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Korg Pa1X Pro Elite 76 Key Professional Arranger

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The Korg PA1X Pro piano keyboard descends from the smash Pa80 machine, but re-designed and enhanced. RX technology powers every sound, every function and every feature. Includes a TC Electronics Helic... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Korg PA1X Pro piano keyboard descends from the smash Pa80 machine, but re-designed and enhanced. RX technology powers every sound, every function and every feature. Includes a TC Electronics Helicon Voice Processor featuring EQ, pro quality effects (reverb, chorus, etc.), voice doubling and 4-voice harmony processor. Designed and shaped specifically for vocals. The Korg keyboard includes a dedicated high quality mic preamp to give your vocals the highest-quality sound possible.

Easy to use

New user audio interface uses an amazing new graphical color touch screen to help you work in a faster, easier, logical and intuitive way.
All the power of the new PA1X can be controlled with just one finger. Think, point, touch ” RX technology at work. The controls are laid out sensibly, switches and sliders are assignable for easy live performances work the way you want them to. Contextual Help System is standard!

Sounds quality

The synth engine has been redesigned to give you a rich, detailed, sophisticated natural sound. You'll find musical instruments from almost every genre exploding with depth, nuance, subtlety, accuracy and richness.
We've recorded all new multi level samples of the instruments you know and use in your music production: drums (acoustic and electronic); basses (acoustic and electric); guitars (acoustic and electric); accordions; organs (rotary and church); sax (tenor, alto, and soprano); trombone and flugelhorn; brass; electric piano; and synth.
And a broad range too. 760 ROM sounds, including a stereo acoustic piano, plus an extra 48 drum kits. In addition, the RAM area may contain up to 256 sounds and 64 drum kits. Full sound editing capability!

New Sounds Through Sound Expansion

Not enough sounds? 2 slots are available for the addition of optional user installable 16Mb Korg sound upgrade boards. These can provide up to 512 extra sounds and 128 extra drum kits.


The Sampling section in a fully developed feature to satisfy almost any professional's composition need. Create up to 32 Mb of your own samples and multisamples (with optional added SIMM chips). Or you can load Wave, AIFF, Korg format files and of course the incredible Akai sample library ” about the largest sample library available.
Professional audio editing facilities such as loop, cut, normalize and cropping of samples are supported. A special "time slice" feature allows you to slice audio grooves and import the audio data into a style for the coolest rhythms available.


Outstanding studio quality effects with reverb, delay, chorus, vocoder, etc. Up to 4 stereo master effects processors with an incredible 90 effects to choose from.


The Korg keyboard features a new set of deluxe styles by some of the leading arrangers in the world. Hundreds of styles provide unparalleled realism and richness, in an expanded range of musical genres. Record and edit your own styles. Includes new fill/break, intro/count in variations to add to the realism of your performance.
Many new styles will be produced by both Korg and independent 3rd party companies.

Powerful Music Technology

Korg's Professional Arranger includes 2 MIDI file players for playing your audio CD (with optional CDR) or MP3 files (with optional MP3 player) just using the same sequencer controls. The PA1X is a unique audio control unit. No need for external DAT, Minidisk, MP3 or CD players - they can be all included!

And with the MP3 option, you can even record your entire music performance (vocals and Pa1X sounds), encode it as an MP3 file and save it to the hard disk and then via the USB connector to your computer!

Sequencer & Backing Sequence

Along with a powerful and fully programmable multitrack sequencer, you can use backing sequences to create songs based over styles ” quickly and easily. You don't need to be a master programmer to be able to write your own song in minutes. This approach to quick programming is also useful for use in a studios where you want to create music for films, video, multimedia or internet applications.


Makes your life easier while playing live. The SongBook is a Musical Database, completely user programmable, containing all the settings needed to play a particular song. You have only to search the title of the song you would like to play, select it and hit "Play". The SongBook can use styles, Midi files or MP3 files (with the MP3 option installed) and immediately recall settings such as song title, genre, artist, tempo, volumes, sounds, muted tracks, effects settings, easy edit, 4 STS*, Master Transpose and more.

Everything you need to perfectly play your song is in the songbook. Of course, if you prefer a fixed mode, all settings can be easily locked according to your settings.

*STS - Single Touch Settings is a memory that recalls sounds for all the real time tracks (upper1, 2, 3 & lower + pads).


You can configure and edit almost anything in the Pa1X. Styles, Performances and Programs can all be fully modified and saved. Settings for sliders, switches, pads, global (Midi channels, output routings, etc.) can also be modified and saved. Scales are fully programmable and include quarter tone settings and a programmable Arabic Scale. If you are playing an organ sound, you will enjoy the using the sliders as drawbars. Functions as a superb MIDI controller (Master Keyboard).


Naturally, the PA1X digital piano has all the connectivity you need including 4 separate audio outs, 2 line ins, 1 XLR input for microphone, a USB (Slave) connection and a digital S/PDIF coaxial output with better than CD quality output.


