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The Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar is one of the most popular incarnations of the renowned Gibson SG. It takes the best of the '62 original and adds the longer and sturdier neck joint of the late ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar is one of the most popular incarnations of the renowned Gibson SG. It takes the best of the '62 original and adds the longer and sturdier neck joint of the late '60s models. All the classic features you'd expect from a historic guitar. Hot humbuckers go from rich, sweet lightning to warm, tingling waves of sustain. A silky-fast rosewood fretboard plays like a dream. The original-style beveled mahogany body looks like a million bucks. Plus, Tune-O-Matic bridge and chrome hardware. Limited lifetime warranty. Includes hardshell case.

A Little SG History

In 1961, the Les Paul was redesigned with a thinner body and 2 sharp cutaway horns that making the upper frets more accessible while lowering production costs. The new guitar was popular, but Les Paul the guitarist did not like it and asked to have his name removed. Gibson renamed the model the "SG" which was short for "solid guitar". Though Les Paul's name was officially removed from the model in 1961, the plastic Les Paul nameplates (positioned between the rhythm pickup and fingerboard) were in abundance in the Gibson factory and SG models having these nameplates were built and sold by Gibson up to end of 1963. SGs have been the choice of world-class artists such as Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, and Angus Young.

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  • Double-cutaway beveled mahogany body
  • Set mahogany neck with rounded '50s profile
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece
  • Chrome hardware
  • 490R humbucker in the neck position
  • 498T humbucker in the bridge position
  • 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, 3-way switch
  • 24-3/4" scale
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Most Liked Positive Review


yes, it is a 5 star guitar!!

This is my first review ever. I have been playing for about 15 years. I haven't owned many guitars so far though. In the last 5 years I owned two epiphones: standard and...Read complete review

This is my first review ever. I have been playing for about 15 years. I haven't owned many guitars so far though. In the last 5 years I owned two epiphones: standard and SG400 (I bought both new). These are great instruments. But as many people, I always wanted a Gibson. I never had enough money to buy one. Now the time came and I'm the happy owner of a Gibson SG standard, 2010. Also as many people, I spent several hours (and years!) on the internet reading reviews and watching videos before buying my first Gibson. I can tell without hesitating that the difference between an epiphone SG400 and a Gisbon SG standard (both new) is huge in all aspects; from the sound to the craftmanship of the instrument the Gibson SG is superior, more than you can imagine. I have to admit that I was afraid before I bought it, because some people have claim that Gibson hasn't been paying to much attention to quality on their instruments. Well, I don't know what those people were talking about. The intonation of the guitar (out of the box) is flawless; there's no buzz in any section of the neck; the nitrocelulous finish is perfect; and more important than anything, the strings stay in tune even after doing several 2X bendings and playing for about 2 hours. I have always had tune problems with other guitars (including the two epi); I usually hit the strings very hard and do a lot of bendings. The G string was always a problem, but not in this one, not at all. The tone, the tone, the tone... This guitar was made to rock, that's it. This is pure rock tone. I'm using the same amp I used with my previous two epi (a marshall AVT) and the difference in tone is just hard to believe. The Gibson SG has much better sustain and punch. I think that most bad reviews that people make sometimes is because they try the guitars that are in the show room of the guitar store, which of course have a bad intonation, buzz, and don't feel pretty well. But what could you ask for a guitar that had been played by many people every week, and much of them are kids with no sense of care for an instrument. I will recommend this guitar to anyone, but buy it new, you will see :)


Most Liked Negative Review


Losing quality

I purchased a SG because Gibson was once known for quality instruments. I found out after purchasing this guitar that it does not stay tuned. Gibson has made a decision to start using cheap...Read complete review

I purchased a SG because Gibson was once known for quality instruments. I found out after purchasing this guitar that it does not stay tuned. Gibson has made a decision to start using cheap Chinese made tuners on there guitars. Gibson has agreed to replace the tuners with the same ones that are of poor quality. I made a decision to purchase a set of quality American made tuners for my what I thought was a quality built guitar.

