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The Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Electric Guitar has become one of the most desired Les Paul guitars for its tremendous harmonic and sonic capacities. The studio guitar is coveted by musicians from a... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Electric Guitar has become one of the most desired Les Paul guitars for its tremendous harmonic and sonic capacities. The studio guitar is coveted by musicians from all genres of music and offers Les Paul performance with a modern, no-frills attitude. This Silverburst edition is lighter weight and offers a distinct look and modern features.

The Les Paul Studio guitar marries a lightweight chambered mahogany back to a maple top. The mahogany set neck has a 22-fret fingerboard that is constructed from high-grade rosewood. The flatter 12" fingerboard radius promotes smooth note bending and eliminates dead or choked out notes”a common occurrence on rounder, smaller radius fingerboards. The Les Paul Studio guitar's '60s neck profile is slim tapered emulating the neck shapes of the 1960 Les Paul Standard.

The Les Paul Studio Guitar shares the same quality electronics as some of its more expensive siblings. The Gibson 490R pickup has the tonal characteristics of an original PAF, but with a slight increase in upper mid-range response. The Gibson 498T bridge pickup is the 490 pickup's ideal complement. Taking the 490 one step further, the 498 swaps the Alnico II magnet with an Alnico V, thus making it a slightly hotter pickup with emphasis on mid-ranges and highs. The pole pieces on the 498T are also aligned a little further apart to accommodate the spacing of the strings at the bridge. Both pickups can be split via push/pull volume controls.

  • Style: Les Paul
  • Body Back: Mahogany
  • Body Top: Carved maple
  • Neck: Set mahogany neck with '60s profile
  • Scale length: 24-3/4"
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Inlays: Trapezoid
  • Bridge pickup: Gibson 498T
  • Neck pickup: Gibson 490R
  • Controls: Vol (push/pull coil-splitting)/Vol (push/pull coil-splitting)/Tone/Tone with 3-way toggle
  • Bridge: Tune-O-Matic with stopbar tailpiece
  • Tuners: Grovers
  • Hardware: Chrome
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Great Addition to the Gibson Family

I have been playing for over 25 years have always wanted a Silverburst, but would be too nervous gigging with a LP Custom. When I saw the Studio in silverburst, I traded in...Read complete review

I have been playing for over 25 years have always wanted a Silverburst, but would be too nervous gigging with a LP Custom. When I saw the Studio in silverburst, I traded in my old Studio and walked out with this baby. If you know Studios, you'll know what to expect from this. The ebony fingerboard is smooth, but the finish on the back of the neck gets sticky if not treated. As for the weight - YES, this thing is chambered. I traded in my '86 Studio for this, and I can tell you this one is way lighter. What blew me away the most were the pickups and the coil tapping. The sounds you can get from a standard Studio are great enough, but these pickups are typically reserved for Gibson's higher end models and sound amazing! I took this to it's first gig about a week after I bought it. After the show, people came up to see the guitar. The first thing they noticed was that I wasn't switching to my Strat throughout the sets (something I did quite often in the past). I never thought about it, but except for my drop D guitar, I used the Silverburst for EVERYTHING ELSE and never thought twice. The pickups w/ coil tapping are great and one of the reasons you should get this guitar. If you plan to gut and drop in new pickups, save the money and get a regular Studio without the higher end pickups included. Great guitar, great price, and nice to see Gibson provide some nice innovation to their cheaper models without forcing you to buy the really expensive stuff.


Most Liked Negative Review


mixed feelings

I purchased the gibson studio silverburst from gc. The guitar itself had such a stunning finish I just had to pick it up. I played it for about twenty minutes through various amps,...Read complete review

I purchased the gibson studio silverburst from gc. The guitar itself had such a stunning finish I just had to pick it up. I played it for about twenty minutes through various amps, both solid state and tube. The sound was great. This one had a bad switch in it which was replaced on the spot. The fret ends were like a picket fence, hard to believe this got by someone. I did feel maybe because of climate issues. I purchased the guitar and kept it for about a week....took it back.....workmanship, poor...unbelievably for gibson...ended up with top of the line now that a paul

Reviewed by 70 customers

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst :)

By Robert Morrison

from Ohio

Went to guitar center, played this guitar and the other studios in the same price range and a little above.. this guitar was soooo much better than all i tried. hands down favorite guitar ever, gives you the right sound for EVERY genre of music. coil tap is amazing, gives you SOOOO many sounds.. nothing wrong with the guitar at all. besides that it makes all the other guitars jealous :)


What's there to's a Gibson Les Paul Studio!

