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GHS Ukulele

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GHS H-T10 Standard Ukulele Clear Nylon Strings (10)
GHS H-T10 Standard Ukulele Clear Nylon Strings
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For many people, guitars are the first things that come to mind when thinking of stringed instruments. But scores of passionate musicians playing the mandolin, banjo, ukulele and all kinds of other instruments would definitely be swift to remind you that they need great-quality strings as well! Fortunately, GHS caters to a wide variety of different instruments, so any player can get an amazing set of strings to deliver standard-setting tone with every strum or pick.

While lots of instruments are represented, there's no denying the wild popularity of the guitar, so that's where you'll find the lion's share of GHS strings. Some of the highlights of these are the signature series, including David Gilmour's sets. That's a relationship that goes back to the 1979, and today you can hear the Red Set in action on David's Les Paul and the Blue Set on his Stratocaster. For your acoustic guitar, check out the GHS Laurence Juber Signature Bronze Light Strings. There's a simple reason why GHS is on such good terms with artists like these - the strings are just that good.

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