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Every guitar player should own a well-built stand to place their instrument on when it's not being played. Of course, the one you choose should be strong enough to keep your guitar out of harm's way, and specially formulated to help protect its finish, and for that, FretRest has the perfect stand waiting for you in their extensive selection of options. In fact, FretRest guitar stands come in a variety of styles, from wall hangers and folding acoustic stands to even models for mandolins and ukuleles. Obviously owning a guitar case or gig bag is essential for the long-term preservation of your guitar, but owning a stand has many upsides as well. For example, if you perform live with multiple guitars, a stand will provide you with the convenience of always having your instrument close by when you're ready to use it. Not to mention, it's been proven that musicians tend to practice a lot more when their instrument is out in clear view and easily accessible. So with all that in mind, which FretRest stand is best for you? Honestly, that will come down to your own needs and preferences, but you can always make your decision easier by starting with the best sellers, and the ProLine GH1 guitar wall hanger is a popular item. By keeping your instrument firmly against the wall and off the floor, this hanger is more than capable of giving your guitar the support and security it deserves. Another top-rated FretRest stand is the ProLine Electric Folding A-Frame model. Lightweight and compact, this tripod stand consists of rubber feet on its three legs, and it can even fold up for when you need to take it to rehearsals and live performances. No doubt, any electric guitar player would be happy with the ProLine Electric Folding A-frame guitar stand. In order to get the most out of your instrument for countless days to come, it's needs to be well looked after in more ways than one. For this reason, it only makes sense for guitar players to own a sturdy stand for their instrument, and you can bet that any one of the stands from FretRest would be an excellent choice.
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