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"Sturdy, stylish and built to last, a stand from Hercules is an excellent accessory to own for any musician. Whether you're a performer who uses more than one guitar onstage or an amateur enthusiast who likes to have their favorite instrument within arm's reach, Hercules has an ideal stand waiting for you. Although stands for instruments, mics and sheet music may seem like pretty basic pieces of equipment, any experienced musician will tell you how essential these stands are. For one, having your instrument close by and in clear view will motivate you to play it more often. As for sheet music stands, they're vital to many performers who play lengthy, complex musical pieces, while a strong and sturdy microphone stand will allow a vocalist to do what they do best in comfort. Of course, whatever kind of stand you're looking for, you can bet that Hercules has it. In fact, Hercules stands are continuously used and endorsed by many well-known musicians, including the Dave Matthews Band, Megadeth, Zac Brown Band and Brad Paisley. From saxophone and trombone stands to double bass stands and even five-instrument guitar racks, Hercules has something for everyone. In the acoustic guitar stand department, check the Hercules TravLite Acoustic Guitar mini stand. Portable and convenient, this stand folds down flat for easy carrying and packing, and it also features steel construction with specially formulated foam at contact points to ensure that your guitar is in good hands. For musicians who perform with sheet music, the Hercules Stands EZ Clutch music stand is a huge advancement in music stand technology. Featuring a perforated desk with an upper half that folds down when not in use, it also utilizes a side locking pin to keep it closed firmly. Plus, this stand also includes an EZ Angle Roller that's equipped with a special rubber to hold the desk at the perfect angle. The Hercules name is no stranger to homes, rehearsal spaces, and recording studios all over the world. With a reputation as strong as the stands in which bear their name, Hercules is committed to providing your musical instruments, mics and sheet music with the support and security they deserve. "