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  1. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTB1180 Performance Series Bass Trombone
    From $2,9490
  2. Top Seller
    Jupiter JFL1000RB Series Intermediate Flute
  3. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTS1100 Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer
  4. Top Seller
    Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo
  5. Top Seller
    Jupiter JCL1100S Intermediate Wood Bb Clarinet
  6. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTB700 Deluxe Standard Trombone
  7. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTR1110S Performance Series Bb Trumpet with Standard Leadpipe
  8. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTR1100S Performance Series Bb Trumpet with Reverse Leadpipe
  9. Top Seller
    Jupiter Sousaphone Necks and Tuning Bits
    From $2599
  10. Top Seller
    Jupiter JCL-700N Student Clarinet
  11. Top Seller
    Jupiter diMedici JCF1000 Contrabass Flute
  12. Top Seller
    Jupiter JBR700 Standard Series Bb Baritone Horn
    From $3,1690
  13. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1110 Performance Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba
    From $5,9990
  14. Top Seller
    Jupiter JBR730 Standard Series Bb Baritone Horn
    From $3,1690
  15. Top Seller
    Jupiter JHR700 Series Single French Horn
  16. Top Seller
    Jupiter JSP1110 Quantum Series 4-Valve BBb Sousaphone
    From $7,0490
  17. Top Seller
    Jupiter JSP1100 Quantum Series BBb Sousaphone
    From $6,3890
  18. Top Seller
    Jupiter JBS1100SG Intermediate Baritone Saxophone
  19. Top Seller
    Jupiter JBS1100 Performance Level Eb Baritone Saxophone
  20. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTS700 Student Bb Tenor Saxophone
  21. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1140 Performance Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba
    From $5,3690
  22. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1100M Quantum Series BBb Marching Tuba
    From $5,4890
  23. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1010 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba
    From $4,7790
  24. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTS710GN Student Bb Tenor Saxophone
  25. Top Seller
    Jupiter JBS1000 Deluxe Baritone Saxophone
  26. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1030M Qualifier Series Convertible BBb Marching Tuba
    From $4,5390
  27. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU730 Series 3-Valve BBb Tuba
    From $4,2590
  28. Top Seller
    Jupiter JAS700 Student Eb Alto Saxophone
  29. Top Seller
    Jupiter JTU1000M Qualifier Series 3/4 Size Convertible BBb Tuba
    From $4,1590
  30. Top Seller
    Jupiter JSP1010 Qualifier Series Fiberbrass BBb Sousaphone
    From $4,6090
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What makes Jupiter instruments so special to the musicians that use them? It all comes down to Jupiter's dedication to quality. It's a quality that, since the 1930s, novice, intermediate and professional players everywhere have turned to time and time again, allowing Jupiter to grow into one of the biggest instrument manufacturers on the planet. And with a catalog as large as the instruments are impressive, you're sure to find something here you'll be proud to own. To start though, because this section is as big as it is, you should ask yourself a few questions in order to narrow things down. What type of instrument are you searching for? How skilled are you with your instrument of choice? What type of construction material will produce the tone you need? Are you here exclusively for an instrument, or are you looking for something paired with a case? Once you can roughly answer these questions your decision should get that much easier. If you're still undecided, sometimes it helps just take a look at the variety of instruments. The collection includes flutes, sousaphones, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, double horns, traditional and convertible tubas, flugelhorns, euphoniums, piccolos, cornets, bassoons, upright baritones, French horns, clarinets and more. And that's just scratching the surface as there are multiple variations of each. From there it is definitely worth your time exploring each of the options for the instrument you've decided on as each offers something unique and noteworthy. It's easy to see why Jupiter has the reputation it does. From performing artists to educators to orchestras all over the world, Jupiter has made a name for themselves as one of the finest brass, woodwind and marching band instrument-makers. Whether you're just being introduced to your chosen instrument, or you're looking to upgrade to something truly spectacular, Jupiter is a name you can trust.
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