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If you were to rank the importance of your gear, chances are hi-hat clutches wouldn't be near the top of your list. But if you really think about it, without them you'd be pretty hard-pressed to get your sound just right. Developed to allow drummers to adjust the top cymbal of their hi-hat, this indispensable piece of gear may go unnoticed, but it's anything but insignificant. With standard, drop-lock, triple lock and many other designs found here, chances are that you'll find what you're searching for in this section. Depending on how you want to control your hi-hat, there's something for most configurations.

To start, consider how you'd like your hi-hat to work. If you've grown accustomed to the standard style of clutch, then definitely check out the SC-4421D Hi Hat Clutch Standard by Gibraltar. With a timeless design and a 5-year warranty, it works exactly as you'd expect it to. If you feel the standard construction hinders the full potential of your hi-hat, then consider something more advanced like the Axis Pro Clutch Hi-Hat Cymbal Clutch. Featuring a 3-point feltless washer system that 'cradles' your cymbals, it's durably crafted of aluminum for a lightweight finish. As well, if you're just looking for replacement rubber pads for your current setup, you'll find those here. Designed to breathe new life into the clutches you already have and prefer, these simple parts are usually all you need to bring your clutches back to their former glory. If you want your drumming to crash with power and emphasis, you need a hi-hat in your setup – and that means having the right clutch as well. Easy-to-install and use, and definitely an essential part of any kit, you'll more than appreciate having the right clutch attached to your hi-hat. Because honestly, when it comes down to it, why would you let something as small as a clutch hold you back from sonic greatness?