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Clearance Mustang V HD 150W Guitar Amp Head

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The new Fender Mustang amplifier series raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle. Driven by incredibly authentic amp models and a huge bank of built-in effects, Mustang amplifiers ... Read More

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The new Fender Mustang amplifier series raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle. Driven by incredibly authentic amp models and a huge bank of built-in effects, Mustang amplifiers come equipped with USB connectivity and Fender Fuse software, allowing your musical creativity and imagination to run wild.

The Mustang V head is a 150W amp that sounds great and pumps serious power and performance. It contains 100 amp presets derived from 12 different amp models that deliver tones from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion, and 37 different effects in four categories (stomp, modulation, delay and reverb), all easily and instantly accessed. It's great for the big gigs, and the 1/8" headphone jack doubles as speaker-emulated line out.

Further, connect the Mustang V head to your computer with its USB output and use the included Fender Fuse software to open up a world of possibilities, including on-screen parameter control, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender Fuse community, and free Fender artist presets.

Mustang V's included four-button footswitch controls quick access, preset/bank select, effects on/off and tuner (optional programmable two-button footswitch also available).

Mustang V packs it all into a striking visual design with sleek and modern Fender styling that provides a look that's as desirable as the sound.

  • 150W (2x75W stereo)
  • One channel with 100 presets
  • All-new DSP platform
  • 12 amp models: '57 Deluxe™, '59 Bassman®, '57 Champ®, '65 Deluxe Reverb®, '65 Princeton® Reverb, '65 Twin Reverb®, Super-Sonic™, British '60s, British '70s, British '80s, American '90s, Metal 2000
  • 7 stomp effects: Overdrive, Fixed Wah, Touch Wah, Fuzz, Fuzz Touch Wah, Compressor, Simple Compressor
  • 11 modulation effects: Sine Chorus, Triangle Chorus, Sine Flanger, Triangle Flanger, Vibratone, Vintage Tremolo, Sine Tremolo, Ring Modulator, Step Filter, Phaser, Pitch Shifter
  • 9 delay effects: Mono Delay, Mono Echo Filter, Stereo Echo Filter, Multitap Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Ducking Delay, Reverse Delay, Tape Delay, Stereo Tape Delay
  • 10 Reverb Effects: Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Room, Large Room, Small Plate, Large Plate, Ambient, Arena, Fender '63 Spring Reverb, Fender '65 Spring Reverb
  • Stereo series FX loop
  • Chromatic tuner
  • 1/8" aux input
  • 1/8" headphone jack (doubles as a speaker-emulated line out)
  • USB port
  • Black textured carbon tweed vinyl covering with silver grille cloth
  • Includes 4-button footswitch
  • Includes Fender Fuse software for on-screen parameter control, deep editing, unlimited preset storage, online patch swapping, and easy firmware upgrades
  • 10-1/2"H x 26-1/2"W x 10-1/4"D
  • 27 lb.

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Amazing price, excellent unit.

Straight away I will say I am a HUGE Fender fan, I will also add I am a strict and I mean STRICT tube person. Having said that over the years, I have...Read complete review

Straight away I will say I am a HUGE Fender fan, I will also add I am a strict and I mean STRICT tube person. Having said that over the years, I have tried every new solid state amp that "emulates" tubes, and frankly the ALL fail. What sets the Mustang apart is two major things, for one the price is amazing! And second, it really does sound fantastic! It emulates the old amps very well, and the 63 and 65 spring reverb on this amp sound great! Someone with well trained ears who has played vintage amps before can tell a difference, but overall it is a well made easy to use head that comes with a decent 4 button switch. The modeling aspects are good and you can dial in great tones. I do not have the Mustang cabinet, but play it through a early 60's Traynor 6-10 cabinet, and it sounds great. I think I may be a bit under powered though. It says 150 watts, but I am not so sure about that. I bought this because it is solid state, it is light weight, maybe 8 pounds, unlike my tube heads that can be almost or over 80lbs! It is cool looking sounds great and works well. Being a huge Smiths fan I love the two Johnny Marr tones, and the Deluxe and Twin amp tones are great. You can do alot with this head for the money. Get better cables for the speaker cabinet-the ones that come with the head are ok. My only complaint is that it did NOT have metal corners, actually it had NO corners at all!! I immediately went out and bought some chrome corners, and stainless wood screws and put some on, not only does it look better, possibly slightly more "vintage" to match my vintage gear but it will not get torn apart loading and unloading out of the car.


