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  1. Top Rated
    D'Addario Planet Waves 10 Small Guitar Picks
    $5.80 From $429
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  2. D'Addario Planet Waves 10 Standard Celluloid Picks
    $4.75 $319
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  3. Dunlop Premium Celluloid Classic Guitar Picks 1 Dozen
    $5.82 From $379
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  4. Clearance
    Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks
    From $399
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  1. Clayton Ultem Flex Pick Standard 6-Pack
    $3.99 $299
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  2. Fender 351 Premium Heavy Guitar Picks - 144 Count
    $45.99 $2999
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  3. Fred Kelly Picks Delrin Flat Pee Wee Guitar Picks (36pcs.)
    $12.60 $900
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  4. Top Rated
    Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick
    $22.85 From $295
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  1. D'Andrea 323 Heart Delrex Delrin Picks - One Dozen
    $4.09 From $318
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  2. Top Rated
    Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks
    From $509
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  3. D'Andrea 358 Small Delrex Delrin Guitar Picks Teardrop - One Dozen
    $4.09 $395
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  4. Clayton Metallics Standard Pick 3-Pack
    $5.99 $399
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  1. D'Addario Planet Waves DuraGrip, Medium/Heavy by D'Addario
    $90.00 From $699
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  2. Top Rated
    Dunlop Nylon Standard Guitar Pick
    $29.66 From $319
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  3. Jackson 451 Black Sick Skull Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
    $4.99 $395
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  4. Clayton Ultem Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks
    $10.32 From $429
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  1. Clayton Duraplex Delrin Small Teardrop Picks 1 Dozen
    $2.99 $199
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  2. Everly Star Grip Guitar Pick Dozen
    $6.00 From $319
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  3. Dunlop Tri Stubby Guitar Picks 6-Pack
    $5.99 $309
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  4. Dunlop Primetone Triangle Shape 12-Pack
    $29.28 $2399
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Results 1-20 of 336

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With the huge variety of guitar picks to choose from, it's easy to find one that suits your individual tastes and gives you the finesse that you need to support your playing style. Not only are there tons of looks in guitar picks, there are also a number of different materials and shapes. In fact, the pick is surprisingly complex for something that seems so simple. The material, shape, size and thickness all have an effect on the way the pick feels and sounds. As an example, heavier picks can produce a darker, more resonant tone. A lighter pick, on the other hand, offers a brighter sound and a bit more flexibility, which makes it easier to master and well-suited to a beginner. Celluloid is the classic material for picks, and is the material of choice for picks with printed artwork.

For something more exotic and premium-feeling, you may like Clayton's line of picks in natural materials like horn, coconut shell and sheesham wood. There are also felt picks, which are perfect for the bass guitar since they won't impart any twang on the string when you pluck it. A good pick can be a very practical thing—take for example the ZeroGravity Orbit, which features a large grip to make sure you're always in total control. For demanding jazz runs and scales, check out the DAVA Jazz Grip, which combines a grippy surface material with the agile size and shape you need for those techniques. You can even get a combo pack with different size, shape or thickness picks to swap out for every situation. Of course, we can't talk about picks without mentioning the look. Though it's a subtle part of your overall stage presence, the pick is nonetheless a popular way to personalize your guitar. Maybe you're gearing up to play the greatest song in the world (or just a tribute) with the Tenacious D "Pick of Destiny." Or, you might like the idea of paying homage to the legendary Beatles with a set of picks featuring artwork in the likenesses of John, Paul, George and Ringo. You'll find that there are always picks for you, no matter your tastes. Go for the look, the feel, or both. You might even take a page from Rick Nielsen's book and rain down picks on your audience like he would at a Cheap Trick concert—whatever picks you choose, they're yours to use your own way.

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