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Impact Badges & Dampening Devices

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Every instrument has its methods for tightening up, refining or muffling the sound. Brass players have mutes, guitarists have compression pedals, and for your drums there are impact badges and dampening devices. In this section, you'll find plenty of accessories allowing you to customize and manage the sound of your percussion. Drum patches (or impact badges) are a great starting point. These easy-to-apply modifications pull double duty, helping to boost attack as well as strengthening your drum head. If you use plastic or wooden bass drum beaters, a well-placed badge is a simple and effective way to extend the life of the drum head. For reining in the sound of toms and snares, consider picking up a set of control rings. Like patches, rings are a quick and easy mod. They provide a bit of muffling and keep overtones under control, giving the drums a precise, responsive studio quality.

Another method of drum modification comes courtesy of Kickport. Their sonic ports make a big difference in projection, which makes them a nice upgrade for your stage kit. They're available for any size drum, including a bass drum model that works like the port in a bass reflex speaker cabinet to power up those low frequencies. Maybe you're looking to dampen your drum instead? In that case, you'll want to check out mufflers like the Pearl's internally-mounted #734 or their clip-on external drum muffler. Of course, drums aren't the only part of your setup that you might want to tweak. When you want silent cymbals for practice or firing electronic triggers, HQ Percussion's SoundOff Ride Mute or Vic Firth's individual cymbal mutes are just the thing. These will let you warm up in silence without losing the authentic feel of cymbals that pads just can't match. Whether you're looking to protect your drum head against a tough beater, customize the sound of a drum or even mute it altogether, impact badges and dampening devices are the gear you need. These accessories are a valuable addition to any drummer's collection, allowing you to do even more with your instrument.