Most Liked Negative Review


Changing 1st Review

This update to my prior review is not a reflection on GC, as these are new amps and I am sure that most people dont know about this yet. This is still a good...Read complete review

This update to my prior review is not a reflection on GC, as these are new amps and I am sure that most people dont know about this yet. This is still a good amp, not withstanding. I really like the Fender Mustang line of Amps. However, this weekend I finally was able to crank my Mustang V up to 5 (it is loud!!). On the clean channels I found a rumbling issue. It sounded like the sound was clean and then at the end it would distort, like someone else was playing on a higher gain channel after me. After tweaking with the gain, volume, treble, bass, reverb and mid I was able to tone the problem down a lot, but it wouldn't go away completely. I have a Schecter C-1 and I found that using the humbucking pups made it worse, and by coil tapping to single pups, it was much better. I looked on the Fender Support/Chat boards, and found that this seems to be an issue with all Mustang Amps. Some people really like the sound, however I don't, since I like to play a lot of clean tunes with my daughter as she is just learning to play guitar. Her Mustang 1 also does the same thing at higher volumes, but I was able to clean it up better than the V. The Distorted channels are great and clear, but there is no "clean" channel on this Amp. From what I read, this is more than likely a hardware issue, so it won't be changing any time soon. Good Luck!!!

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Mustang V

By david dennis

from Eaton Rapids, MI

This is a great amp. I have it hooked up to a full Marshall stack (8 x 12") and I have yet to get it louder than 4 because I don't want to give my wife an excuse to get new windows! The person who said it didn't get loud enough needs to not use a 2x12 cabinet. This amp is for a minimum of a half stack (4x12). As far as it becoming muddy at full volume, again, all sound reinforcement relies on speakers first. Though I haven't tried it yet but I expect any muddiness is due to speakers, not the amp. I'm an electrical-electronics engineer. I can put a funky yard sale amplifier on my Klipsh speakers and it sounds good. Solid state amp are not very forgiving but they sound mostly the same soft to loud. THD can go up so noise can be a problem. It normally comes as 60 cycle hum and the cosmic background birth hiss. Sometimes it comes from a noisy preamp section, normally heard as high frequency hiss. I can detect none of this when using good cables kept away from power cables. Listen, this amplifier is great fun, it's modeling is good enough that I'm selling most of my large pedal collection. Using the Fuse software you can tweak to your hearts delight and exceeds my pedals capability. You can set your presets in groups to they can match any set you're playing. If you have big feet then pull out the guts of the 4 button and mount it in a project box that fits your feet, don't blame Fender! There are problems like knobs on top of a full stack, instead of in front and labels that show the left channel on the right and vice versa. And there are no corner guards! Not even cheap plastic ones! Small price to pay for this very reasonably priced amp. If you want tube amp sound then get a tube amp. But tube amps are a pain in the butt. All the tube sound generally comes from the preamp, the equalization and compression but it can not be duplicated with anything except a tube amp. So don't even try! This amp comes as close as is possible though you might try a small tube preamp with high gain up front and attenuation in the output. Again, this is the best bang for the buck out there. Period. It kind of irks me when people drag down ratings due to big feet, not using sufficient speaker systems and because it's not a tube amp! Additionally expecting the amp to "read your mind" and not learning how to use it's functionality. It works as advertised and better.