Even though the PA1X is all new, it is also compatible with the old i-series style format and with all files of Pa60 and Pa80 products. And all your Pa60 & Pa80 sound programs work in the Pa1X as well. Keep your favorite sounds and styles while benefiting from a cutting edge keyboard.

The Korg PA1X board also supports the main musical formats like SMF (Standard Midi File), Karaoke files, CD-Audio (with optional CDR), MP3 files (with optional MP3 board), GM (General Midi).
Of course, the Pa1X is able to show lyrics in the most popular karaoke formats. With the optional Vif3 video interface (PAL & NTSC) you can display lyrics on an external monitor.


A USB connection (Slave) allows you to connect your PA1X to a computer (Mac OS 9.x, OS X, Win 2000, Win XP). It's never been easier to organize, edit, process, copy or create back-ups of your music.

Accurate Speaker System (Pa1X only)

Some companies add speakers to a finished keyboard, almost as an after thought. Do the speakers really match the sound output of the keyboard? But Korg was driven by the pursuit of RX Technology. To achieve a stunning sound, we decided to get the best possible sound system and then design the keyboard around that. The result? A sound system in an Arranger keyboard that will amaze and delight you, and ensure your audience believes they are listening to the real thing!

The PA1X uses a powerful, high-quality custom-designed biamplified 2-way bass-reflex box speaker system driven by studio quality power amplifiers. The audio speakers match the amplifier and faithfully reproduce the detail of the PA1X sound engine.

Volume? The Pa1X has more power than ever before! Whether you use it to play internal sounds and styles or maybe just to listen to an audio CD, it gives you the best sound system in an Arranger keyboard.

Expandable & Updatable

Even though it comes with almost every features you could want, the PA1X has many useful expansion options:

¢video interface: allow you to display lyrics on external TV

¢MP3 player/encoder: this options allows you to record entire performances (including vocals, audio input files etc) in MP3
format, or you can load in MP3 files to play along with or maybe to provide background music during live gig breaks

¢the optional CD-R can play your CD-Audio, load files such as Akai samples, new styles and sounds etc into your Pa1X

¢up to 32Mb of RAM with optional 16 Mb standard SIMMs

¢up to 2 slots available for PCM ROM expansion for up to 32 Mb of PCM ROM expansion (up to 512 extra sounds and 128 drum kits)

¢Not only can you expand your Pa1X, you can also easily keep it new with operating system updates. These updates are available as free downloads from and will ensure your investment is protected!


Korg has provided the best weighted keybed available ” designed and built in European both in 61 key (Pa1X) and in 76 key (Pa1X Pro) versions. Both keyboards are velocity sensitive and naturally have aftertouch.

2 Models

The Pa1X is a complete performing system including a 61 key weighted keybed and a high quality bi-amplified 2 way speaker system: perfect for live and home use.
The Pa1X Pro features a piano-shaped 76 key weighted keybed for the demanding professional looking at the best possible playing feel. The Pa1X Pro has also a hard disk as standard.

Real eXperience

By now, you will have read about the realistic and natural sounds, the professional features, the powerful partnerships, the incredible technology the Pa1X gives you and be tempted to play one as soon as possible! Please do, but remember this: every single feature, idea and sound was not put in to show off technology.
We are working musicians too. We don't want any more empty promises either. Promises that don't deliver. Short cuts that save time and money but frustrate the performer. Sound quality that doesn't sound real to an audience. Keyboards that are too hard to use, or take too long to perform simple actions. Compromises.

RX was the thinking process behind every design decision we made:
Is it useful?

Does it sound real?

Does it feel real?

Will professionals and hobbyists alike be overwhelmed by the richness of the sound?

Will the audience be swept up in the performance?

Will they believe?

Is it the best we can do?

We believe the Pa1X is the result of RX Technology combined with great engineers and an unsurpassed passion for music and sound.


