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  1. On Sale
    VocoPro Gigstar II Portable 100W 4-Channel PA/Karaoke System
    Was:  EUR 269.60 EUR 22467
  2. Save 15%
    VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On-Roller DVD Karaoke System with 10" Display and Lightshow Speaker
    EUR 26871
  3. Save 15%
    VocoPro KARAOKEDUAL All-In-One Karaoke Boom Box with Wireless Mics
    EUR 20580
    Open Box:
    EUR 181.11
    EUR 164.64
  4. Top Rated
    The Singing Machine Karaoke Wireless Microphone
    EUR 1167
  5. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine REMIX Hi-Def Digital Karaoke System
    EUR 7088
  6. Rebate
    Numark Sing Master Karaoke System
    EUR 22378
  7. Save 15%
    VocoPro JamCube Mini PA System
    EUR 22378
    Open Box:
    EUR 196.92
  8. The Singing Machine Wired Dynamic Karaoke Microphone
    EUR 629
  9. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine SML385BT Bluetooth Karaoke System with CD Player and LED lights
    EUR 6290
  10. Save 15%
    VocoPro Digital Karaoke Mixer with Wireless Mics and Bluetooth Receiver And Mic Wind Screen(5)
    EUR 13391
  11. Save 15%
    VocoPro DA-1000PRO 3-Channel Karaoke Mixer
    EUR 13391
    Open Box:
    EUR 117.84
  12. Price Drop
    The Singing Machine ISM1060BT Hi-Def Pedestal Karaoke System
    EUR 17745
    Open Box:
    EUR 156.16
  13. Save 15%
    VocoPro SmartTVOke Karaoke System
    EUR 11635
    Open Box:
    EUR 102.39
  14. Save 15%
    VocoPro WirelessMix-ULTRA All-In-One Live Sound Karaoke Mixer
    EUR 73327
    EUR 586.62
  15. Save 15%
    VocoPro DVD Duet Karaoke System
    EUR 33251
    Open Box:
    EUR 278.59
    EUR 266.01 +
  16. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine SML343 Karaoke System
    EUR 5391
  17. Save 15%
    VocoPro DA-2200PRO Key Control Karaoke Mixer
    EUR 27770
    Open Box:
    EUR 244.37
  18. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine Carnaval Portable Hi-Def Karaoke System
    EUR 20669
  19. Open Box
    Behringer MIX800 MiniMIX Karaoke Machine with Voice Canceller and FX
    Open Box:
    EUR 55.35
  20. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine Top Load Karaoke System with Disco Lights
    EUR 6290
  21. Save 15%
    VocoPro HERO-REC UHF Multi-Format Portable PA Karaoke System with Digital Recorder & UHF Wireless System
    From EUR 6248
    Open Box:
    EUR 549.19
  22. Save 15%
    RSQ HSK-202 Microphone Karaoke Player
    EUR 9796
  23. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine AGUA Karaoke System
    EUR 7728
  24. Save 15%
    VocoPro DVX-668K Multi-format Karaoke Player
    EUR 8897
    EUR 71.18
  25. Save 15%
    VocoPro WirelessMix-2 All-In-One Live Sound Karaoke Mixer
    EUR 44373
    Open Box:
    EUR 390.48
  26. Save 15%
    VocoPro All-U Karaoke Mic for Android and iOS
    EUR 5520
  27. Save 15%
    VocoPro Tripod Stand For IPAD 2
    EUR 4079
    Open Box:
    EUR 38.75
  28. Save 15%
    The Singing Machine Tabeoke Portable Bluetooth Karaoke System
    EUR 3594
  29. Save 15%
    VocoPro KJ-7808RV Pro DJ and Karaoke Mixer
    EUR 40096
    Open Box:
    EUR 352.85
  30. Save 15%
    VocoPro Karaoke Dual-Plus
    EUR 20580
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On a historical timeline, karaoke is a recent craze - very recent, in fact. But it says a lot about karaoke that it's exploded in popularity the way it has, becoming a worldwide favorite not only at house parties but also in nightclubs, bars and restaurants all over the world. Whether you're a professional gearing up your venue to bring in record crowds at weekly karaoke night, or a party enthusiast looking to make your next get-together a total hit, the karaoke machines and equipment you'll need are right here in this section. So go ahead and browse all the options you have to choose from, and get ready to let the good times roll.

The most basic ingredient in a great sing-along experience is the karaoke machine, and there are lots of different varieties to choose from. A quick and easy model for your home would be The Singing Machine SML343 Karaoke System, which connects to any TV and comes packed with built-in lighting effects. Want something compact that works with your smartphone or tablet? Check out the VocoPro All-U Karaoke FM Mic for Android & iOS. Or, if you're after a professional-grade machine for permanent venue installation, consider something like the RSQ K-2N Dual Tray Karaoke Player or the Behringer MIX800 MiniMIX Karaoke Machine with Voice Canceller and FX.

A karaoke machine on its own is a great start, but there's a lot to be said for accessories as well. If you want the best party right out of the box, it's worth considering a bundle or all-in-one setup that will give you some great gear to go along with the machine itself. For instance, there's the VocoPro GIG STAR Karaoke Machine Package - it includes a wireless mic and a coupon for a free bag to carry the whole system wherever the party's going down. Interested in a setup that will cover for you even if your voice isn't quite on point? In that case, consider the Singtrix Party Bundle Home Karaoke System, designed to help any singer sound good.

Of course, sounding good is optional when it comes to karaoke, and that's part of the fun! You don't have to have a Broadway voice to get up and sing with one of these machines - the point is to have a blast belting out your favorite tunes and not having a care in the world about what anyone thinks. Go up solo, bring a friend for a duet... you can even sing Journey, although your friends might not give you any points for originality. Karaoke makes music interactive for everyone, which is exactly why it's caught on like wildfire.
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