Left Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitars

About Our Left-handed Acoustic-Electric Guitars


Even though the acoustic-electric guitar is one of the world's most popular instruments, finding a left-handed one hasn't always been easy. Fortunately for us lefties, that's not the case today; now you have a wide variety of left-handed guitars to choose from. Just like their right-handed cousins, options range from basic guitars for students and hobbyists all the way to ultra-high end models for the pros.

Being acoustic-electric, these guitars all come with built-in pickups so you can plug them into an amplifier of your choosing. Adaptability is their best feature—they sound as good as any acoustic guitar when you play them unplugged, and when you have a large venue to fill or you want to add on some effects pedals, just hook up your amp and you're ready to jam. That hardware also makes acoustic-electric guitars perfect for the studio, since you can bypass the need for a microphone by plugging them directly into your mixer. Some models even have onboard tone controls for fine-tuning your sound.

Choosing the right acoustic-electric guitar also means picking out the size and style that fits you best. Many players will prefer the full-size Dreadnought type, but for smaller frames or young players, a more compact guitar may be easier to handle. You can opt for a guitar with a traditional shape, or maybe choose a cutaway version to give yourself easier access to the frets closest to the sound hole.

Another thing you'll want to consider is the tonewood that the guitar's soundboard is made of. Generally, woods are a matter of preference, whether you like the warm, mellow sounds of softwoods like cedar or spruce, or the impact and resonance of a hardwood such as ash.

Whatever your tastes, there's a left-handed acoustic-electric guitar to suit. A slew of models from makers as well-respected as Taylor, Fender, Ibanez and more give you lots of different styles, woods and finishes to peruse—so you can find the guitar that will look and sound just the way you want it to.