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Guitar Parts & Pickups

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Upgrade Your Sound With New Guitar Pickups:

Part of the fun of mastering your instrument is tinkering around with its parts to give it a more unique sound and style. Whether you’re taking the steps towards building a Frankenstrat to rival Eddie Van Halen’s famous guitar, or you’re just upgrading your hardware, you’re going to need pickups and parts to help bring your six string to life.

Pickups are arguably the most important part of any electric guitar. They are responsible for turning the vibration of your strings into a signal that can be processed by your amplifier. Simply put, no pickups means no rocking out on your electric guitar. There are different styles of pickups available to you, with distinct tonal categories. Single-coil pickups will usually offer a brighter, defined sound, while double-coil pickups (usually referred to as ""humbuckers"") offer great power and weight. The right style of pickup for you has a lot to do with the kind of sound you are looking for or the genre of music you plan to explore. Most importantly, it comes down to what sounds best to your ears, so definitely explore and find the best matches for you.

Customizing your sound doesn’t end at your choice of pickups, however. Everything from your bridge to your choice of nuts & saddles can influence the sound of your instrument. Maybe you’re interested in recreating that classic surf rock sound or major metal riffs? Then check out one of the many vibrato kits available to you. With a tremolo bar attached to your guitar, you’ll be able to follow in the footsteps as such guitar legends as Jimmy Page, Dimebag Darrell, Dick Dale, and more.

Maybe you’re more interested in customizing your aesthetic than your sound? If that’s the case there are a number of pick guards available to give your guitar everything from a vintage feel to a look that resembles something that just crash landed from outer space. For a lot of musicians, style is just as important as substance, so it’s important that you look the way you want while you’re out there crushing solos.

The fun of customizing your guitar is in the sounds and styles you help bring to life. With a seemingly infinite number of pickups and parts at your disposal, the only limits to what you can do with your guitar rest in your imagination. With the right parts, your guitar will ring out with distinct tones that your fans are sure to love.