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RG350DX Electric Guitar

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The Ibanez RG350DX electric guitar has a double-locking Edge III trem system that allows radical effects and sonic chaos with total tuning stability. 24-frets, thin 3-piece Wizard II neck for fast and... Read More

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The Ibanez RG350DX electric guitar has a double-locking Edge III trem system that allows radical effects and sonic chaos with total tuning stability. 24-frets, thin 3-piece Wizard II neck for fast and effortless shredding. Total tonal choice is provided 5-way switching of an Ibanez Infinity 4 bridge humbucker with an alnico magnet that is warm sounding with good harmonics, an Infinity 3 bridge humbucker with a ceramic magnet producing dynamic sound for rhythm chording, and an Infinity Single3 single-coil with an alnico magnet for traditional sounds with high output. Stunning sharktooth inlays complete the sinister look.

For over 2 decades, the Ibanez RG guitar has reigned as the unquestioned monarch of metal guitars. Why? Because the Ibanez RG is an electric guitar that has the perfect combination of fast, flat neck, the right pickups and pickup placement, and a precision trem system that metes out creative destruction. And because the Ibanez RG guitar has evolved and expanded along with the metal genre it was designed for.'

  • Neck: 3pc maple Wizard II neck
  • Neck Type: Wizard II
  • Body: Basswood body
  • Frets: Jumbo frets
  • Fingerboard: Bound rosewood
  • Inlay: Sharktooth
  • Bridge: Edge III bridge
  • NeckPU: IBZ INF3 neck humbucker
  • MiddlePU: IBZ INFS3 middle single-coil
  • BridgePU: IBZ INF4 bridge humbucker
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Most Liked Positive Review


awsome guitar

this guitar's play is wicked. Perfect for pretty much every kind of music from blues to rock and metal. A great thing is that it doesn't get to muddy with heavy distortion. It...Read complete review

this guitar's play is wicked. Perfect for pretty much every kind of music from blues to rock and metal. A great thing is that it doesn't get to muddy with heavy distortion. It stays in tune for a long period of time as well. You can also access all 24 frets on every string very easlily.


Most Liked Negative Review


Not impressed

I have owned Ibanez RG guitars in the past and have been very pleased. This guitar was a disappointment. I bought it off ebay new (which was a learning lesson to never buy...Read complete review

I have owned Ibanez RG guitars in the past and have been very pleased. This guitar was a disappointment. I bought it off ebay new (which was a learning lesson to never buy a guitar you can't play in person prior to buying one). 1. The Egde III was very difficult to manage. At first the strings kept going flat within minutes of tuning it. I took it to a local dealer who adjusted the spring tension and fixed the action. Afterwards, the strings started going sharp. 2. As for the infinity pick-ups, the sound was disappointing. Too much treble. I had other people comment to me that it sounded like I was picking a "tin can." Even turning the treble down on my EQ did not help. 3. The guitar is pretty heavy for its size. My ESP of the same size and about half of the weight. I really wanted to like this guitar because of its beautiful appearance, but unfortunately it was a disappointment. Luckily, I found someone to buy it from me for about $25.00 less than what I paid. I ended up buying a Schecter Diamond Series Damien Solo Elite for about $100.00 more than this Ibanez. It's a much better guitar and comes with active EMG pick-ups. A better guitar for playing heavy metal as well. I am not sure how this Ibanez is even recommended for heavy metal with its "tin" sounding pick-ups. I will probably never buy an Ibanez again after this experience and will certainly avoid guitars with a tremolo. If you have a choice between Schecter and Ibanez, go with Schecter. It's a better quality guitar and they have better customer service as well.

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Almost Perfect!

By Undead Kaiju

from Bay Area, Ca.

I've always liked Ibanez guitars. This is my 2nd. I love the white with black accents. It's very aesthetically pleasing. When I first picked it up, it was lighter than expected. Not that it feels cheap, but it was just very comfortable. The guitar sounds phenomenal! I play a wide variety of guitar including punk, metal, ska, and rhythm. My one and only complaint about the guitar is the location of the switch. Every once and a while, my strumming will get a bit over-exaggerated and I will accident flip the switch down a notch or two. But, that's my problem! Not the guitar. Tuning is a bit of art in the sense that it has the floating bridge and locking nuts. No biggie if you're familiar with it. I'd definitely recommend this guitar to anybody considering picking it up. It has a 5 star rating already for a reason.

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Nice pick-ups, fast neck!

