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Since the dawn of the electric guitar, musicians have loved the sound of a really great tube amp. There’s just something totally authentic about the power and tone that one of these iconic amps can produce. For over 30 years, Groove Tubes have been the go-to tubes for technicians, amateurs and superstars like Slash and Nils Lofgren. Whether you want to recreate a classic tone, or are looking for something entirely new, GT tubes have you covered.

Originally founded in California, Groove Tubes is well known for its innovative designs, unparalleled quality control, as well as their unique rating system to help guitarists choose the right tubes for them. GT tubes are divided into three separate categories: “Low”, which recreates the early sounds of distortion, making them ideal for blues guitar, “Medium”, which offers a fantastic dynamic range and unbeatable versatility for almost any style, and “High”, with less break-up for serious power players. It’s so simple to find what you need, so there is certainly a set of GT tubes to suit your sound.

With such a wide range of tubes available, it’s no wonder that Groove Tubes have ended up in the guitar amplifiers of some of music’s most popular performers. From the punk rock power chords of Green Day, to the pure pop perfection of Bruno Mars; from the Americana swagger of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers to Scott Ian’s heavy metal assault with Anthrax, some of the most memorable songs in the world have been played with a little help from GT tubes.

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, hardcore, folk-punk, power pop or anything in between, Groove Tubes can help give you the sound you crave. From the beginning their goal was to bring amazing sound to all guitarists who understand the value of a tube amp. With an easy to understand rating system and a seemingly limitless number of tubes to choose from, Groove Tubes remains on the forefront of this classic technology.