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Image Line FL Studio 6

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One of the most powerful pieces of music software on the planet just got better. FL Studio Edition 6, an exciting combination of core enhancements and new plug-ins, is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use ... Click To Read More About This Product

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One of the most powerful pieces of music software on the planet just got better. FL Studio Edition 6, an exciting combination of core enhancements and new plug-ins, is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use virtual music studio for amateur musicians, music pros, teachers, students, and composers, with an impressive collection of sophisticated modules for detailed arranging and editing, straightforward remixing and flawless mastering. Perfectly suited for song creation in any genre, you will be creating wav, MP3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching The FL Studio 6. The stunning, photorealistic interface will push your creative forces to new heights. The FL Studio can play any sample file (wav), generator (FL Studio soft- synth), VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it.

The FL Studio 6 is a pattern-based sequencer, meaning you create your songs in patterns using the Step Sequencer and the Piano Roll view, then combine those pieces together using the Playlist window. After that, you can add a wide range of effects with the ability to automate them for dynamic sweeps, rolling bass lines, and texture changes that really make your music stand out from the rest.

FL Studio has also updated some of the existing features like the browser (where we added a search feature and state recall functions) and FPC (where we added a second bank and envelopes), and new, larger, resizable Mixer, with fully flexible inter-track routing and PDC functions. MIDI functionality has been extended to support multiple MIDI-ins, include a wider range of external controllers as well as foot-pedal sustain support.

You may mix up to 999 audio tracks and virtually unlimited MIDI tracks. Everything is laid out in an intuitive interface that lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. No matter what you want to record - guitars, keyboards, vocals, live turntable scratches, CD samples, or any other sound - FL Studio Edition 6 puts it all together quickly and seamlessly.

Added plug-ins include Direct Wave advanced multi-sampler that imports Akai, SF2, Battery, Kontakt, Rex, ESX24 & WAV files, EQUO morphing graphic equalizer, Fruity Squeeze, Envelope controller, Chrome, Reeverb 2 and Delay Bank (a multi-bank delay), to name just a few.