By Miss Lexie Scanlon

from Oakland, CA

I've owned 2 of these. One purchased in 2007 (and got stolen later) and a replacement in 2011. The double-locking tremolo takes a bit of learning; once your strings are broken in-it stays in tune. The single coil never sees much use unless I want to play something by U2 or "surf guitar" sounding. The humbuckers have a nice bit of harmonics available to pinch and make squeal. There are subtle differences in guitars based on when they were made. My 2007 purchase had screw cover access to the truss rod, whereas my 2011 had a slide open door. The 2007 had slightly more "shrill" when tapping and pinch harmonics than the 2011 one. Both guitars were in white-because white "goes" with everything. (I have noticed that this model is getting phased out and replaced by the RG450DX.) Anyhow-rock on! Lexikat

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Good for Anything

By Alex Barcic

from Pittsburgh, PA

This guitar is great. It looks like its only made for metal and hard rock but it can do anything. I can play metal to jazz on it. I use it in my jazz band and it sounds fine. The locking tremolo is good, but can't handle divebombs repeatedly like in one song. It will get out of tune after two or more in a row. Overall, its a great guitar. I've had mine for four years now and it sounds the same as it did when I opened the case. Awesome guitar.

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Well worth the money

By Jeffrey Hopper

from Pleasant Plains, Il.

Been playing for 20 years, owned alot of different guitars. This is hands down the best I've had. Only others that would even be worth comparing are Ibanez's I've had in the past.This guitar is put together well, plays well, stays in tune well, sounds like a dream, and is very versatile. Great guitar for any stlye of play..metal, rock, blues, country....again, best guitar I've owned. On a side note, I also bought the Ibanez M100C hardshell case at the same time and it fits the guitar like a glove. Highley recommend that as well.

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Great for a shredder looking for their next axe

By Jacob Pruitt

from Huntsville, AL

I've had the rg 350 since 2003 and I love it. Aside from the minor frustration that comes with initially setting up a FR I must proclaim that the flaws with this guitar are extremely minimal. However since my guitar is a 1994 model, the correct whammy bar is slightly difficult to find. Great action, smooth neck, and you've got to love the inlays!

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Big bang for your buck!


from Westfield, IN

I just got one of the RG350's a couple of days ago. Wow! What a great guitar! This thing is a shredder's ax no doubt. The neck has a satin finish so it's smooth as glass, and very fast, The trem has a tension adjusting knob for the springs, which is a great feature. You can adjust the spring tension for the trem without removing the back plate. No screwdriver needed! The pups are really hot, and I think they sound fantastic. But I play through a Digitech GSP1101, into a tube power amp, so I can get just about any amp tone I want. I don't see myself replacing the pups any time soon. I have been most impressed with how fast the neck plays, it feels great. I wouldn't recommend this guitar for a beginner, due to the trem. Trems can be a little difficult if you don't know how to set them up. I would recommend the new RG351DX if you don't want the trem, it's basically the same guitar, just has the stop tail piece. This is my first Ibby solid body guitar, and I really like it. I was always wondering why guys like Vai, Satch, and Gilbert play nothing but Ibanez, now I know!

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Pretty Ok

By Tony Morris

from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I'll try to type this without too many words. I went to the guitar center here where I live, Spent days roaming through and playing every guitar I could lay my hands on. Played everything from a couple of $3500.00 priced guitars down to $100.00 guitars. Had trouble deciding what I really wanted, since I have literally played all brands makes and models of guitars through the years. I didn't want to go broke buying a guitar, but didn't want a cheap one either. I was almost set on just getting a 600.00 Epiphone Les Paul when I looked up and saw one I'd missed hanging. It was the Ibanez Rg350 DXZ. Picked it up and WOW! is all I can say. I plugged it into many amps to test drive it. As many people though, I was a bit concerned about the Tremolo system, but then again, I knew I didn't use it on too many toons I played. Well it's been 6 months now that I've owned this. The Z on the Nomenclature means it's Guaranteed to come right back to Zero, meaning even slamming that bar down to the body, it will indeed come right back into the tuning I placed the guitar in. Folks! I have abused that system, trying to see if what others have complained about is true. So far, it's still as good as it was the day I bought the Ax. All the negative talk about how hard it is to tune and all that about the tremolo system leaves me baffled. I play every day of my life on that thing. I mean everyday! Only problem I had was right after I got it I ended up having to put new strings on it. And I didn't put anything but .009 Fender strings on it, readjusted it for those strings and well, they are still on it (I know they need changed due to how much I play it). Anyway this RG 350 DXZ is Great for the price. I am changing the pups in it though to F-spaced PAF (DP103) in the neck, a True Velvet middle pickup (DP175S) and an F-spaced AT-1 (DP224F). Hoping this will give me a better sound for the type of Music I play.

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Amazing guitar for the price.

