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Korg microKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller

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The Korg microKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller is the ultimate portable MIDI keyboard controller, providing every function and type of control you need for computer-based music production. The compact a... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Korg microKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller is the ultimate portable MIDI keyboard controller, providing every function and type of control you need for computer-based music production. The compact and sophisticated-looking design includes a 3-octave keyboard (37-note velocity-sensitive mini keyboard), 8 encoders, 8 sliders, and 16 trigger pads to control your favorite soft synths, sequencing software, or other musical tools such as external MIDI sound modules. It is the perfect choice for making music on the go thanks to its compact design and performance-friendly setup.

A compact MIDI keyboard controller that provides 35 different controllers
The microKONTROL's velocity-sensitive 37-note mini keyboard provides Octave Shift and Transpose functions that allow it to cover the full range of C-1 through G9. Eight different velocity curves are provided”you can select the response that works best for your playing. Eight encoders and sliders, sixteen pads, a joystick with switch, and support for pedals give you a total of 35 different controllers, making this the ultimate controller for direct and intuitive operation.
Eight encoders and sliders, with associated LCDs
The eight encoders and sliders can be assigned to transmit any MIDI control change (including NRPN and RPN messages) to control volume, panning, or anything else. Operating a controller will transmit the MIDI message assigned to it. Each encoder and slider also has an LCD (sub display) that indicates the parameter and the transmitted value, with the backlight color changing between orange and green to distinguish between the encoder and slider. Since you won't have to watch your computer screen while you operate the controllers, your fingers will be linked to your music in a more physical way. The LCD can display either decimal or hexadecimal values.
Sixteen trigger pads that also function as control switches
The microKONTROL provides sixteen trigger pads that can be assigned with an unprecedented degree of freedom. The pads can be used to trigger notes with full velocity transmission, or assigned to transmit MIDI control changes to operate the transport of your recording software or act as any type of switch.
Assignable joystick with switch
In addition to assigning pitch bend to the X-axis and modulation to the Y-axis of the joystick, you can freely assign different MIDI messages to all four directions (up/down/left/right) and the switch in order to control your connected device or computer application.
Easily make control assignments from the front panel
Making control assignments is extremely easy ” just hold down a mode key. Press the "SETTING" mode key, press a pad to select the desired type of controller, and use the controller and the "CURSOR" buttons to specify the parameters.
Twelve preset scenes support popular sequencer software
Settings that assign the controllers to various control functions for computer-based software synthesizers or DAW programs can be saved as one of twelve scenes in internal user memory. You can use the trigger pads to switch scenes instantly. Internal memory also contains twelve preset scenes that support popular DAW and sequencer software.
MIDI IN/OUT ports, and support for bus power
The microKONTROL provides MIDI IN/OUT ports, and can also be used as a USB-MIDI interface. You can use MIDI clock data to control the tempo, or transmit MIDI messages directly. The microKONTROL can also be powered via its USB connection, making the AC power supply adaptor or even batteries unnecessary when connected to a computer via USB.
Upgraded Editor/Librarian Version 2.0
The included CD-ROM contains dedicated drivers, librarian software that lets you manage your original scenes on a computer, and numerous templates (scene programs) for use with popular DAW and sequencer software. More templates will be released ensuring that the most popular applications will be supported by the microKONTROL.
A free download provides computer assisted editing to the librarian software. This software makes it easy to see and modify the controller parameters for each scene, as well as swap and copy parameter settings - even from scene to scene. The editor/librarian software makes it easy to transfer the twelve scene memories between internal memory and your computer. This enhanced software allows you to easily create, manage load and store scenes that precisely suit your own setup. You can download the Editor/Librarian software from the microKONTROL page on Korg's website.

The microKONTROL Includes music production software bundle with Live 4 Korg Edition, SampleTank 2 Korg Edition, UVI Korg Edition, Reason Adapted 3.0 for Korg, and MDE-X. This bundle gives you a complete music production toolkit for the price of the already affordable microKONTROL.

Live Lite 4 Korg Edition
Live Lite 4 Korg Edition is a lite, yet special version of Ableton's Live 4. It allows you to construct music intuitively and in real-time by triggering audio or MIDI loops/phrases from the pads of Korg's USB-MIDI controllers. Even if the tempos don't match between the loops/phrases, they will be adjusted automatically, and the song's 'master' tempo can be easily controlled by tapping a pad on the Korg controller. Additionally, the Live Lite 4 Korg Edition offers audio/MIDI recording and many editing functions.

