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Floor Toms

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Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Tom (SBT-1613RB)
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Tom
Pearl Vision Birch Floor Tom (VB1414F/B31)
Pearl Vision Birch Floor Tom
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Floor toms are an important part of any modern drum set. First popularized by the legendary Gene Krupa in the 1950s, the floor tom quickly became a staple in kits for drummers who play popular music. Helping to drive the rhythm, a good floor tom can help your drumming stand out on any stage or in any studio.

With so many different types of floor toms available today, you should have no problem finding the perfect one for you. That said, you can always speed up the process a little bit by having an idea of the sound or features that are important to you. However, if you're still not sure where to begin your search, you can't go wrong with the best sellers! For example, you may find everything you need in the DW Performance Series Floor Tom. This floor tom is optimized for live performances as well as recording sessions, thanks to its F.A.S.T. sized shells. With its warm, projecting sound and punchy tones, this floor tom is a great addition to any kit. Another solid option for you is definitely the Orange County Drum & Percussion Venice Floor Tom. This drum is highlighted by its seriously cutting tones and edgy look, both of which help it to stand out on any stage. With impressive projection and natural power, drummers of any skill level or playing style will find a lot to like about this floor tom.

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