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Genz Benz

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"Since 1984, Genz Benz has been continuously exceeding the expectations of players with their groundbreaking effects and state-of-the-art guitar and bass amplifiers. Today, Genz Benz's intuitive designs can easily be found around the world thanks to the hard work and passion put into every amplifier and effect they construct. Whether you're a hobbyist who holds weekly jam sessions or a shredder who already hits the biggest stages in town, Genz Benz has something for every taste. In fact, Gen Benz amplifiers and effects have even found their way into the hands of many multi-platinum, award-winning artists, including Zac Brown, James Taylor, and industry-renowned R&B bassist Sam Sims. For a perfect example of Genz Benz's unique style and versatility, the Black Pearl 30 2x12 Combo Amp is a classic, all-tube workhorse that has a richness and clarity unlike any other amp of its kind. Featuring a portable, Class A design and a punchy tone, the Black Pearl 30 2x12 Combo Amp is ideal for guitarists of any playing style. Another cool Genz Benz product is their Real Tube Overdrive effect pedal. With the simple click of a footswitch, this pedal will take your classic Genz Benz tone to crunching new levels of power. Plus, it's built like a tank, so you can be sure that it will hold up through countless performances. As mentioned, Genz Benz also manufactures exceptional bass amplifiers, and the Focus Series FCS-410T 4x10 bass speaker cabinet is one of their most popular models. Consisting of a thick low end and a focused mid-clarity, this bass cabinet is incredibly compact, and the combination of warmth and muscle will demand the attention of everyone in its range. Finding the perfect guitar tone is something that many musicians spend their entire lives hoping to achieve. Of course, guitarists and bass players who own Genz Benz amplifiers and pedals know that feeling all too well. If you got your mind set on purchasing a new amp or effect pedal, just remember that Genz Benz is committed to providing bass players and guitarists of all genres with the equipment they need to reach their greatest level of potential."