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Fender Mustang IV V.2 150W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

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The Fender Mustang IV V.2 guitar combo amp adds flexibility to one of the best-selling amps in the world. The Mustang IV V.2 raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle, adding five n... Read More

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The Fender Mustang IV V.2 guitar combo amp adds flexibility to one of the best-selling amps in the world. The Mustang IV V.2 raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle, adding five new amp models, five new effects, intelligent pitch shifting and XLR stereo outputs. It features USB connectivity and Fender FUSE software, letting your musical creativity and imagination run wild.

  • One 1/4" input
  • One channel with 100 presets
  • Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, Stomp Edit, Modulation Edit, Delay Edit, Reverb Edit, Utility, Save, Exit and Tap/Tuner controls
  • Black textured vinyl covering with silver grille cloth
  • 18 high-quality amp models including five new ones
  • New effects, including big fuzz, green screamer and intelligent pitch shifting
  • Two stereo XLR outputs
  • Headphone out and AUX in
  • Blackface treatment and top-load front control panel
  • USB connectivity
  • Fender FUSE
  • Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition
  • USB recording output
  • AmpliTube Fender LE Edition

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A Fender Twin for $500

By David Berry

from Overland Park, Kansas

I am a lifelong musician. I grew up playing the piano and that has been my primary instrument for 35 years. I have gigged with keyboards, and consider my skills average. Twenty years ago, a good friend GAVE me an '84 Made-in-Japan fender squier HH bullet. I learned the open chords and that's about it for many years. In the last 5 years, I started playing more with my friends and bought a nice acoustic guitar to begin my journey into guitar legend. At that time, i decided to dust-off the bullet and ascertained it needed rewiring. Put a Seymour Duncan 'Pearly Gates' in the bridge and an 'SH-1 '59' at the neck. It is a SCREAMER with the American-Made '67 Tele neck with which those guitars are so famously endowed. Looked all around for a good amp. I decided early on that I wanted enough power to play at any venue, stereo-out for recording straight to the board and the quality of a well-known amp maker. Through my research, I came across the Mustang (V.2). I have a real attraction toward the Fender Twin Reverbs, because I have known keyboardists who used them for gigs. After weighing the differences in cost, weight and tone, and after taking a top-notch guitarist into GCenter and test-driving the M-IV(V.2), I concluded it would do nicely. Was I right! This amp SCREAMS cleans, dirties and muddy grunge. The options are limitless, and even though there are a hundred presets that offer just about every mood and tone, I have found the most joy simply dialing-in one of the 18 Basic Amp Models and adding pre- and post effects to my ultimate satisfaction. I really believe this amp can do just about any tone imaginable. There is the age-old argument of 'tube feel', and should be considered before buying a mustang. That being said, I have found the breakup amazing at higher volumes and gains. Not sure how Fender managed it, but their models really do have a tube feel. Surely, some highly-skilled guitarists will argue this idea, and that's OK, because music truly is a personal thing, and so are the instruments and equipment used. The FUSE software is easy to use and WOW! So many functional features that allow for shaping any model to your ultimate liking. The biggest complaint I have is that there are nearly an infinite variety of possibilities, and this can be overwhelming. I have fun getting lost in the possibilities, but I have also found great satisfaction in the basic amp models and simply adjusting the gain/treble/middle/bass/reverb dials...especially the Twin! Give one a test drive! These truly are amazing amps. I have a Fender Twin, Bassman, Princeton and 15 other highly-tweakable, well-designed amp models at my fingertips...all for just over $500! Fender NAILED IT, guys and gals.

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More than I could've hoped for

By Richard Serrano

from North East, PA

I've been playing consistently for about 2 years at a local church and was going to get a Tube amp and spend more than I needed to. I saw a couple of videos on the Mustang and I decided to give it a try. Obviously, the clarity of the tubes cannot be denied but for what I need it for, it is great... No need for pedals because it has MORE than what I needed. The tone is great, it is very versatile and it only took about a few minutes to get comfortably acquainted with the amp. It also looks great and the four button pedal that comes with it has great use and it is also very easy to use.

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This Amp Does Everything!

By Mark Vincent

from Reno Nevada

I am simply blown away by my Mustang Amp! I got the full half-stack. I can hook it to my laptop and play ANY amp I wish! It has all kinds of nuts and you can play it really low also! This s totally awesome! There are thousands of amps you can choose from on the web. People like you who enter their amps into the Fender Fuse Hardware to use and put on to your hard drive! It is not hard to do either! I am no computer genius and I did it y my self. A very happy customer! My favorites are the old Amps but they have Splawn, English, Marshall, Mesa Tec. It is endless amps to choose from! Plus you can play back sucks right through the amp and jam to it! Very cool!

