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Instrument Amp Parts

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Tung-Sol 12AX7 Tube (12AX7TUNG)
Tung-Sol 12AX7 Tube
  • $16.09
  • Rating:
Celestion Gold 50W, 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker (T5471BWD)
Celestion Gold 50W, 12" Alnico Guitar Speaker
  • New: $247.82+
  • Blemished: $230.47
  • Rating:
Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang 12" 150W Guitar Speaker (SWAMP THANG-8)
Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang 12" 150W Guitar Speaker
  • New: $94.99
  • Blemished: $88.34
  • Rating:
Eminence The Wizard 12" Guitar Speaker (THE WIZARD)
Eminence The Wizard 12" Guitar Speaker
  • New: $89.99
  • Blemished: $83.69
  • Rating:

No matter how you plan to customize your amp, you’ll find the pieces you’re looking in the instrument amp parts section. Fine-tuning the look, sound and portability of your amp is one of the best parts of owning this piece of musical equipment, so take some time to browse this enormous section to find all the different ways you can upgrade it.

When first getting into amp customization, you’ll probably want to start with the look. Adding new handles, dials, corners or frames are great ways to personalize your amplifier. If you’re looking for some vintage appeal, options like the Ernie Ball 6106 Amp Corners with Lips and the Roc Pro Skirted Amp Knob Set from Fender offer a classic look that promise to breathe new life into your amp. There are also choices to go the other way, like the Fender Thumb Screws, that add some contemporary flair to your setup if that’s more your style. No matter how you want to reinvent the look of your amp, you can find it here.

If you want to dig a little deeper and get into the internals of your instrument amp, there are options available to accommodate as well. Tinkering with the tubes and the speakers can help you achieve an entirely new tone, or just enhance your current sound depending on what you’re looking for. With the warmth and character that tube amps are known for, testing different tubes will help you find the exact tone to suit your style of play.

Finally, if you’re just for looking to replace parts you’ll be able to stock up in this section also. From multi-piece kits to individual parts, you’ll always be ready to perform with a few extras in your back pocket. Honestly, a couple of spare tubes or gliders are something no working musician should be without.

Whether you’re tweaking or completely overhauling your instrument amp, you’ll be able to find the parts you need here to achieve the look and sound you’re going for. Replacing or reinventing, you’ll be happy you’re making your amp your own.