It offers 13 plug-in effect processors and two virtual instruments for the audio/MIDI tracks, and you can use additional VST/AudioUnits plug-in effects/virtual instruments. Of course you can freely operate mixer and transport controls from the microKONTROL and KONTROL49, and you can also tweak all of these virtual devices' parameters. The software even includes some lessons in the Help Mode to get you started using the controllers and built-in synth!

SampleTank 2 Korg Edition
SampleTank 2 Korg Edition is a special lite-version of IK Multimedia's 16-part multitimbral sample-playback plug-in software. It has been adapted from their free version so it can be controlled by Korg's USB-MIDI controllers, and comes with over 150MB of powerful sounds. SampleTank 2 Korg Edition is a VST/AudioUnits plug-in, so you can use it on MIDI tracks of Live Lite 4 Korg Edition. It offers sound editing with 3 different and powerful synth engines, sound processing with 32 built-in effects, and loop sounds in SampleTank 2 Korg Edition can be synchronized to the tempo of Live Lite 4 Korg Edition with just one touch.

38 sounds included: Bass”Analog Bass, Finger Bass, Old Four Strings mkII, Syntech Bass 2p; Brass”Alto Sax; Drums”Hip Hop Kit, I Map Donlite Kit, LiveRoom Kit, D'n'B Loops 160 bpm, R&B Loops 90 bpm; Ethnic”Exotic Sun Iipac, KOTO, Shakuhachi; Guitar”Electro Strato lite, Entangled, SR Guitar SuperStack, SR Stacked, RotaryGuitar, Wicked Waveshaper GTR2pac, Wonderful Acoustic; Organ”B-3 Organ, B5 Rotary Organ 2pac; Percussion”Dyna Congas; Piano”73 Epiano, Get SonicSynth! PianoSTR, HQ Free Piano mkII; Strings”Movie Strings, Solo Violin, Strings-y pad; Synth”Flutterbies lite, L.A. Dreams 2pac, NewRabbit Lead, Satellites, SynFlugel Lead, Tech Monster Lead MW 2p; Vocals”Choir Ohs, Oh Baby, ooh choir 2 pac, Soprano Ahh

With Korg's USB-MIDI controllers, you can intuitively control synth parameters such as the MACRO knob, which shows related parameters of each sound, to making selections from the sound library directly, in realtime.

UVI Korg Edition
UVI Korg Edition is sample playback plug-in software powered by the UVI engine that's featured in the latest plug-in software such as Ultra Focus and X-treme from the Ultimate Sound Bank brand.

The UVI Korg Edition features drum sounds taken from Ultimate Sound Bank's vast sound library and customized for Korg. It contains a total of 162 preset sounds occupying more than 750MB, letting you use the 16 trigger pads of the microKONTROL to play or record drum performances to your heart's content.

The UVI sample playback engine uses cutting-edge 32-bit floating-point processing to deliver high-quality sound with a low CPU load, and you can use the controller's knobs and sliders to smoothly edit the sound even while you're playing. Since most popular plug-in formats are supported (DXi/VST/RTAS for Windows, and VST/Audio Units/RTAS/MAS for Mac), you can use this with nearly any major sequencer application.

Included sound libraries (162 in total): Acoustic Drums (4 Drum Kits, 8 Raw Recording Kits, 5 Raw Recording Sorteds); Beat Boxes (10 Analogs, 18 DDD1s, 9 DrumMXs, 10 Dtracks); HipHop & co (12 Hip Hops, 17 New York DJs, 19 Vinyls); 14 Percussions; 16 Ultra Focus Demos; 16 X-treme FX Demos; 4 Charlie Demos

Reason Adapted for KORG
Reason Adapted for KORG is a lite version of Reason 3.0 customized for Korg's USB-MIDI controllers. Since it contains a preconfigured set of sound modules and effects, you can simply start up the software and start turning your ideas into music right away. 10 units are provided, including: REDRUM (drum machine), Dr REX (loop player), SUBTRACTOR (synthesizer), NN-19 (sampler), RV-7000 (advanced reverb), COMP-01 (compressor), DDL-1 (delay), COMBINATOR (instrument + effect grouping), MIXER 14:2 (stereo mixer with 14 channels), and Sequencer.