  • Keyboard: 76 semi-weighted keys with Velocity and Aftertouch
  • System: KORG RX (Real eXperience) Technology and OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) - Multitasking, Load-While-Play feature. SSD (Solid State Disk)-resident Upgradable Operating System.
  • Tone Generator: Advanced HI Synthesis - 62 Voices, 62 Oscillators - Filters with Resonance
  • Multitimbral Parts Internal: 40 channels
  • MIDI: 16 channels
  • ROM Sounds: 828 (incl. Stereo Piano and GM2 sounds) + 48 Drum Kits
  • RAM Sounds: 256 Sounds - 64 Drum Kits
  • Digital Drawbars: 8 Footages - Realtime control using the 8 Assignable Sliders
  • Sound Edit: On-board full editing for Sounds and Drum Kits
  • Sampling: Record, Edit, Time Slice (compatible with Korg, Wav, Aiff and AKAI)
  • RAM Memory: 16 MB Standard - up to 32 MB with Optional 16MB SIMM modules
  • ROM Expansion: 2 slots available - up to 32 MB
  • Effects: 4 Stereo Master (89 effects plus Vocoder)
  • Voice Processor: Voice Technology by TC Helicon: Four part harmonizer, reverb, Delay, Compressor, EQ. (Options: Pitch Correction and Voice Modeling.)
  • Real Time Tracks: 4 Keyboard tracks (Upper 1/2/3, Lower) - 4 Pads
  • Performances: 320 Realtime Performance Locations
  • STS (Single Touch Settings): Memorize Realtime tracks and Voice Processor settings, 4 per Style/ or SongBook entry
  • Style Data: Flash ROM Styles: Up to 608 locations - Preloaded Styles: 450; User Styles: 96 (user area, but all styles are re-writable)
  • Style Tracks: 8 plus 1 Performance per style
  • Style Record: Step Record, Track & Event Edit functions
  • Direct from Disk: 96 Styles Direct Disk and 288 Styles Direct Hard Disk
  • Compatibility: i-series and Pa80/60 series styles
  • STS: 4 (Real time tracks + Acc. tracks) all programmable per style
  • Style Grooves: Using the internal PCM RAM memory
  • Style Controls: 4 Variations, 2 Fills, 2 Intros, 2 Endings, Intro 3/Count In, Fill 3/Break, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Fade In/Out, Bass Inversion, Manual Bass, Tempo Lock, Memory, Accompaniment Volume, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Single Touch
  • Song Play: Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer player; 2 Sequencers with separate Select, Start/Stop, Pause, << (Rewind) and >> (Fast Forward) controls - Balance control
  • Lyrics data: Can be displayed on-screen, or on an external video monitor (requires optional VIF3 interface board)
  • Jukebox function: SMF Direct Player (formats 0 and 1) - Reads Audio CDs and MP3 files (both with option installed)
  • Sequencer: XDS Dual sequencer; separate controls for each Sequencer + Balance Slider
  • Tracks: 16 + 16
  • Sequencer Edit: Record & Edit functions
  • Backing Sequence: Quick record, Multi-track Record - Step Record
  • Lyrics/Chords: On-Screen (compatible with most popular formats)
  • Event Memory: Approximately 200,000
  • MP3 Player: Single MP3 Player/Recorder (optional with EXBP MP3 board)
  • CD Audio Player: KORG CDRW-1 drive (optional - rewritable starting from O.S.. 2.0)
  • Other Features:
  • SongBook: Fully Programmable musical database based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke and Mp3 files (with optional player), with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes, user definable custom lists and filtering options
  • Arabic Scale: Programmable
  • Help: Hypertextual, contextual help system - Multilingual starting from O.S. 1.5
  • Multi Pad: 4 Assignable Pads + Stop button
  • Internal SSD: 16 MB for O.S and all Resources
  • Floppy Disk: 3.5 2DD/2HD - Ms-Dos compatible
  • Hard Disk: Standard
  • User Interface: Display: 320 x 240 Graphical Color Touch Screen Display
  • Data storage: 2DD-2HD Floppy Disk Drive (MS-DOS compatible); 2.5" ATA Hard Disk Drive; Optional CD-RW (KORG CDRW-1)
  • General controls: Master Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Split Point, Style Change, Tracks Volume, Quarter Tone and Arabic Scale memorized inside Performance/STS
  • Realtime controllers: Joystick (pitch + modulation), Assignable Sliders, Assignable Switches, Pads, Dial
  • Connections: MIDI: IN1 - OUT1 - IN2 - OUT2 (OUT 1/2 programmable as Thru)
  • USB: Connector: Type B - Format: Slave (ver. USB 1.1)
  • Analog Outputs: 4 Analog (Left/Right/Out1/Out2) unbalanced
  • Digital Output: S/PDIF coaxial (mirroring Main Stereo Outputs)
  • Analog Inputs: 2 Line In, 1 Mic Balanced input (w/separate gain control)
  • Headphone: 1 (Front stereo jack)
  • Pedals: 1 Damper; 1 Assignable Footswitch/Pedal; EC 5 connector
  • Power Supply: Universal 100 240V AC power supply, 35W power consumption
  • Dimensions: 52.36" W x 14.4" D x 5.35" H 1330 mm x 366 mm x 136 mm (without music stand)
  • Weight: 44.99 lbs / 19.5 kg
  • Accessories: User's Manual, AC Power Cable, Music Stand, CDRW installation kit
  • Options: Hard Disk: Standard
  • CDRW-1: rewritable CD (CD burning supported from O.S. 2.0)
  • EXBP-MP3: Mp3 encoder/decoder (supported from O.S. 1.5)
  • SUG-TC1: TC Helicon Pitch Correction and Voice Modeling (supported from O.S.1.5)
  • PaX-EXB01: Concert Grand Piano Expansion Board
  • VIF 3: Video Interface Board (PAL or NTSC formats)
  • EXP-2: Expression/Volume Pedal
  • XVP-10: Professional Expression/Volume Pedal
  • EC5: Assignable Multi-Switch Controller
  • DS-1H: Damper Pedal
  • PS-1: Switch Pedal
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