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French Horns

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  1. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer 6801NSA-L Nickel Silver Heritage Double Horn
    From $5,6200
  2. Top Seller
    Allora AAHN-103 Series Single French Horn
  3. Top Seller
    Stagg FS285S Mini Bb Hunting Horn with Bag
  4. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer C23-L Triple Horn
  5. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer C1-L Triple Horn
  6. Top Seller
    Jupiter JHR700 Series Single French Horn
  7. Preorder
    Hans Hoyer RT92 Series Descant Horn
  8. Preorder
    Hans Hoyer RT91 Series Descant Horn
  9. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer 7801 Nickel Double French Horn
    From $8,0170
  10. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer Myron Bloom 7802 Bb/F Double French Horn String Mechanism
    From $8,0170
  11. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer C12-L Double Horn
  12. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer 801 Geyer Series Double Horn
  13. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer G10A Geyer Series Double Horn
  14. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer 802 Geyer Series Double Horn
  15. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer Heritage 6801 Bb/F Double French Horn Detachable Bell
    From $5,4250
  16. Top Seller
    Hans Hoyer Heritage 6802 Bb/F Double French Horn String Mechanism
    From $5,3790
  17. Top Seller
    Conn Vintage 8D Series Double Horn
    From $6,0790
  18. Top Seller
    Holton Merker Matic Series Double French Horn
    From $5,0990
  19. Top Seller
    Jupiter JHR1100 Series Double Horn
    From $3,2990
  20. Top Seller
    Jupiter JHR1110 Performance Series French Horn
  21. Top Seller
    Jupiter JHR1110 Performance Series French Horn
  22. Top Seller
    Jupiter 1150 Series Double Horn
  23. Top Seller
    Giardinelli GFH-300 Series Double Horn
  24. Top Seller
    Conn 8DS CONNstellation Series Double Horn
    From $5,4390
  25. Top Seller
    Holton H280 Farkas Series Screw Bell Double Horn
  26. Top Seller
    Conn 9DS CONNstellation Series Screw Bell Double Horn
  27. Top Seller
    Holton H278 French Horn
  28. Top Seller
    Holton H277 Professional Farkas French Horn
  29. Top Seller
    Holton H279 Farkas Professional French Horn
  30. Top Seller
    Holton H281 Professional Farkas French Horn
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French horns are instruments with a very long history behind them, and like any other long-lived family of instruments, they've seen lots of changes and variations over the years. The result is a modern selection of French horns that offers plenty of variety, making the choice a bit more challenging than simply picking out the one with the best look and fit for your budget. Fortunately, it only takes a few steps to narrow down your options, so it won't take long to find the perfect horn for your own needs. From the beginner level all the way to ultra-high-end advanced instruments, this lineup of French horns has something to offer every player. The biggest change to come to French horns over the years was all the way back in the 1800s, when the Bb horn was introduced to provide a more accurate high-end than the F horn, which was the standard up to that time. But the F horn had its own drawbacks in the lower register, which is why the two were eventually combined to create the double horn - and that's the most common variety you'll find here. Ranging from beginner-friendly models like the Allora AAHN-229 to professional-oriented instruments such as the Hans Hoyer C12-L Double Horn, they're incredibly well-rounded instruments, great for just about every kind of performance. That's not to say single horns disappeared entirely, however. Their specialized sounds still have a welcome place in many bands, and with options like the Amati AHR 521 Series Single French Horn in the key of F, you'll find several of them here. One of the biggest advantages of single horns is their lighter weight, which also makes them well-suited to marching bands: in fact, there are French horns with special shapes designed specifically for that use, including the Jupiter 550 Series Marching Bb French Horn and the Blessing BM-400 Series Marching F French Horn. Lightweight, forward-facing, easy to lift and featuring piston valves instead of rotary ones, these are the way to go if you play in a marching band. From the orchestra pit to the field, French horns can be found just about anywhere there's a band or orchestra. Their sound is a key component in too many compositions to count, and that means that as a French horn player, you're never hurting for opportunities to practice your technique and show off your skills... and thanks to the broad selection of French horns available here, you'll never be hurting for instrument options either.
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