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Great Price Great Effects, All Fender Quality


from Knoxville, TN

I had an old 412 cab that I needed a new head for, I looked around and found the Mustang V.2. I fell in love. It has all of the classic Fender amp sounds pre programmed in it, USB interface, and rocks with the Fender Fuse software. Direct amp to computer recording, and dozens of downloadable and customizable presets. This is a great buy for the price.

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Surprisingly disappointed

By Marie Delmont

from Orlando Florida

I've kinda been in the amp buying mode for a few weeks off and on. Reviewing and studying specs etc. so many rev reviews about the new Fender Mustang. I was in the market for a 4 as the 3 was just to small. So 150watts 2 twelves. Just for kick I tried the 5. It's the head with 150 watts and 4 12's.. On my short list of amps was also the fender hotrod deluxe. I set them side by side and... NO COMPARISON! In my educated opinion the mustangs are not even capable to keep up with drums much less gig. As for the mustangs supposed claim to fame, it's modeling, skip it, Not a good product in my assessment. No power and no sound. But it does one thing good; it looks cool in the demo videos.

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not for live hard rock

By Mike Kirkhart

from glendale, ca

I've had a fender(tube) bassman for years which has always given me great tones so i thought i'd try the mustang. I tried solid state this time because i was tired of replacing tubes and it received good reviews. The amp is easy to use and looks cool and in my bedroom it was plenty loud. I'm not a big fan of the footswitch, the knobs are small and close together and my size 10 feet kept hitting the wrong buttons. But the disappointment came when i played it with the hard rock band I'm in. We play everything from hendrix to metallica and this amp's sound starting going in and out when turned up loud sounding very muddy, especially on the distortion channels. Also, the presets don't flow nicely together, i would be on a clean preset and then switch to distortion and the volume would be off. I think it's a good amp for at home but it's not going to handle a live band especially hard rock. Anyways, I'm going to return it and upgrade to tubes again. The price seemed too good to be true and now I know why.

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By donald hockensmith

from Olathe Ks

Well I am a little shocked... I have been using a Vox 120advtx for several years now..I have a myriad of cabinets mostly with Neodog speakers. I hooked this Head up to four, four twelve cabinets and it about took my head off. I know its not made to run like this but it did. As a matter of fact it does it real well. Twice the sound of my Vox and I am shocked really. This price and still performs. The only thing you need to do is put some corners on it. I did and I am happy!! Thanks Fender

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By Kenneth Johns

from Arcanum, Ohio

Might be the best Amp I've Ever had, Nice, Clean, Crisp. Features are Exceptional and easy to use. As nice as my Marshall Stack, perhaps better. Along with the RP350 Effects,and the 412 Fender Speaker Cab, it seems to increase the whole experience to a Mind Blowing Adventure!

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from Michigan

As a Line6 abuser for the last several years I was always looking for a new amp that didn't have that super processed sound that Line6 gets when you turn it up. I have found that great sounding modeling amp right here. The different amps sound amazing, especially the Fender ones. Also purchasing the 2 button pedal opens up even more you can do with this amp. All in all this amp is the best sounding modeling amp I have played and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to have 99 different amps at their feet.

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from las vegas nevada

The Mustang V 412 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet is great nice midrange, super bottom end, paired the the V head, I am very pleased, this will be my last half stack.

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By Colton Osborne

from Clarion, PA

I just got this amp about four months ago and love everything it has to offer. If you're looking for a rig that will play at any volume beautifully while having just about any tone, this is your amp! The presets in the on-board computer offer such unique tones but can be adjusted to meet any standard. Everything is quick access and easy to modify. The members of my band are highly jealous and we all believe Fender hit this new model on the head.

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returning this amp.

By Derek Gary

from Des Moines, Washington

Maybe its just the style of music I play, which is mostly metal and hardcore. But this amp is very bland. A lot of the presets sound the same and a lot of them are dull and lack luster. and for some reason this amp ruins pinch harmonic tone. I couldn't even play this amp for 20 minutes before I hated it. if you play NOTHING but clean tones, it will do just fine, but once you add any gain or distortion it starts to suck.

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