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Ibanez SR505 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

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A bolt-on neck joint on the Ibanez SR505 5-string bass guitar allows superb access to the upper frets of its five-piece jatoba/bubinga neck. Only 4/5" thick at the first fret, the 34" scale neck provi... Read More

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A bolt-on neck joint on the Ibanez SR505 5-string bass guitar allows superb access to the upper frets of its five-piece jatoba/bubinga neck. Only 4/5" thick at the first fret, the 34" scale neck provides more comfortable playing than standard 5-string necks.

Bartolini MK1 pickups and 3-band EQ deliver world-class tone, while the mahogany body provides naturally warm lows and sweet sustain. Rosewood fretboard offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain. Ultradurable Accu-Cast B25 bridge offers quick and easy string changes. Single-screw saddle height adjustment gives you better stability than standard double-screw designs.

Case sold separately.

  • 5-piece jatoba/bubinga neck
  • Mahogany body
  • 24 medium frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Accu-Cast B25 bridge
  • Bartolini MK1-5 neck pickup
  • Bartolini MK1-5 bridge pickup
  • Abalone oval inlay
  • Bartolini MK1 3-Band EQ
  • Case sold separately
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Most Liked Positive Review


Can Penetrate The Earth's Core

The Ibanez sr505 is my favorite bass on the face of the earth. From the moment I picked it up, it is everything I have ever wanted in a bass. Everything about it...Read complete review

The Ibanez sr505 is my favorite bass on the face of the earth. From the moment I picked it up, it is everything I have ever wanted in a bass. Everything about it is flawless, finish, set up, action, workmanship. Ibanez got it right on this one, it's so comfortable to play, the bartolini pickups & eq, are incredible, the tone is incredible, so responsive, you can get incredible crisp clear highs while getting deep penetrating lows. I play through a gallien-krueger 1001rbii head and 2 410sbx cabs. You can get so low on this bass that you can cause an earthquake. You would have to kill me and pry it out of my cold dead hands to get this bass away from me.


Most Liked Negative Review


Nice sound, bad neck

I've owned a couple soundgears in the past and I loved the necks, the action and the fact that they stayed in tune while taking a beating. I was looking to add a new...Read complete review

I've owned a couple soundgears in the past and I loved the necks, the action and the fact that they stayed in tune while taking a beating. I was looking to add a new 5-string to my arsenal due to odd tuning in my new band. The bass off the rack was set up by someone with zero knowledge. The bridge was maxed out on height, the intonation was a joke and the neck had a slight bow in it. All easily adjustable so I took it home anyway. The sound is amazing, the action much better now, but I really don't like the neck. It leaves an oily feeling on my fingers. I would much rather have a glossy neck (for speed). The body dings with the slightest contact. The bass is too fragile to not have a hard shell case thrown in,I would rather pay more and have a hard shell case thrown in. I'm concerned about the longevity of the bass.

Reviewed by 48 customers

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Mr. Fantastic

By Robert

from Miami Gardens, Florida

I just purchased this amazing instrument.It's like no other bass I played before.I've played it at my church never battle tested it at any of my other gigs. but I will soon.it plays with an an incredible sound.the bartolini pickups are awesome.Plus ! I like the power switch that's included with an extra punch. the adjustments are very good and it gives you the sound that you need. I will recommend this Ibanez 5 string bass to any bass player. who's thinking about playing some serious music.I promise you.you want be disappointed :-).

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some issues


from Saginaw, Michigan

I bought this bass brand new and just fell in love with how it played. Very lightweight and the neck is very player friendly, Great action and smooth playability. However, I wore the finish right off and even some of the wood too, where I place my thumb and palm (I play with my fingers exclusively). After visiting my local Guitar Center I noticed 2 other used basses (same model) that had the same wear marks. Most recently it has developed some very annoying high end "buzz" when I turn up the high knob, Guitar Center repair tech says that he could re-solder it but that it was probably a manufacturers defect. Overall I'm satisfied with how it plays but will not use it in a live show situation.

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Awesome versatile 5 string bass guitar!

By Johnny T.

from Long Beach, CA

This is my first 5 string bass guitar. I really love the pick ups and EQ on the bass. It is very versatile as you can get just about any kind of sound from it. I love that this bass is a 5 string but feels like a 4 string. I have only owned this bass for a day and already I am adjusting to the narrow string spacing. The finish is just simply beautiful and the abalone inlays are a nice complement to the bass! The best bass I have ever own hands down! Buy it now, you will not regret it!

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This bass kicks it!

By Reece Jensen

from Carlsbad, CA

I have been playing a laguna Ocean 5 string for 3 years and it's a great bass, but heavy. I bought the SR505 because I wanted a similar sound with the Bartolini pickups but with less weight. Playing 4 hour jazz/funk gigs with my laguna was killing my shoulder. I got my SR505 yesterday and played a full gig with it tonight and it was amazing! Fast neck, great action from the factory and smooth but punchy Elixer strings. Everyone was commenting on how good it looked & sounded! I play it through a Markbass Jeff Berlin and the mid boost switch was awesome to add punch during my solos's I was concerned that with a slim/lighter body, the balance would be off and the 5 string neck would hand forward. Not the case! It hangs perfectly and plays like a fricken dream! I couldn't be happier with this bass. It plays like much more expensive basses, looks great and doesn't weigh you down. NICE JOB IBANEZ!!! RJ - Bass player for Jerome Dawson & Wazabe Blue!

