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The Ibanez RG5EX1 electric guitar's pickups and pickup placement provide the hard-edged cutting tone needed for heavy rock.

Since 1987, many players have selected the Ibanez RG as their weap... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Ibanez RG5EX1 electric guitar's pickups and pickup placement provide the hard-edged cutting tone needed for heavy rock.

Since 1987, many players have selected the Ibanez RG as their weapon of choice for visiting sonic mayhem on the metal masses. With the right choice of pickups and flat, fast necks, the RG crunched its way to classic status.

As heavy as it rocks, the RG5EX1 guitar is made of basswood, a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, basswood is between alder and mahogany in sound character. 24 jumbo frets offer easy playing for leads and chording and the Edge III tremolo bridge lets you dive-bomb all night long while keeping tuning tight.

Total tonal choice is provided 5-way switching of an Ibanez Infinity 4 bridge humbucker with an alnico magnet that is warm sounding with good harmonics, an Infinity 3 neck humbucker with a ceramic magnet producing dynamic sound for rhythm chording, and an Infinity Single3 single-coil with an alnico magnet for traditional sounds with high output.

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  • Basswood body
  • 3-piece maple neck
  • Wizard II neck profile
  • 25-1/2" scale
  • 24 jumbo frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Sharktooth inlay
  • Reverse headstock
  • Edge III tremolo bridge
  • INF3 humbucker neck position pickup
  • INFS3 single-coil mid positiion pickup
  • INF4 humbucker bridge position pickup
  • Tone and volume controls
  • 5-way pickup switch
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IbanezRG5EX1 Electric Guitar

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Most Liked Positive Review


Love at first sight-

Right before Christmas, my girlfriend told me that she was buying me a guitar for Christmas, but she wanted me to pick it out, so as not to choose the wrong one. So...Read complete review

Right before Christmas, my girlfriend told me that she was buying me a guitar for Christmas, but she wanted me to pick it out, so as not to choose the wrong one. So I went down to my local Guitar Center to pick one out. I walked in the door, proceded to the guitar section, and then everything faded around me until all I could see was what would be my new RG5EX1. It looked like it had been forged by a gun company, the smooth finish, the detailing on the neck. It looked so sharp I thought it would cut me. I immediately took it down, plugged it into the biggest Line 6 Spyder I could find, and began to play. 1/8th of a second later, I knew it was the one. I have had it for six months now, and it still feels like the first time everytime I open its case and play it. Incidentaly, I also got the Line 6 Spyder, and a Digitech GNX4 that day. Beautiful gifts from a beautiful girl. Now to find a wedding ring, ha ha ha...


Most Liked Negative Review


Great looking guitar!

It looks great but that's where it ends for me. The middle pickup gets in the way because where it's placed is exactly where I pick most of the time. The tremolo bar stays...Read complete review

It looks great but that's where it ends for me. The middle pickup gets in the way because where it's placed is exactly where I pick most of the time. The tremolo bar stays in tune as long as you press down. If you pull up (which is the point of the recess behind the tremelo!) it returns to a sharp pitch. Also, while the dark inlays on the neck match the hardware and the body color, they are hard to see under stage lights in a dark club. I took it back and exchanged it for a practice amp that didn't work when I got it home. I'm having lots of good luck with Guitar Center!

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Very Impressed

By Anthony Marotti

from Rochester, NY

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I'm basically a drummer, but I like to learn new things (film maker by trade) so I purchased an Ibanez 6 string bass and was immediately impressed by the quality and the price point... how do they deliver such products so inexpensively?? Well I practiced like mad and ended up giving myself tendinitis, which put me out of commission for over a year. My arm was starting to get better, but I was now afraid of my bass, but I want to stretch myself so I headed to the Guitar Center for a look see. I've always loved the guitar but never thought that my twisted fingers (martial artist) could articulate around a guitar fretboard well enough to make any progress... but as I'm walking down the guitar isle I see this used RG5EX1. Out of all of the hundreds of guitars on the wall, this thing spoke to me. I pick it up, look at the quality, feel it in my hands, make a feeble attempt to play it... and fell in love. I immediately purchased it and am so happy that I did. This guitar is such a joy to play that I'm actually learning guitar YES !!!!! Such quality at such an affordable price, Ibanez is a great company, and unlike some companies Ibanez has great support. I'm lucky that I decided to go to the Guitar Center that day and was able to get this great guitar, it really changed my life for the better, and I mean that in all sincerity. I hope that Ibanez is making plenty of profit, because they serve their customers well, and I want them to stick around!


I regret doing this


from Bristol, Connecticut

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

This guitar was my first guitar. I loved it, but the floyd rose was killing me, i didnt know how to level the bridge and stuff, i traded it in for an epiphone les paul studio, its pretty good, im not gonna lie, but for the stuff i do, mostly metal, which involves heavy strings and lower tunings, this Ibanez wouldve worked out perfect for me.


Beautiful guitar going on 5 years owning

By Ted Brown

from Upstate, NY

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I've read some other descriptions of the wood this guitar is made of, and I don't know about anyone elses but, mine came with a 3 piece solid maple neck that is absolutely ROCK SOLID. This neck hasn't the slightest contortion to it what so ever after 5 years and hanging on the wall with a wall locking mount kit. I live in upstate NY so we get all sorts of weather and conditions. The only thing that's a big pain in the butt is changing strings on it and also the nuts and adjusters on the trem seem a bit cheap and chincey, they have begun to strip out and I've basically stopped changing my strings for fear of stripping them, I need to replace them,or just replace my trem for something a bit more solid. Outside of that, I would have paid 800+ bucks for this guitar, it's easily worth it and I was amazed that it was not more expensive when I purchased it.