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Incredibly versatile & great value

By Karl Call

from Oklahoma City

OK, several years ago when looking to purchase my first american made guitar I read review after review written largely by proud owners of guitars they have owned for only a few days or a few months at best... Well I have owned my SG standard since December of 09 & have had TONS of hours playing time. I have to say it sounds great, the SG standard 490-498 pickup combo really sounds great on clean and even better w/ a little overdrive. It is an incredibly versatile guitar however very under rated, I swear you would think Strats & Les Pauls were the only two guitars on the planet. This guitar is not just for playing AC/DC you can get a ton of different tones out of it and it plays most types of music exceptionally well. I play everything from AC/DC, the doors, cream & black sabboth, to pop music like duran duran & inxs, to modern rock like the black keys, and even some funky james brown or raggae bob mareley & the SG covers them all very well. Before I bought it I tryed out Les Paul studios & traditional plus, Fender standards, deluxes & even the Eric Clapton model (I really came close to buying that one), basically most american made guitars within the $900-1800 price range, but I really found the SG to be the best guitar for me. Really that is what it all amounts to, what really fits your music tastes, playing style & esthetic requirements. I REALLY love the way the heritage cherry SG looks, sounds & plays. I love the fat neck that many complain about, it is very fast very comforatable to play on a guitar that has the fret ends finished (unlike a fender). I am certainly not baggin on fenders, matter of fact I plan on adding an american standard to compliment my SG... I do however have a few not so complimentary comments to make... The SG is inherantly flawed in two ways. one is the way the set neck is attached to the body in between the double cutouts. It looks cool as hell & the high frets are easily accessible, BUT the neck has little wood to wood connection making the neck in need of adjustment every so often. wood being a natural material moves & changes as temperature & humidity change. Flaw number two, the flat body of the guitar with an angled neck creats an angle between the strings and the pickups. Ideally the pickups would be parallel to the strings, LPs & strats don't have that problem due to their design. Neither of these two flaws are deal breakers & many people might not consider them flaws at all, but unique characteristics of the guitar. All that said, I love my SG & play it daily. I love the way it looks hanging on my wall, I love they way if feels in my hands, I love the way it plays & I am proud to own a beautifully crafted piece of rock n roll history. test one out (or five) cause gibson sometimes does have some quality controll issues, but definitely don't just rely on someone else's opinon


Greatest guitar even created

By jason foster

from Little rock

I was a Les Paul man since I was 16, however as I got older, it wasn't so much fun hauling around such a heavy axe for hours a night. I had always related the SG to Angus Young and never considered it as a viable instrument for me, however 10 seconds after plugging this in to my amp I was hooked. ALL the balls of the Les Paul, for literally half the weight. For the last 5yrs, my Les Paul is the backup and my SG is my #1 gal. I would never hesitate recommending this to a friend and I would buy this guitar over and again. Every inch a true Gibson!



By Keelen Colvett

from The 505 Melp you?

What can I say? AWSOME!! This guitar is a masterpiece. Awsome pickups, the neck is great, blah, blah, when you play it you will know it is awsome, if not it was probably thrown down some stairs and even then it would probably sound better than most. GET ONE!!! The black finish shows alot of scratches beware of how hard you handle it.