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Perfect really

By John Bennett

from Chicago, IL

The pros: *Light weight. *Pretty, and looks good in any setting. *Very fast neck. *Quality wood. *Quality electronics. Especially the pickups. *Quality components. *Easy string swaps with the slotted bridge. I go back and forth between rounds to flats every so often, without much hassle or needing to get new strings. I just swap them in and out. *Lots and lots of tonal options. Using the 3 band eq + parametric switch (that switch causes the mid knob to either boost/cut your high mids (switch down) or low mids (switch up)) and the pickup blend knob this can do any tone I need from growly and aggressive, to deep and thumpy, to scooped mids for a nice slap sound. You can really play anything on this bass, it's very versatile. The cons: Purely subjective: The Elixirs that come stock on this bass take away from its character. If it sounds good to you in the store, it'll sound even better with regular rounds or flats on it. If it sounds a bit bland, its the Elixirs, the bass itself sounds amazing.

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By Blair

from Washington, DC

I've owned 13 high-end bass guitars. I have a back issue and need a light-weight bass with a heavy-weight sound. This is the answer. The neck is superbly fast and the Bartolini's sound almost as good as active EMG 40dc's WITH A LITTLE TONE TWEAKING. I needed to raise up the boost and the bass knobs on my GK MB210 combo amp and I also put the bottom guitar knob in the middle position with every other knob cranked. I get the active EMG natural growl especially with Dean Markley Blue Steels I use. The only issue with this beauty is the fragile outside paint job that chips very easily. I play metal music in a band using a pick so I don't rub the top layer too much, but I've seen others played hard with fingers creating a discoloration in spots. Man, I wish they made this bass in black.

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There is no better bass in this price range

By Anthony Sailer

from Las Vegas, NV

I have had this bass for over 7 years now and it has never failed to impress me in in any way. It has an incredibly fast neck, the electronics provide a (seemingly) endless variety of sounds and the body is so comfortable for long performances. The fit and finish on this bass was immaculate off the shelf and has required very little adjustment over the years. The finish on the mahogany body is so easy to care for (though you do need to use a little caution to avoid bumps and buises), just a few coats of good guality oil each year. I have Spector, Conklin, Steinbeger, Fender, Musicman....the list realy goes on but...I alway find myself falling back to this bass. Trust me....you will not regret buying this bass.

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I love Ibanez Bass Guitar Hear 24/7!!!!!.

By Fernandez S

from Chicago Illinois

A good-looking bass with a balanced, comfort-contoured mahogang body and a sweet Brown Mahogany finish! The SR505 offers one of the most playable necks in its class, with a thin 5-piece jatoba and bubinga combination. You won't believe how fast this neck plays and how effortlessly you can access the upper frets! When you need to deliver earthshaking lows and crystal-clear highs, the Bartolini MK1-4 pickups and EQB-35 3-band EQ really shine. This beauty is an amazing player and a great value!.

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By tristan

from san mateo california

Awesome bass!! easy to play great sound worth every penny

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great bass, great quality, wallet saving price.

By chuck d.

from las vegas nv.

I'm a 25 year veteren guitarist who started playing bass in '03. I started using shecter and specter basses, then i went to ibanez. This is my second sr505 and this upgraded model has a feature i absolutely love!.....the mid switch. I unfortunately haven't quite developed my finger technique for fast precision metal that I play, so i use pick and finger techniques. the mid switch allows me to change my midrange to accomodate my tone nicely when i switch from fingers, to a pick...all without having to adjusting my mid knob. I played my sr505 through an ampeg svt classic and an ampeg 810. needless to day to all of you ampeg fans, i can get that "low mid biting growl" i look for with my style of finger play. I then plugged into a small mark bass 112 combo. (i also love and respect markbass for a fine quality line of amplifiers as well). I had to crank the mids on my sr505 a bit, but I STILL found my low mid "biting growl" i like for my style of finger play. I have had absolutely NO problem finding that "high end piano type tone" on ANY amp wit my sr505 when i switch to using a pick. (thanks in part to the mid range switch now featured on the newer lines of ibanez sr's and btb's.) Many things have been said about the mk1 and it's pre amp. No it's not a higher end type of pickup and pre amp, but i'm here to tell you, the mk1 pickups AND pre amp does NORE than what I need, more than adequately, recording wise and live. I would love to own a lakland, mtd, warwick, or any fender american.....but i just can't afford them on my budget.....ibanez to the rescue! I'll play my sr505 anywhere, anytime, in any size venue, and in any situation...live, recording, amped or direct...my ibanez sr 505 gets the job done. I get more than enough tone, sexy sleek looks, and extreme playability (seeing as i'm very active on stage). oh yeah...and as a guitarist, i play the rg and s series guitars as well. ibanez, you the only one for me. period. eveyone has different tastes and needs for there particular sound and style. for me and what i do, the sr505 is plenty. but don't take my word for it..... check it out for yourself...you won't be sorry.

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