By Jonathan Pagan

from Raleigh, North Carolina

I bought this guitar 4 years ago, when I first started playing. After 4 years with this guitar, I can say it is well worth the money. The 3 pcWizard II is extremely thin. Its very comfortable to play, and it gets slightly thinner towards the bottom of the neck, making it extremely comfortable to play while standing up. If you have little hands, make sure you play a Wizard II neck before purchasing this guitar, if your one of those people who buy guitars without playing them. It took me a while to get use to the broadness of the neck. The bridge pick-up roars,it sounds amazing. The five way pickup selector combined with the tone and volume knobs, make for a wonderful variety of tones. The neck pick up is a little too warm for me, I hardly use it.. The guitar sounds best with the bridge on distortion, and the neck on a clean tone. I'm one of those guys who wants to hear all my mistakes (I only use the bridge pick-up with distortion), instead of using the neck pick-up to clean it up for me. The neck doesn't sound all that amazing with distortion. Ill give you an example of the bridge vs the neck on distortion. Talking openly = Bridge pick up. Talking and squeezing your nose shut = neck pick up. I bought it from music and arts (Horrible idea). Make sure when you buy it THE BRIDGE IS CORRECTLY SET UP AND YOU HAVE ALL THE ALLEN KEYS TO PROPERLY HANDLE IT. Properly set up, the edge 3 bridge stays in tune well. Usually when you purchase it, it is set up to play in Standard tuning. It is a little expensive to set it up in a different tuning, and unless you know how to properly set it up, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SET IT UP YOURSELF. I bought the guitar without knowing the hell you have to put it with floating bridges. If you are interested in changing the tuning, you could probably take it back to the dealer you bought it from, and they would change it for what ever price they give you. The Guitar Center where I live near charges 100 to change the set up to a different tuning. When changing the strings, make sure you do not lost the little blocks that keep the strings inside your bridge. The guitar just looks sexy, Its pretty heavy, the nut that holds the input jack gets loose from time to time. It can deff. withstand some good beating...lol. Ive chucked, dropped, banged this guitar, and it is still working just fine :). Jumbo frets feel amazing, the action was great. The only thing bad about this guitar is the sustain past the 15th fret. I can only hold the note out for about 5 seconds...If you have been hesitating on buying this guitar, stop. It is well worth the money, make the investment, you owe it to yourself.

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I've been playing this guitar for almost 3 years

By Ian Molina

from San Antonio, Tx.

I bought this guitar back in 2009 for Valentines Day, and I had been playing it about 3 months prior to buying it. The first thing that caught my eye was it's amazing white finish a pearl pickguard. The thing that caught my ear was it's amazing clean sound when you combine the neck and middle pickup and the amazing distortion you get from the bridge. The neck is also one of the thinnest I have ever played, and I love how fast and comfortably it plays. I had never owned a single guitar with a floating bridge before, but luckily an employee showed me how to change the strings and tune it. Ever since I bought it, it has been my favorite guitar, the only problem is that I constantly have to change the string because of how grimy they get, so that obviously means that I am constantly having to tune the guitar after changing the strings so often. In my opinion, I've never played a guitar better than this one, I even prefer this guitar over several esp and schecter guitars that I've played in the past. I just recommend that anyone buying this guitar should first learn how to change the strings, and adjust the spring tension because you will be doing that a lot. So in short, it's a guitar worth holding onto, I know that I will never sell this baby, because it is still my favorite guitar EVER.

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As perfect as it could be!

By Danilo Leite

from SP, Br

Well I've had this guitar for 6 years now so I know quite a lot about it... First, it NEVER comes out of tuning. Even after traveling. After a while I even stopped checking if it is in tune. You can leave it sitting for a week, travel with it, play heavy metal on it or do crazy stuff with the tremolo bar. It doesn't matter, this guitar is always perfectly in tune. The pickups are great. I personally don't like the neck pickup used alone, it is too loud on the bass frequencies and has not the necessary amount of highs and mids. I generally use it at second position (neck and middle) for amazing cleans and at bridge position for metal leads and rythms. I only use first position when I am going through heavy distortion and I want it to growl bass. As it is a floyd you do have a lot more job changing strings and regulating tensions. But it is really worth it. Overall the guitar is REALLY solid too, it is still 100% undamaged. The cons are you can't play with different tunings such as drops, unless you set the guitar with the tuning you want and don't touch it anymore. If you ever want to change tuning on any doblelocking (floydrose) you're going to need much patience and time. Also, beware that bending one string on a floyd pushes other strings a tiny bit out of tune. And as of this guitar specially, for some reason when you bend a note it loses lots of its sustain. If you want sustain on a bent note you are going to need feedback! I love it, but I need a second guitar for rehearsals as I need to keep changing tuning.

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