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Unabhängig Ihres Wohnortes in der Welt können wir Ihnen helfen die Musikinstrumente zu finden, die mit Ihrer Persönlichkeit, Ihrem Musikstil und Ihrer Ausdruckweise übereinstimmen. Auch wenn unsere Webseite in Englisch erscheint, zeigen wir Ihnen alle Preise in Ihrer Landeswährung an. Wenn Sie bei Musicians Friend einkaufen, geben wir nur die Artikel an, die nach Deutschland ausgeliefert werden können. Möchten Sie unseren ganzen Katalog sehen, sollten Sie die Vereinigten Staaten (USA) als Versandland wählen.

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Innovative Percussion

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  1. Price Drop
    Innovative Percussion Intermediate Mallet Pack
    EUR 7278
  2. Top Rated
    Innovative Percussion FS-PR Paul Rennick Signature Marching Drumsticks
    EUR 910
  3. Innovative Percussion Paul Rennick Multi-Tip Hickory Tenor Stick
    EUR 2338
  4. Innovative Percussion FS-2 Multi-Tom Stick "Shorty"
    EUR 937
  5. Save 25%
    Innovative Percussion Paul Rennick Signature Marching Drumsticks
    EUR 1167
  6. Save 15%
    Innovative Percussion Jim Casella Series Keyboard Mallets
    From EUR 3217
  7. Innovative Percussion Hickory Concert Drumsticks Lalo Davila
    EUR 1078
  8. Save 15%
    Innovative Percussion Soloist Series Mallets
    From EUR 3137
  9. Top Rated
    Innovative Percussion Jim Casella Signature Marching Sticks
    EUR 1049
  10. Top Rated
    Innovative Percussion Bret Kuhn Signature Hickory Marching Sticks
    EUR 910
  11. Innovative Percussion Ludwig Albert Series Birch Marimba Mallets
    From EUR 443
  12. Save 15%
    Innovative Percussion Chris McHugh Signature Kick Drum Beater
    EUR 2066
  13. Innovative Percussion Jesus Diaz Signature Hickory Timbale Stick
    EUR 898
  14. Innovative Percussion RS201 Soft Vibe / Marimba Mallets
    EUR 5481
  15. Save 15%
    Innovative Percussion Tim Jackson Model # 2 Multi-Tom Tenor Stick
    EUR 1617
  16. Innovative Percussion Ike Jackson White Hickory Drumsticks
    EUR 1347
  17. Innovative Percussion Combo Model 2B Drumstick
    From EUR 898
  18. Innovative Percussion MB1 Mallet Tour Bag
    EUR 4074
  19. Innovative Percussion Concert Timpani Mallets
    From EUR 3145
  20. Innovative Percussion Mark Ford Strong Legato Marimba
    From EUR 4223
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From humble beginnings, founded by a music student in the late 1980s, Innovative Percussion has grown to become one of the most celebrated companies in the music industry today. From mallets and drumstick, to brushes and hammers, Innovative Percussion focuses all their efforts into making the best tools possible. Pairing with some of the world's top performers, composers and educators to continue furthering their product development, Innovative Percussion truly lives up to their name. Are you just being introduced to Innovative Percussion? If so, you'll probably want to start with a pack in order to get a taste of everything they have to offer. The Intermediate Mallet Pack provides you with a pair F2 hard marimba mallets, a pair F9 hard xylophone mallets, a pair CT-3 medium Concert timpani mallets, and a pair IP-LD Lalo Davila concert snare drum sticks offering you the versatility to play just about any percussion instrument on the fly. From here, the door is open to specialize in one type of percussion instrument or you can continue to expand your musical horizons. If you're looking for marching percussion specific gear, you'll find that here as well. Options like the FB Field Series Marching Bass Drum Mallets, the Paul Rennick Signature Marching Drumsticks Hickory and the FS150 Soft Marimba Mallets have all been designed with durability and projection in mind. Expertly crafted with a great feel, you'll be surprised by the difference these sticks and mallets make in your play. There are even travel bags available, ensuring your new sticks or mallets are protected between performances. Options like the Large Leather Mallet Tour Bag and the MB3 Stick Bag provide ample storage space for your gear, allowing you to transport everything safely and easily. And because they're made by Innovation Percussion, you know they were made specifically with their own products in mind. You've invested a lot into picking out the perfect drum, but that's just half the equation. Without the right tools to play it with you aren't drumming to your full potential. Innovative Percussion is there, not only to give you some of the best sticks, mallets, hammers and brushes available, but to continue pushing forward, ensuring the drumming community is constantly progressing.
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