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For 30 years and counting, Hughes & Kettner has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high-quality guitar amplifiers and effects. Engineered in Germany, Hugh & Kettner is dedicated to providing exceptional tone to anyone who's passionate about making music, and throughout this catalog, you'll have no problem finding the perfect guitar amplifier or effect to suit your own playing style and tastes. Before choosing an amp, it's important to consider a few things first. For example, where will you be playing the amp most often? If you're simply jamming in the basement or garage with friends, you don't need anything too colossal, and anything in the 50-watt range will provide you with more than enough volume. Of course, if you're a touring musician who requires lots of volume for the biggest stages, you might want to consider a head and cabinet. Whatever you decide upon, you can rest assure knowing that Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifiers are continuously used and praised by musicians around the globe, including Tommy Thayer of Kiss, Mike Scott of the Justin Timberlake Band, and Don Airey of Deep Purple. Hughes & Kettner has plenty of top-selling guitar amplifiers in this section, and the TubeMeister TM18 18W tube guitar combo amp is perfect for all kinds of applications, from live gigs to rehearsals and studio recording. Thanks to impressive German engineering, this superb combo amp can quickly go from a whisper to a growl. Another popular item is the Hughes & Kettner Coreblade 100W tube guitar amp head. Loaded with a tough tone and an amazing dynamic response, this monster contains 4 independent channels, 3 parallel FX modules, automatic tube management and analog program technology. Overall, the Coreblade tube amp head can make any shredders skills explode with ferocity. These days there are so many different guitar amp choices to choose from, players of any musical genre can easily attain their preferred tone. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why Hugh & Kettner continues to be a go-to choice amongst amateur and expert musicians alike. No matter what you're looking for in a guitar amplifier, you can bet that Hugh and Kettner has it.