  • Complete virtual music studio
  • Ideal for use in home, school or professional music studios
  • Superb for realizing musical ideas quickly
  • Mix up to 999 audio tracks and virtually unlimited MIDI tracks
  • Supports 24-bit/96kHz audio
  • Advanced sequencing methods allows quick entering of realistic drum loops and complex composing instrumentation
  • Able to function as a VSTi, DXi and a ReWire client
  • Ability to host VSTi, DXi and ReWire clients
  • Open architecture allowing third-party software instruments and effects
  • Effects: A full set of high-precision mastering and special effects filters
  • Integrated instruments: Samplers, 3xOSC (subsynth), Plucked! (plucked strings), MIDI Out, Scratcher (turntable emulator) and more
  • Some of the important new features in FL Studio 6 include:
    • Changes to FL audio engine - New audio thread 'Priority' (F10 > Audio settings) and 'Safe overloads' features have been added to FL6 to make the program more stable in the face of high CPU loads. Use a Priority of 'Highest' if you have problems with under-runs, if the 'Highest' Priority setting change does not seem to help try turning off 'Safe overloads'. Finally, please make sure you have the latest and correct drivers selected for your system as installing FL6 will reset the F10 > Audio settings to default values
    • New minimalist look
    • New menu system
    • One-click recording' option for new users in the Tools Menu
    • Edited events are now stored in a most recently used list in the Browser>Current project>Automation>Pattern 1,2...N
    • Drag/drop now works on detached playlist
    • Left-click and drag from most wave-displays to the channel window or other plug-ins is now possible
    • Speed improvements
    • Knob animation is now smoother (better anti-aliasing for those who can notice)
    • Miscellaneous enhancements: middle mouse button opens items in browser, mouse wheel works in some new places, etc.
    • Added support for more hardware controllers including sustain pedals. Device List
    • Ultra-smooth visual feedback now off by default and sets a higher smoothness, and also now applies to fruity plug-ins (F10 > General Settings)
    • Support for multimedia keyboards (play/pause/stop/prev/next/browser keys, etc.) - These will start/stop/pause FL Studio etc.
    • Default sample loading change: long audio files are not kept on disk by default anymore
    • LAME DLL (MP3 coded) now loaded dynamically (to avoid problems when FL is used as a plug-in)
    • Added auto-map all ASIO inputs (just like outputs), to monitor all inputs.
    • New 'Link all parameters' dialog that allows you to step through all automatable parameters and link them to hardware controllers (See the Wrapper and Mixer menus)
    New Plug-ins;
    • Instrument: Direct Wave - Advanced Sampler plug-in.
    • Generator: Fruity Envelope Controller - Automation plug-in.
    • Generator: Wasp XT - Updated Wasp, new interface and additional modulation.
    • FX: EQUO - Automatable equalizer plug-in.
    • FX: Fruity Delay Bank - Advanced Delay/Filter plug-in.
    • FX: Fruity Multi-band Compressor - Variable 3 Band Compressor.
    • FX: Fruity Reverb 2 - Enhanced reverb plug-in.
    • FX: Fruity Squeeze - Distortion/Bit-reduction plug-in.
    • Visualization: Chrome - Video synthesizer, controlled from the Piano Roll.
    • Sytrus: arpeggiator function now built into envelopes, audio file to envelope analyzer, envelope vertical flipping.
    • Sytrus: can now drag/drop single-cycle shapes onto harmonics editor, or channel button.
    • Sytrus: waveforms can now be saved to (32bit) WAV files.
    • Sytrus: enhanced waveform editing tools.
    • Sytrus: added 4 new filter types.
    • Sytrus: can now lock harmonics individually.
    • Sytrus: can now drag waveforms (click big waveform or ctrl+click small one) onto other synthesizers.
    Piano Roll:
    • All control/automation events can now be edited in the Piano Roll, see item 4 - Target Control.
    • Piano roll now offers 16 note colors (that can act as separate MIDI channels).
    • New scale-detecting helper in piano roll (check hint bar when on).
    • Piano roll helpers also mark notes that have names (useful with Fruity Slicer).
    • New glue tool in piano roll, to glue contiguous notes.
    • Alt+click in piano roll/playlist/event editor bypasses the current snap (very handy).
    • Shift+left/right or Alt+left/right shifts (nudges) selected notes in piano roll/playlist.
    • Ctrl+mouse wheel to center-zoom at the mouse position in event editors, piano roll & playlist.
    • Can now edit note properties to change a note into a slide.
    • Double-right-click piano roll & playlist brings the options menu.
    • New note helper mode (Piano Roll menu) - display note length in the 'Note Properties' view.
    • Note properties (velocity, panning, filter-cutoff etc.) can be adjusted by mouse wheel. ( Alt+Mouse Wheel) Hold the cursor over a note (upper Piano Roll), press Alt and move the mouse wheel.
    • Horizontal note position can be adjusted by mouse wheel. ( Shift+Mouse Wheel) Hold the cursor over a note (upper Piano Roll), press Shift and move the mouse wheel.
    • Note start time can be adjusted independent of note end. Select the Caps Lock key, left-click the note on the left edge and move your mouse.
    Play List:
    • Patterns may now be sliced.
    • Live mode: song relocation is bar-synchronized.
    • Keypad - Alt+/* and Ctrl+Alt+/* to jump to/select next/previous song markers.
    • MIDI controller keyboard notes can now be used to jump between time-markers during playback (F10, MIDI settings).
    • Playlist pattern lane gets a pop up menu, and selected patterns can be renamed all at once.
    • Added option to split (explode) a pattern by channel.
    • Shift+piano roll/playlist cut tool now selects a column.
    • Alt+click in piano roll/playlist/event editor bypasses the current snap (very handy).
    • Shift+left/right or Alt+left/right shifts (nudges) selected notes in piano roll/playlist.
    • Ctrl+mouse wheel to center-zoom at the mouse position in event editors, piano roll & playlist.
    • Shift+mouse wheel to scroll playlist, shift+right click for playback tool in piano roll, and various similar little enhancements.
    • Double-right-click piano roll & playlist brings the options menu.
    • Revamped Mixer with enhanced free track routing (all tracks can now be sends). Plug-in Delay Compensation (PDC). The new mixer has sample-accurate, per-track, PDC.
    Browser revamped visually, with various enhancements.Browser smart search feature, allowing searches for things like 'sytrus', 'simsynth' or 'bongo'.Browser updated to remember its last state, visual drag/drop.Snapshot open-states can now be saved in one of 4 slots.Auto mode will open the directory to the presets/samples/files associated with the object in focus in FL Studio.If files already exist, dropping them on the browser will open the directory where they reside.Browser now monitors FL's data folder to refresh itself.Browser can show all file types and extensions.
      MIDI:Multiple MIDI input devices are now accepted.MIDI clock sync can now be sent to multiple MIDI devices.Added CC standard names to pop up in MIDI remote control box.Support for MIDI hold & sostenuto with result directly in piano roll.Can now jump to song markers using MIDI input, and create them on the fly.Wrappers publish 128 extra parameters for CC's, so that you can control a VSTi without using a MIDI out channel in most cases.FL can now send MTC as well as MIDI clock for output synchronization.Option to save audio & MIDI clipboard data to files (see tools menu).
        • System Requirements:
        • Windows 95/98/Millennium/2000/XP
        • Latest version of DirectX and DirectX supported video & sound card recommended
        • 30 MB free disk space
        • Minimum Pentium II processor required; Pentium III processor or higher recommended
        • 16 MB memory required; 64 MB memory or higher recommended
        • Boxed version needs CD-ROM drive
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        wow... wow

        By What about guitar center

        from Scarborough, ME

        Comments about Image Line FL Studio 6:

        I have been using fruity loops software for about 3 years now, and I must say that I love it. Its great for recording, remixing, composing electronic music, or just plain entertaining yourself. I dont have much to say because well, theres to much. Theres a huge aray of effects, channel presets, and midi interfaces. All I have to say is that, this buy is plenty worth it.


        Beats in minutes!

        By Enon Beatz

        from NEW YORK

        Comments about Image Line FL Studio 6:

        I just purchased this software and man I'm loving it. From Fruity slicer to BooBass and the dx10. I imported a sample I had edited on Sonar Home Studio and threw into the drim loops I had created on Fruit Loops! I'm finding new tools everyday so I'm excited!!


        This is AMAZING!!!

        By musicpro

        from Undisclosed

        Comments about Image Line FL Studio 6:

        This is one of the best computer based beat making softwares on the market. If you are looking for something to start you off as an amatuer, this is it for you. This software already comes with souds to get you running as soon as you download the software. This is what i use to make something quick and easy and only takes 15-20 minutes to make a beat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to a starter


        a great tool

        By John D.

        from Atlanta, Ga

        Comments about Image Line FL Studio 6:

        This software is great for getting up some quick tracks on the fly. What impresses most is the sound quality. Clear, clear, clear. I personally do not use this anymore since I got Reason 3.0. Fruity Loops is great for its ease of use. You dont have to do much mixing considering how good the quality of the sounds are. Also if you do hip-hop I have a friend who has been using FL for years and he is just fantastic with the sampling. This is a good place to start if you want to make stuff with sounds that you dont have to tweek a whole lot.

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