Full automatic total recall is provided on all units. Since these units also support Propellerhead's innovative Rewire functionality, they can easily be connected to your audio sequencer software. A particularly nice feature is the Remote functionality in Reason Adapted, which lets you easily connect it to the microKONTROL in Native mode. This gives you complete control over the software without having to edit settings or load scene data, and all parameter names and functions show up in the multiple displays of the Korg controller.

MDE-X is multi-effect plug-in software containing 19 great-sounding effects taken from the highly acclaimed KORG Legacy Collection and Legacy Collection Digital Edition. The 19 effect types are derived from the technical innovation and research behind Korg's TRITON series music workstation and other products. Equipped with 128 immediately useful and editable effect programs, MDE-X supports VST/AudioUnits so you can use them on audio/MIDI tracks within Live Lite 4 Korg Edition. Featuring a low CPU drain design, the MDE-X can be used for sound design, mixing/remix sessions, and much more.


3-octave, velocity-sensitive keyboard (37 note)
8 encoders
8 sliders
16 trigger pads
Driver/librarian software and templates for popular software are included
Supports Mac OS X, Windows XP
FREE dance music production software bundle: Live 4 Korg Edition, SampleTank 2 Korg Edition with SampleTank 2 Free, UVI Korg Edition, Reason Adapted 3.0 for Korg, MDE-X
Live Lite 4 Korg Edition system requirements: [Macintosh] Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later, G3 or faster, 256 MB RAM (Note: This software has been tested on Intel-based Macs, and while not Universal Binary compliant, runs fine under Rosetta.); [Windows] Windows XP, 600 MHz CPU or faster, 256 MB RAM, Windows-compatible soundcard
SampleTank 2 Korg Edition system requirements: [Macintosh] Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, G4/667MHz or later (G4/1.25GHz recommend), 512MB RAM (1GB recommend), 1024 x 768 screen thousands of color (Note: This software has been tested on Intel-based Macs, and while not Universal Binary compliant, runs fine under Rosetta.); [Windows] Windows XP, Pentium III or Athlon/733MHz or later (Pentium 4 or Athlon/2.4GHz recommend), 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended), 1024 x 768 screen thousands of color
UVI Korg Edition system requirements: VST 2.0, AU, RTAS, MAS, or Dxi compatible host application program will be needed to use as plug-in. Depends on system requirements of host application program. 1GB free hard disk space required. [Macintosh] Mac OS X 10.2 or later, G4 or G5 processor, 512MB RAM, (Note: This software has been tested on Intel-based Macs, and while not Universal Binary compliant, runs fine under Rosetta.); [Windows] Windows 2000/XP (or later), 800 MHz or faster, 512MB RAM
Reason Adapted for KORG system requirements: [Macintosh] Mac OS X 10.2 or later, G3, G4 or G5 processor (sufficiently fast to run Mac OS X 10.2), 256MB RAM, 300MB free hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive; [Windows] Windows 2000/XP (or later), Intel Pentium 3 or better, 300MHz or faster, 256MB RAM, 300MB free hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive, 256 color monitor (or better), 800x600 or larger, 16-bit audio card (preferably ASIO or DirectX driver based)
MDE-X system requirements: [Macintosh] Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later, G4/400MHz or faster, 256MB RAM (512MB or larger recommend), 1,024 x 768 screen, 32,000 colors or higher (Note: This software does not currently run on Intel-based Macs, either under Rosetta or as Universal Binary. When this changes we will make a public announcement.); [Windows] Windows XP Home Edition/Professional SP1, Pentium 4/1.3GHz, Pentium M(Centrino)/900MHz, Celeron/1.7GHz, Celeron-M/1.2GHz, AthlonXP/1600+ or faster, 256MB RAM (512MB or larger recommend), 1024 x 768 screen, 16-bit colors or higher
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USA Warranty Policy

All Korg products purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original consumer purchaser as listed below:

Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 1 Year

Exceptions: Tubes, AC Adapters, Foot Switches: 90 days

Warranty Requirements and Limitations:

-Proof of Warranty - The customer must provide proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service. The dated sales slip or copy thereof is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

-The product must be purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer and have a valid serial number.

Damage resulting from the following causes are excluded from the warranty set forth above:
-Misuse, including damage occurring during shipment, damage caused by battery leakage, accident, fire, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse.
-The cleaning of controls or contacts due to exposure to dirty, dusty, or otherwise contaminated environment.
-Damage resulting from modification.
-Damage to units used for loan or rental.

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