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Hi-Hat Stands

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DW Used DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand ()
DW Used DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand
  • $249.99
  • Condition: Used
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About Our Hi-Hat Stands:

The hi-hat cymbal is one of the most significant parts of your drum set. Percussionists not only use their hi-hat to set a tempo and maintain the beat of a song, but some players even use their hi-hat as a substitute for their crash. For these reasons, as well as the fact that it has more moving parts than any other piece of drum hardware, the stand you choose for your hi-hat should be given careful consideration. Of course, you can bet that this section has more than enough hi-hat stands to choose from.

With so many top-selling choices, you might be wondering what hi-hat stand is right for you. The good news is that this catalog only offers the most renowned names in drum and cymbal hardware. In fact, companies like Trick, Yamaha, Ludwig and countless others can be found on stages and in recording studios all over the world thanks to the smooth operation and sturdiness of their hi-hat stands. For example, check out the DW 9500TB 2-leg hi-hat stand. Precise and fast, this stand uses a patented double eccentric cam to increase the footboard's sensitivity in relation to the cymbal's movement, and the result in an incredibly responsive feel that's unlike any other hi-hat stand. Additionally, the lateral cymbal seat is a first in hi-hat design, making the bottom cymbal angle very easy to adjust.

Pearl is also a leader in the manufacture of hi-hat stands, and the RH-2000 Eliminator remote hi-hat stand is one of the fastest and smoothest remote hats currently available. Earning the praise of many professional players, including the legendary Dennis Chambers, the Pearl RH-2000 Eliminator remote hi-hat stand is an innovative piece of hardware that will certainly impress today's most demanding players.

Your drum kit simply isn't complete without a hi-hat, and how you utilize the cymbal throughout your playing routine will depend greatly on the stand that it's attached to. Thankfully, modern hi-hat stands have never been so technologically advanced, and because your options are so extensive, you'll have no trouble finding a perfect one to help you expand on the capabilities of your performance.