Very Nice Guitar

By Scott Jackson

from Sylmar, CA

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I retired from guitar playing in the early 90's to pursue another career and recently got the bug to play again. This guitar fit my budget (bought this guitar on sale after the Super Bowl) and I am very pleased with the purchase. Easy to play and looks fantastic. I do have a learning curve to master tuning with the edge tremolo but I think it's me getting used to the system, not the guitar itself. Thanks Ibanez for the nice work.


the rg5

By John Uperti

from VA

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I bought this guitar 4 and a half years ago. and This was my first real electric guitar (behind an old yamaha). I was playing epiphone specials and epiphone les pauls at GC when i saw this on the wall and i thought it was sooo cool. and my guitar tech told me all about the ibanez version of the foyd rose, of course i ahd no idea what he was saying besdies it has a whammy bar. So i bought it haha. I still have it to this day, and i use it to record. I recently sold my schecter and got rid of a couple things but never this ibanez. hitting harmonics on this guitar is sooo easy. and once i learned how to sweep i couldnt put this guitar down, because the INF pickups just make it so mellow and sweet. I released my first album using this guitar, ameature(sp?) or beginner this is an amazing guitar to have in your arsinal.

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Everything about this guitar is amazing...please read this

By Jacob Brown

from Columbus ohio

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

1. This guitar has a beautiful finish and the grey pewter goes along perfectly with the black finish. also, the pewter shark tooth classic ibanez inlays fit perfectly too. 2. you can play ANY style of music and this guitar is perfect for it. blues, metal, soft rock, you name it. this guitar can play it. the 5-way selector allows this to happen. 3. the floating whammy can go anywhere and the locking nuts keep it in tune. 4. i love the full scale jumbo 24 frets, and the neck is SUPER smooth and you can sweep pick amazingly fast. this guitar is perfect. i HIGHLY recommend anyone to buy this guitar.


Great guitar

By a t

from Louisville, KY

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I got this guitar a few months ago, and so far have been amazed. I had a squier affinity strat before this, and opposed to the strat's neck, the slim, flat neck of the RG5EX1 is amazing. its proven great for soloing. the locking nut is also a great feature, trying its hardest (and succeeding greatly) to keep the guitar in tune, which can be rather difficult with the trem bridge. The trem is a really great trem, staying in tune and diving to entirely unnecesary pitches. the basswood is very light too, not as light as a strat but definitley lighter than a Les Paul. I love the finish on this guitar partially because it seems to be very scratch-resistant and does not attract fingerprints. i love the tone that you get from the INF4 pickup. especially when paired up with my boss DS-2 and Marshall amp it sounds great. i am slightly dissapointed by the INFS3 and INF3 pickups, probably because i prefer alnico magntets to ceramic. the 24 frets add incredible versatility. my biggest problem with this guitar is that the jack is constantly coming loose. every time that i finish playing i have to retighten it. but this could be because i bought mine used.

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Great Second Guitar

By WhoWantsToKnow?

from El Paso, TX

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

This is my second guitar, and it was totally worth it. My first was an Epiphone SG Special, and after a couple ov years with it, I began looking for a new guitar. I wanted something with 24 frets and a tremolo so that I could try them out and see if I liked them, and after almost a year ov researching guitars that were under $500, and I went to the GC where I live. I tried like 4 other guitars, a couple ov other Ibanez ones and 2 B.C. Rich ones. This one not only sounded the best because ov the H/S/H/ setup, but it also looked the most unique. The tremolo is sick; would spend like 10 minutes just messing with it to see how much I needed to mess with it until is went out ov tune. Man, it held it's tune amazingly! And since the Edge III is recessed or whatever, you can palm mute without having to worry about messing with the fine tuners. The neck isn't polished, so it feels smoother and not sticky, the fret markers make it look like a serious guitar, the locking nut is great. Until you can afford more expensive guitars, this is a great one to get used to things higher end models have. Oh! And before I forget, the pickups are surprisingly good; I can get really nice cleans; the highs are just crisp and clean and great, the mids come out clear, whether it's chord or just single notes, and the bass isn't overwhelming. With distortion, you can get some totally brutal stuff out ov it, I could do nothing but palm muting for like, half an hour because it just sounds really thick and heavy, and the mids come out real defined, and the highs just cut through, it's great. Even with just some old school overdrive, it all just comes out smooth and really awesome. If I ever decide to replace the pickups (which is really unlikely), i would save these humbuckers and put them in my SG or something. I have a Peavey Bandit, 65 watts I think, and a Digitech RP70. Not the best stuff I know, but with this guitar it all sounds pretty pro. I'm freaking glad I got this guitar, it's made playing guitar even more fun and exciting!


Amazing Guitar, Amazing Sound

By Bram

from Boston, MA

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

I got this guitar for Christmas in 2009. At first, I Had problems taming the amazing Floyd Rose style tremolo. Once I did, however, it was screaming with joy. The tone is AMAZING for heavy metal. Especially Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. The bottom end is amazing when you have Ernie Ball's "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom". You can really feel the vibrations in your stomach when you use the lower strings. The bridge pickup is the best. It's great for solos because there's a lot of high tones. I give it four stars because of it's tone, ingenious tremolo, robust finish, and overall power. ...oh yeah, and it goes up to eleven.


A REAL SHREDDER and a great buy

By nick

from smmamish WA

Comments about Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar:

i love this guitar it is amazing not only does it have a super thin neck it allowes you to move down the neck faster BUY ONE BUY ONE BUY ONE

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