By John Besselievre

from Orlando, FL

I have the Deluxe version of this guitar and I must say it's absolutely a dream, I started playing at the age of 8 and when I was 10 I held a Les paul Studio for the first time and knew i wanted it. ANYWAYS, I love the push pull coil taps. the finish is absolutely beautiful. With the slim taper profile and mahogany neck, your fingers will fly so fast you'd think they were late for work. The Pick-ups that come standard with it, are truly incredible, I asked a guy who worked there if I should swap the pick-ups out with EMG's and he said definitly not, They are stock custom Gibson pick-ups and they are very expensive. I also dont have any feedback or interference, Though I do use a top of the line cable with it. The 3 way toggle has your rythem, treble (i prefer), or both than you can lift your coil taps and make a truly unique sound/mix and match, It's something I had fun with one of the first days i had my guitar. So remember 3-way toggle and dual lift up coil taps. there are so many options with this guitar. The Tune-O-Matic helps keep the string vibrations to a minimum and helps keep your guitar in tune. it's well worth every penny and i love it. Another part I loved about buying the guitar, I received a Hardshell Gibson USA Leather Case. If you're planning to buy a Gibson Les paul Studio, Custom, Standard, etc.. Make sure you buy top of the line products for it such as: amps, cables, picks, strings, and any other accessories.


Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst

By Evelyn Tian

from Fort Lee, NJ

I bought this guitar about a year and a half ago and it hasn't let me down !! I love this guitar, it plays great. The pickups sound nice and they are very versatile. Many people complain about the quality control from Gibson, but I did not have any problems. Of course, don't expect the guitar to be perfectly set up !! You will have to do some basic setting up like with any guitar. I had mine with a rosewood fretboard instead of an ebony fretboard, despite preferring ebony as a fretboard wood, this rosewood fretboard holds up very nice and I am very satisfied with this guitar. I do sometimes regret no buying the Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst instead but this is a wonderful guitar for the price. If you have more money I would recommend going with a standard, tradition or classic.


First Gibson and is the best


from Portland, Oregon

I bought the guitar 1 year 3 months and its still going strong. Love the chrome with silver look and the black is like icing on the cake. As being the first Gibson guitar it is a bit heavy however that could be irrelevant. The maple Fret board is perfect I love the style and the smooth surface as some had said it makes bending strings easy. The look with the tune-o-matic bridge is fantastic. I, however, haven't done anything with it. The sound is crisp with the 490R and 498T pickups you get that vintage hum-bucking sound. coming from an Ibanez to Gibson its the best move I have made. Last but not least the tuning keys, I actually like this style with the scheme its makes this guitar special. With good care and practice this guitar will make for a life long passion for playing.


Try this guitar. I am not kidding.

By Rusty Shackleford

from manchester CT

I got this guitar in either may or june of 2011. It was a tossup between silver or cherry bursts for me, and i chose this one because it felt better and i prefer covered pickups. First of all, you will be blown away by how amazing this thing smells, and the inside of the case too. It can be overpowering but it smells good. a good choice. definitely worth it. if your looking for a les paul with humbuckers this is the one. coil taps give you some quieter sounds when you pull them out. it can be quite cool if you've never experienced it before. a bonus also. i play more clean but this thing can squeal with certain amp settings. great looking guitar. its on my wall with my others. a tip: use ur GC coupons save some money no matter what you buy. be patient and try before you buy.


the case though...

By Rusty Shackleford

from Manchester, CT

great guitar no problems at all. the one complaint i have is the reptile skin case is all wavy now. though its not really a problem it looks bad. like when a sticker isnt put on carefully and theres air pockets in it. it just didnt hold up for some reason. its loose reptile skin on the lid is a little lame for a case thats almost 200 dollars. i feel that maybe oneday in like 30 years it may be totatlly peeled off. who knows, time will tell. but it still smells like a gibson.