By Ed Pataky

from Cypress, Texas

I've been playing on and off now since 1964 - that oughta give you an idea of the dinosaur I am. Anyway, my guitar teacher had an original ancient SG with the Bigsby Tremlo when i was learning, and I thought it was the coolest thing. I bought my first Strat in 1992 and have accumulated a family of Strats and Tellies - all American - and I love 'em. So, why go with a Gibson and change. Well, I wanted a Gibson - American made, looks cool, feels good and plays even better than it looks. Long live Fender and long live Gibson! Today I brought the newest addition to the guitar family home. This SG is the cat's meow! The pickups are fabulous. I run a Fender Deville with 2-12's, and sweeten with a bit of reverb. This has the Cherry finish. It's flawless, and the setup was perfect. When I picked it up, it just felt right. Yeah, it's a bit on the pricy side, but I tell ya, if you want a soild guitar that will do what you want rather than making you do what it wants you to do, this is the one. I'm not much of a shredder - I go for blues and country, but these humbuckers are great. Mellow where ya need 'em, and grindin' when you want. The neck takes a bit getting used to after playing the Fender scale and neck, but that is EASILY overcome. The guitar is light - you can wear it all night and not get tired, but if I had to find one thing to say, I will concede it's not as balanced as a Strat or Tellie. The neck will want to come up on you. Also, be sure to stuff a rag over your belt buckle - you don't wanna scratch the finish - it's beautiful. By the way, this was on the top rack out of casual hands in GC, and I didn't see any fingerprints on it. Something to keep in mind when looking for an axe - you don't know how it's been treated in the past and I've seen too many beautiful new guitars in stores with dings and dents and scratched. It breaks my heart to see that, but i digress. Tuners feel fine - smooth and easy to tune, but I'm gonna see how well it holds tune. Workmanship is impeccible. I know there have been a few comments on the hit or miss quality control, but this one is to my eye, flawless. And I guarantee ya I looked it over. Intonation is spot on - checked with a Korg digital tuner. Action is great - no fret buzz nd nothing chokes off. Strings are factory 10's. Frets are smooth, neck/body mating is flawless from what I see and feel and the neck is fast. Fingerpicking is a breeze due to the wider neck and string spacing. It really feels good. So, if you are looking for a good mid-range guitar built to last, and looking for a Gibson, give serious consideration to this one. It's got all you need with the exception of a whammy bar. Oh yeah - YOU provide the talent! Bottom line - a fabulous upper-mid quality range guitar.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


good guitar

By Anocha Suwannarat

from Undisclosed

Probably gibson SG standard would'nt need much review because this guitar have been using worldwide and pretty famous, but I will give it another good review about it. This guitar is very unique and sounds fantastic. I own a Les Paul and they's no comparison between it, they both good but it depends on the style you play and what sound you prefered. The sound and tonation is good on this solid mahogany axe. I like that the sound is not too muddy and its just right! Don't just think of AC/DC, you can play variety on this guitar. The 50's round neck profile is such a balance to this thin, light body, and strings vibration to a light gibson style tuners. I'm sorry for those who prefered thin,taper neck, but this guitar is just unique the way it is. As been said by many reviewers, yes! this guitar doesn't sustain much at all so if you prefered gibson SG with more sustain you might need some effects to fill it up. The tuning issues i've heard about it too but still not sure about it. The guitar itself is great but something that you have to becareful is the flaw(s) on the guitar. Gibson has been lacking of quality control pretty much and sometimes it's just unacceptible, but once you get the good one then you won't regret.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By b

from b city

It Sings, only problem is the pickup switch seems to be intermittant and the front pick up cuts out or doesn't play at all. A fluke for sure. if it wasn't for that I would hack the webserver and give this guitar 6 stars. Get one while you can before the Feds confiscate them. vote left loose your freedom.


Absolutely AMAZING!!

By Marcos

from Buenos Aires, Argentina

This guitar is one of my favourite gibson guitars!!!, thinner and is more light than a les paul, very comfortable and the most important thing IT ROCKS!!, AN EPIC GUITAR SERIOUSLY!, i will recomend this guitar for people who like hard rock and metal,like Metallica,Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden,Nirvana and of course AC/DC!! and much more! love this guitar!



By brent

from braggs,ok.

I read all the reviews on this baby and for the ones who say the tuners suck well let me tell you after new strings and a proper set up they hold quite well even during alot of bending. and for the guitar itself its all you need just perfect! sustain for days,lots of crunch and the cleans are good too...guitar center of tulsa was very a good 5 star staff, i walked in and picked up a sg standard and the sg classic and they both are pristine, very nice.


awesome guitar


from CA

great guitar very reliable fast neck can play anything from jazz to metal

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May be best all around Gibson


from Chandler, AZ

I own nothing but Gibson's: LP Standard LP Trad Pro ES335 All these are nearly twice the price of the SG Standard but I think I'd keep the SG over all the rest if I had to make the choice. It is the newest guitar I purchased and also a model really had no interest in. I hated the look and the fat neck but that quickly changed after playing it and dialing it in. You can get the action so close without losing any sound. It is also very light and comfortable. The double cutaway lets you reach every fret with ease. The fit and finish are great. I put on the rotomatic grovers and left the rest stock. In this guitar it sounds fantastic. Anyway just my two cents. I rarely write reviews but wanted to throw this out in case anyone is on the fence. ....

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