 1. That high end buzzzt that pods have always had is gone, no matter how much you boost the high end you no longer get that synthetic sounding buzz. I could get a nice clean Fender high end shimmer that was very believable. 2. The HD series does for the first time, give you a truly warm sound. In addition running it through a sonic maximizer really is the icing on the cake. Cons; 1. As big an improvement as line 6 has made in these two areas, there were still some drawbacks for what I was looking for. The midrange and the low end still have that semitransparent sound to it that really gives it away that it is still digital (almost like a Xerox copy with some of the toner missing if you can picture that). 2. The other drawback is that it seems like there is a slight delay (not the effect but the delay inherent in digital) that makes it slightly lag, this is very unsatisfying if you trying to play really tight and in the pocket, it also seems to have the effect of giving a recording less feeling. It almost gives you the feeling like someone is �ۡ��̏phoning in�ۡ�ݕ�_ the guitar part instead of playing it live. This is nothing new but unfortunately for this problem there doesn�ۡ���t seem to be any way around it, at least that I can figure. To me it seems that if you really want it to sound great in recording you need to go analog. I compared it side-by-side with a simple set up of two analog Tech 21 Sansamp amp simulators running through a real tube preamp, the analog set up was far superior to anything I could get on the line 6 HD. I have found using different combinations of Sansamp amp simulators in stereo with the tube amp and the sonic maximizer I can get an incredible variety of sounds that make your studio monitors sound like the actual amplifier you are trying to duplicate, and there is no delay issue. Obviously the product development people for line 6 have spent many years on re-creating some of the greatest amps, but I think there�ۡ���s a certain limit of what you can do if you go digital no matter how good you are at. If they had just taken all the knowledge they have accumulated over the years and made an analog device that uses real tubes no one could touch them.

Reviewed by 45 customers

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Very useful tool

By Steven Atkinson

from Central New Jersey

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

I got this because I usually carry about 100 lbs in gear to various rehearsals and gigs, and I wanted something that was smaller and lighter to make things easier without giving up too much in terms of tone. I also wanted something that sounded decent at low volumes because I live in an apartment and don't want to disturb the neighbors when I want to record something at midnight. The HD500 does a pretty good job with all of this. The number of options I have to craft sounds are very nice, and after climbing the learning curve, I am making nice, usable tones for rough recording and rehearsing. While the sounds can be very convincing, the touch response just can't compare to a good tube amp. While that doesn't matter for listeners, I can tell the difference while playing. However, for $250 (used), this was a great deal, and I can't stop playing with it. The effects are decent all-around (comparable to Boss pedals, generally), and getting so many for such a small price is great, but there's a clear difference between them and real, good-quality effects. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. It does precisely what I had hoped--give a very versatile range of working effects and amp modeling in a tiny unit for a very reasonable price.

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I might be too picky....


from Anacortes, WA

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

I upgraded from an XT Live which had been pulling gig duty for many many years. I decided to upgrade and while doing so, purchase an expression pedal that I would dedicate to volume. Unfortunately, the EX-1 has issues with the HD500. First, you cannot calibrate it. Second, according to Line 6 Support, it is normal with the HD500 that the first 10 percent of travel with the EX-1 doesn't affect the parameter you have assigned to it. Furthermore, there are bugs with HDEdit and the EX-1, you can assign it to a parameter and it will do nothing until you unplug the USB cable switch to a different patch and then switch back. Not on all patches mind you, I haven't determined what the gating factor is nor will I now that I know the pedal is practically useless.

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Worth every penny

By Donald Holland

from Little Rock Arkansas

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

Features = Tons. Quality and Reliability = Owned 1 year, zero issues. Look and Feel = Looks solid and Feels solid. I am running this pod hd500 unit in a four cable configuration, into the effects loop through a Marshall Head. This unit has potentially unlimited variations to alter your tone, and add nearly any effect you've ever heard of.It does not matter what genre music you play ie.(Country,Rock,Metal,Jazz,New Age,or Funky funk funk),it has a lot of options for any style.Just look at the list of pedals and modelers it has built in, then go look at the price of individual effect units...nuff said there. This can be a pretty complex unit to use, "which is a good thing", its not a toy. Simply put it can work you, or you can work it, depending on your level of knowledge and ability.

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Poor interface

By David Glick

from Seattle, WA

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

I bought this for my son who loves to tweek his sound. He is a young guy so I was set to help him. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. Poor interface. Not logical. Not easy to use by any stretch. Poorly written manual. A "home" button is mentioned in the manual but no where is there a diagram of switches and knobs. Illogical. They probably need to include a video or Youtube links for examples. Traded this in for a Tube amp with modeling and effects. Simple for us. This is very very advanced gear.

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Excellent piece, but know this - not exactly plug and play

By Aaron Kamphuis

from Atlanta GA

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

The guitarist in my band got the Pod HD 500 a few days ago and really loves it. The out of the box sounds were ok, as we were running directly into Pro Tools. But it requires a bit of setup tweaking, and even more if you use it with a traditional amplifier. Make sure you setup the inputs correctly, as it will produce noise and distortion in your tone if you don't. Also be very careful about gain staging your FX chains. If you're using it with a DAW, using the SPDIF connect is highly recommended. We actually use it as a split, SPDIF direct to Pro Tools and a 1/4" from the Pod to a Tech21 Trademark 60 amplifier and then via XLR to Pro Tools and get an amazing sound with it. It's heavy duty and is also sharp looking. Looking forward to hearing it live next week.


