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Focusrite Midnight Software

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Focusrite™s Midnight plug-in suite brings the sound of Focusrite™s iconic equalizer and compressor”the renowned ISA 110 and 130”into your digital studio in VST, AU, and RTAS formats. Now you can take ... Click To Read More About This Product

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Focusrite™s Midnight plug-in suite brings the sound of Focusrite™s iconic equalizer and compressor”the renowned ISA 110 and 130”into your digital studio in VST, AU, and RTAS formats. Now you can take a massive step up and incorporate the pure, warm, delicious sound and straightforward controllability of these classic analog processors in your own tracks. The on-screen front panels are as exquisitely detailed as the powerful, smooth DSP modelling behind them, making setup as easy as turning a knob. And they deliver a classic Focusrite sound that™ll blow your socks off”at a price you can actually afford.

Focusrite™s new Midnight plug-in suite takes two of the most iconic Focusrite modules of all time “ the ISA110 equalizer and ISA130 compressor; models their sound exactly with powerful DSP technology; and gives them elegant, functional on-screen front panels that make them simplicity itself to use. Now you can add that authentic, classic Focusrite sound to your own tracks at a price you can afford. Your productions have never sounded so good.

The ISA 110 and 130 modules, created for the legendary Forte console in the 1980s, represent the epitome of Focusrite analog audio processing, and performed a vital role in the making of literally thousands of hit records “ they remain sought after classics and continue to fetch high prices. Their new digital incarnation in the Midnight suite for AU, VST and RTAS gives them stunning new hi resolution on-screen front panels and controls that are so realistic you™ll want to reach out and grab tem. Behind each exquisite graphic front-panel lies powerful DSP algorithms that exactly models the original analog processors that inspired the Midnight suite, with all the warmth, clarity, control and incredible sound of those original analog designs.

A glance at those clear, clean analog-style front panels and you™ll know exactly how to use the Midnight suite. The controls are simple and intuitive. The
meters are responsive and accurate. And the sound¦ these plug-ins sound as good as they look, putting classic Focusrite clarity and warmth under your fingertips.

Midnight EQ helps you manage problems and inspires solutions. It™s a 4-band, fully parametric EQ with peaking and shelving plus low- and high-pass filters; high-frequency control up to 15kHz”just what you need to give a vocal that extra something; +/- 16 dB of gain in each band; and overlapping midranges with fully variable Q. Midnight EQ gives your tracks full, rich bass; pure, open top-end; and beautiful midrange definition.

Meanwhile, Midnight Compressor brings you control at your fingertips. It features compression ratios of 1.5 to infinity, adjustable attack and auto/manual release and simple, clear metering that helps you keep an eye on gain reduction, threshold and input/output levels. Input and makeup gain settings help you get the gain structure just right for perfect control. Vocals are right there, with a warmth and naturalness you™ve never quite been able to reach before. Bass lines gain a solid, firm foundation that makes you think the guy™s still in the room. Suddenly your tracks sit perfectly in the mix, you'e on a roll and your hair™s standing on end. Know the feeling? You will.

The Midnight modules deliver incredible power, flexibility and a gorgeous sound that launched a thousand hits. If you'e looking to take your tracks to the next level, you need the best: in the past, maybe that step was beyond your reach. But now the power to give your productions that extra edge is within your grasp. Step into Midnight, from Focusrite. And don™t look back.

Features and Benefits:

Powerful DSP modeling - Exactly recreates the sound of two classic Focusrite modules renowned for their sound, versatility and hit-making heritage. Brings that exact sound into your digital studio and puts it at your fingertips.

Legendary audio quality - Focusrite™s reputation was built on sound principles. From the original analog consoles of the 1980s to today™s digital studio, Focusrite quality is second to none. In fact, it™s so good you can take it for granted.

Exquisite high-definition graphic user interface - Focusrite did more than exactly model two incredible analog modules, incredibly accurately. They gave them gorgeous graphic front panels too”not just to look pretty, but to make them simple to use and easy to learn”just like their analog predecessors. Controls are intuitive; meters tell you what you need to know, clearly and instantly. You get what you want, and fast.

The sound at the heart of the digital studio - If there are two parts of the studio signal chain that make the most difference when it comes to defining your sound, they are compression and EQ. Midnight combines a powerful, versatile, easy to use compressor with a clear, warm and flexible equalizer. They'e just the tools you need to give you the edge and take you to the next level.

A step up you can afford - Until now, tools like these were often beyond reach, especially if you'e just starting out. Midnight changes all that. Now you no longer have to rely on the basic channel modules that came with your system, or budget alternatives that may ruin your sound. Nor do you have to blow your entire budget on the plug-ins of the past. Midnight gives you quality tools you can afford “ quality tools you can™t do without.


  • Exactly recreates the sound of two classic Focusrite modules renowned for their sound, versatility and hit-making heritage
  • Combines a powerful, versatile, easy to use compressor with a clear, warm and flexible equalizer.
  • Exquisite, high-definition graphic user interface; simple to use and easy to learn
  • Quality tools you can afford
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Alternatively contact the Focusrite Reseller from which you purchased the product. If you purchase a Focusrite product outside your country of residence or business you will not be entitled to ask your local Focusrite Distributor to honour this Limited Warranty, although you may request a chargeable repair.

Alternatively, the unit may be returned at your cost to the dealer you purchased the unit from so that they can organise a Warranty repair with their Focusrite Distributor.

This Warranty does not include cost of shipping to and from the authorised dealer from whom it was purchased. In every case it will be necessary to provide the original invoice or store receipt to accompany the defective product to the supplying dealer. This Limited Warranty is offered solely to the first purchaser of the product from an Authorised Focusrite Reseller (defined as a reseller which has purchased the Product directly from Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. in the UK or its Authorised Distributors outside the U.K,) and is not transferable.

This Warranty is in addition to your Statutory Rights in the country of purchase.

Please note: A Manufacturing Defect is defined as a defect in the performance of the product which may be expected from a reasonable interpretation of the published description and performance specifications as published by Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. This does not include damage caused by post-purchase transportation, storage or careless handling, nor damage caused by misuse.

A significant proportion of products returned under Warranty (which are very few in number compared to numbers sold) are found not to exhibit any fault at all. Please check that the mains voltage is correctly set for your local supply and that your connecting cables are in good order and correctly connected.

If in doubt about the product functions please read the user guide and if necessary contact your dealer for advice before returning the product to the supplying dealer. You can also contact the Focusrite Tech Support team at the Focusrite Answerbase for general advice.

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