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Love this guitar

By Danny Hemphill

from near Boulder, Colorado

I'm sure there are lots of great guitars out there but for me, and I just play because I enjoy it, the search for the perfect guitar has now ended. I love the way it plays, feels and looks. In my book that's good enough.
How can you beat the classic looks and the finish on this guitar? You can't period.
I've had the guitar for about 3 months so it's time to offer my comments about my experiences. The guitar's construction and finish were absolutely perfect when they arrived, and given the price, I went over it with a fine tooth comb so to speak. The case was well protected by the heavy cardboard shipping box. One bit of advise I would offer others who purchase the guitar is to order a set of .10 ga Gibson Vintage Reissue strings and replace the ones that come with the guitar. There isn't anything really wrong with the original strings except they have probably been sitting in storage at a warehouse for a while and like any string just lose their edge over time. You will be amazed at the difference new fresh stings will make. Also, make sure you use a good cable. I had a cheap cable and there was a constant hum when the guitar was sitting in a stand. I bought a Monster cable and the hum was gone.
Buy a cheap imitation of this guitar and you will have a cheap imitation of this guitar, buy quality and you get quality. This guitar is simply quality at its finest. I just went to a Peter Frampton concert and guess what, he was playing mostly Gibson guitars including a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Pretty good recommendation I would say.

5.0 it NOW

By Peter Rorie

from El Paso, Texas

I bought this guitar a few hours ago, and felt like i just got married. I plugged it through my 100 buc line 6 and it still sounds awesome. the sustain is unbelievable. I'm not that good, but I swear I played better with this guitar..I bought a prs se & returned it cause of fret buzz. The crunch is hard to put into words. sell you motorcycle, sell the kids...whatever you must do...but buy this's beyond words!!!

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gibson silverburst

By josrph leffingwell

from west virginia

will be sure to buy another one of these guitars for sure. it is more than what i thought it would be
just recived this guitar today. i have played alot of guitars but only word can describe this guitar AWESOME
great workmanship love the sound of the pickups/ the neck of it is great
it was more than i thought it would be great work gibson

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My new GEM! LesPaul Studio Silverburst

By Gene Martin

from Oregon Coast

This has been a major purchase for me. I have waited for a long time to get a new guitar and this Silverburst Studio is my new gem. The quality of mine right out of the case was surprising. I expected to have to do a setup on it before I could really enjoy it, but it played beautifully just moments after tweaking it into tune.

For most hobbyest guitarists, the lesser priced model would probably be just as sweet. I went with the Silverburts because the look best fits my personality and since it may be some time again before I could go all in on a new guitar, I wanted the best I could get while I could swing it.

The slight hum from the pickups when not in play might bother some players, but for me, once the jammin started, the hum was lost in translation and I was in another world where for the moment I was king.

Because of the higher end price and the slight humming, I give this guitar only an overall of 8. Price it the the realm of most of the basic styles of studios and my eval would have topped the list.

I have always enjoyed the sound of the Gibson guitars and am now a very proud owner in what I hope will be a wonderful partnership. Thanks Gibson and Steve Krenz for giving me another burst of "I wanna play guitar energy!!"
What a beautiful guitar. Just opening the case and seeing this guitar for the first time live was amazing. The finish was awesome, and everyone that saw it for the fist time had their chins dropped and eyes open wide. The Silverburst design is as brilliant as gold and stands in a class all of its own. SWEET!!

I really enjoyed the fact that it was setup and ready to play right from the start. Just a little tweaking to get it tuned and away I went. This guitar played flawlessly without a single buzzing fret and the string height was meant to be for my fingers.

There is just a slight humming from the pickups when untouched, but when the jamming started, it was totally unnoticable. I have played it through my Peavey Bandit 112 and rocked the house. Plugged into my Little Fender Frontman and the blues came through with sweetness.

This guitar is easy to adjust for tonal quality and switching between the pickups is effortless.

I waited 30 yrs to finally get a Les Paul and this little studio is my new gem.
Everything I read about this guitar has so far stood up to the test for me. The finish is brilliant, the playability is so sweet. It has made me wish I could have afforded one sooner. At least I have it for the rest of my playing days. My collection of guitars just got a boost and all eyes are on this one as soon as I stand it next to my others.

The case it came with is also very well made and fits the guitar like a glove.
This guitar is on the higher end of the market for a LesPaul studio, but since I have waited so long to finally purchase one, I believe the style and playability of this Silverburst model has made it worth every penny for me. I'm not a professional, but like a friend of mine once said, " If you can make a bad guitar sound can make a good guitar sound BAAAAAD!!" and for me, I can make this guitar sound GREAAAAT!!

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