Incredible piece of equipment!


from Des Moines, Iowa

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

On the evening when I first set up and used my HD500, I was literally sick to my stomach when I heard the pathetic presets that it offers.....all unusable in my opinion. I also found it pretty complicated to use. So, I packed it up to return to my local GC the following day. The next day, I decided to give it one more chance before I returned it. It was then that I learned how to tweak the presets. After tuning in some the very cool sounding amp models, I was able to get some extraordinary sounds. A great unit. The main thing to remember is not to judge the unit by the presets. They're pretty much useless. The beauty is in making your own presets and WOW, you can make some great sounds. Also, as it turned out, after a little use, I found it pretty easy to use. You have to be patient. I love this unit!

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Insane options

By joe harding

from salem, OR

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

This thing does it all and more! Out of the box it has just about any sound you need preset...and then you have countless options to make your own sounds to suit your tastes. On top of the vast tonal possibilites you can plug it has multiple inputs and outputs, midi, usb, xlr, ect. It seems to be very solid, looks great, and every switch has lightning-fast response. The only downsides I've found are the power cable is fairly short and it comes with a very basic manual (full manual has to be down-loaded). Line 6 doesn't specify a case for it but it fits well in a Gator GK-2111 soft case. Other than that, all your friends will envy you. Great buy!


Good sounding product with some flaws

By Joshua Murphy

from Mcallen Texas

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

I purchased a display model of this unit from Guitar Center a while back. The power cord has some sort of short in it. It takes me several minutes of moving it around for the unit to turn on. I am not considering this in my rating because it was a used unit. The amps sound really good with some tweaking. I even got the AC15 model to sound as good as my real one. The delays are as good as TC electronics Reverbs are good but nothing special EQ does not give you much control Weird special effect stuff sounds good Compression and noise gates work well Distortions are not very good. Has a lot of memory, more then you will need Can control other midi devices All this being said, I like the unit and I am using it instead of an amp most of the time, but I don't like any of the default settings. If you are willing to spend thirty minutes tweaking the amp settings including the deep cabinet parameters, you will get a good sound, I just wish it would ship with those sounds already. When it comes to build quality, the case is strong and well built, but all the buttons and switches feel very fragile to me. I try to control this unit as much as possible through a computer, and when gigging live, I use an external midi controller. I also always keep a spare amp with a few pedals on stage just in case this thing breaks. So far, nothing has broken since I purchased it. As expected, this unit makes a great recording interface for your computer. One thing to keep in mind is that you can not use this and your sound card at the same time.


A One and All Unit

By chris power

from Wampum PA

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

After taking this HD500 out of the box and plugging it in all I can say is WOW!!!!The tone that is coming out of my speakers is amazing!! First off let me say that I am a long time Line6 guy so the learning curve on this unit is not to bad for me. But for someone new to this...(modeling) it may be a tad confusing. I love line 6 stuff but there manuels can be hit and miss at times. With that said the very first impression I got was the awesome touch response with the very first strum of my axe. The Tube feel is just a warm sensation that melts right into your ears and all through your body! They did a GREAT job of eliminating that digital sound. I hear alot of people saying the presets are junk. But what I think Line 6 is doing is showing off the unlimited effects that it has to offer. Tweak here and a tweak there and in no time you have a sound/tone you can enjoy. Thing is built like a tank. For the cash it is worth WAAAAY more!! But wait for a sale and get it for WAAAAY LESS!!! HOPE THIS HELPED

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wow! Amazing! and holy cow, it's complicated

By Scott Heddle

from ann arbor, mi

Comments about Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

To be fair, I've owned this for 24 hours. What I've learned is that you may never ever experience everything this board can do. It has seemingly infinite fx's, samples, and adjustments. It is complicated to understand at first. Especially if you are at all new to these types of boards. If you have some experience it will definitely help. It is however, necessarily complicated. The set lists, fx, presets, etc...are buried in sub-menu, after sub-menu, after sub-menial, accessed by buttons, each with 3 functions depending on if you push once, twice, or hold. Then there are 4 knobs with multiple functions based upone what menu you are in. What I just described is about 1/20 of what is available on this board. Bottomline, if you want to make the most of this board, it will take some.serious time to learn it. It is nicely constructed. What appear to be heavy duty footswitches, nice feeling pedal, and a sturdy case. The knobs feel a bit cheap and the notch positions are not very deliberate which makes it easy to pass over what you want. I only have a few small complaints. One is that none of the 5 manuals come with the board. You have to go to the website and download them. The problem is that if you take your board away from your computer you won't have the manual. Otherwise you have to print them off. That's about 250 pages. Another thing is the presets in the set lists have no rhyme or reason to their association in groupings. I guess this can kinda be a positive since to put them in some sort of order you learn a lot about how to navigate the menus. I do like the fact that you can plug a Mic into the board but it would be nice if they could incorporate phantom power in it. I know this is terribly nitpicky. Nuff for now. I got a lot of studing to do. I can't imagine ever getting board with this. It is awesome!

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