It's Not Often You Get to Work at What You Love

You know the rush of performing live on stage: the atmosphere of the club, the sound of the instruments, the camaraderie among the bands, and hopefully the money you make. Well, when you can't be on stage, you can still capture that vibe working at Guitar Center.

You'll be surrounded by more gear than you ever thought imaginable, from classic vintage pieces to the latest cutting-edge technology (and yes, we do encourage our customers to try them all out). You'll be assisting today's serious musicians and hottest professionals. Your music education will continue as you learn and are certified on all the "how-tos" via classes, seminars, and clinics presented not only by trained Guitar Center staff, but many of the industry's top instrument manufacturers. And if you've ever imagined the prospect of being responsible for an entire store, its crew, and millions of dollars worth of inventory, that dream could become a reality at Guitar Center.

Guitar Center, the nation's largest music instrument retailer, is growing and has sales, management and operations positions available for career-minded individuals in all our present and future locations. So if you have knowledge or passion for guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, music software, recording equipment or P.A. gear, this is your chance for a rewarding career in the music industry.

We offer great compensation, excellent benefits and a chance to work at what you love. This is not just a regular job, this is the coolest gig you can have off the stage.

Sales Associates

Who's likely to "get the gig" as a sales associate?

A person with excellent communication skills and who is always willing to put the customer first. Someone with product knowledge and a hunger to increase it. A team player, who thrives in a fast-paced atmosphere and loves being around musicians. A leader, with goals and a long-term vision who aspires to departmental, store, and regional management.


What's needed to "take the stage" in operations?

In the same way a great rhythm section lays the foundation for the band, operations personnel are the "rhythm section" of our stores. They are the driving force that wears many hats as they help facilitate sales by providing the store with technical expertise in operations systems, personnel, and administrative functions. They have the responsibility of assisting in-store management to successfully meet the customer service standards and to ensure that the location runs efficiently.

If you think you "fit the bill," find the location nearest you and contact the store manager.

Guitar Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Whoever thought "going to work" would be like "coming to play?"

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