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Fostex TH-900 Premium Stereo Headphones (AMS-TH-900)
Fostex TH-900 Premium Stereo Headphones
Fostex TX-1 Headphones (TX-1-SV)
Fostex TX-1 Headphones
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Fostex T40RPMK2 Closed Ear Headphones (AMS-T40RPMK2)
Fostex T40RPMK2 Closed Ear Headphones
Fostex PX5 Studio Monitors (AMS-PX5)
Fostex PX5 Studio Monitors
Fostex PM-SUBmini Subwoofer (AMS-PM-SUBMINI)
Fostex PM-SUBmini Subwoofer
Fostex TH-7BB Prosumer Headphones (AMS-TH-7BB)
Fostex TH-7BB Prosumer Headphones
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Founded in July 1973, Fostex has over 40 years under its belt as a maker of recording equipment, speakers and speaker components. In the beginning, the company was an outlet for do-it-yourselfers to purchase individual components to build their own speakers at home, but in the late '70s it began developing complete professional-quality speaker units.
Fostex has made a name for itself over the years as an innovator in the speaker industry, making strides in its early days to bring 'regular phase' technology to the market. That tech is still well-known today as a popular platform for speakers, microphones and headphones. Fostex was also a pioneer of multitrack recording, offering the first eight-track reel-to-reel 1/4-inch tape recorder in 1981 and, 14 years later, the first digital eight-track recorder.
Today, you'll find Fostex products still upholding high standards for speaker and recording technology. For the studio, Fostex carries digital mastering recorders as well as a CD-R/RW model. These recorders can give you your choice between BWF recording for maximum quality to be used with all of your digital production equipment, or MP3 format to provide universal playback support: great for quickly recording demos and samples. Fostex has built on its expertise to develop the specialty materials it uses to manufacture the speaker cones in its studio monitors. The results are great-performing monitors with well-balanced speaker arrangements that give you clear, precise sound in your studio.
When it comes to professional headphones, Fostex's TH-900s are some of the best. There are also Fostex headphones designed for the prosumer market: the TH-5BB and TH-7BB, which deliver outstanding sound with designs that takes weight and comfort into account so you can wear them for hours. Whether you're looking for recording or playback equipment, Fostex is a solid choice. These products are backed by high technological standards and decades of research and development, making them absolutely worth your attention if you're after a great set of monitors, headphones or a professional-grade recorder.