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I have had several amps in the past, but this amp is the best thing since printed money. The quality of the sound just blew me away and my wife who plays the Hammond Organ she noticed the difference. I don't think i would but another amp only the mustang iii to play in church. You won't go wrong in buying this amp. This amp is top notch quality i can't stop playing it.

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Amp Modeling for Vintage Enthusiasts

By David George

from Dunedin, FL

Having primarily played in bands that cover a wide range of music styles modeling amps have been a key part of my on-stage arsenal for several years now. I started off using Line 6 products, but about a year ago I was intrigued with the sound of Fender's Mustang line and ended up buying a Mustang Mini based on the accuracy and versatility of their modeling. I was hesitant to make the jump to the Mustang from my Line 6 gigging rig due to the investment in both time and money in the setup I used. I knew that moving over to the Mustang would involve re-arranging my entire stage setup which is the one downfall of this amp. However I recently concluded that for my purposes the Mustang was a much better fit for the styles of music I was playing and therefore made the leap and so far I'm well pleased with that decision. The real distinctive value of the Mustang IV is in it's very wide selection of classic Fender amps, particularly in the V2 version of this amp. Although Line 6 offers a fairly good range of amp models, it's much more oriented toward modern rock and metal. In my case I tend to need great rock tones, but I also need great country, jazz, blues, and rock and roll tones. What better way to do that than to start with the amplifiers that defined those sounds such as the Twin, Princeton, Deluxe, Twin Reverb, Champ...etc? The Mustang also offers a nice classic selection of heavier rock and metal amps as well such as the Hi-Watt, Orange, Vox, and Marshalls to provide a complete platform to getting to the style you need for any particular song. The key to mastering modeling amps lies in the tools to accurately configure the models you need and this is where the Mustang shines with the inclusion of the free download of the Fuse software. Fuse provides a visual interface through your computer to the amplifier that allows you to select and tweak each model and save it as a preset. Although you can do most of this from the amp's control panel, Fuse offers much deeper editing of parameters and effects and really simplifies that entire process and allows you to maintain a library of your favorite presets on your computer. The ease and flexibility this provides to the modeling configuration process can't be understated and is truly the biggest advantage Fender holds among it's competitors in the field. I chose the Mustang IV over the III for the dual speaker arrangement. Because of the open back and dual speaker design of the Mustang it's far less brash on stage than the Line 6 and it also distributes the sound better without blasting everyone else out. I was surprised at how much volume I could maintain on stage and still blend well with the other instruments and vocals. The EQ controls really make a difference in each amps tones and you have to be fairly conservative in manipulating the bass, mids, and trebles as they make a pretty considerable difference in the ultimate sound you'll get. Now for the downside. The on-stage setup for the Mustang is rather archaic in comparison to the Line 6. The Line 6 provides an optional MKII floor control that connects to the amp with a single Ethernet cable and provides full access to the switching models, tuning, and expression pedal. In the case of the Mustang this is much more limited. Fender provides a 4-button controller with the Mustang IV which can be augmented with an additional 2-button control OR their expression pedal. In either case you will have individual 1/4 lines running from each of these devices back to your amplifier. This makes for a much messier and time consuming setup for the gigging musician. It may not be a big deal for other people, but a simpler design sure would make a difference for those of us that have to setup two or three times each week. In spite of this deficiency I think I've still taken a major step forward in terms of accurate models and tones for the variety of material we play, and that is the key element I was looking for.

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What An Incredible Amp: It Does Everything

By William McMannis

from Asheville NC

I used to boast that I was not a modeling amp guy, the MIV VI fell from the heavens into my hands. I am a modeling amp guy. This amp produces incredible, expressive tones, The flexibility is amazing. The guitarist can play the thing right out of the box, but by exploring and drilling down so many features and adjustments are there. The modeling of amps themselves is fairly common, but the ability to pair a classic amp to various speaker is and have it sound so believable blows me away. Imaging pairing a compressed studio preamp with a 4x12 Marshall cabinet. Pair a Mesa Boogie with a Champ cabinet. It is fun to play with these extremes, but when you get serious and start dialing in that perfect 57 Bassman, you have something that gets attention. This amp also excels as a recording amp with Ableton Live Lite bundled (it is not free, it is BUNDLED with amp) with recording through the USB. It takes some minor adjustments, but recording to your laptop through the USB and sound like a mic'ed cabinet again is incredible. There are amps that cost multiples, but this is all you need.

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New Version 2 Fender Mustang IV

By Michael Kelly

from Weatogue Connecticut

I just received my new Fender Mustang IV via UPS truck today and I have to say that I am Thrilled with it. The clean tones are wonderful and clear and sound sweet and I love messing around with the Fuse Software and changing the sounds and playing with the pedals on the software. This is the 8th amp I have purchased from Guitar Center and I have new and used, and I traded some in for others, but I am so happy that Guitar Center received these Mustang IV's in before any other outfit and they stand by their products. Mustang IV v2 Vox AC15C2 Fender Frontman 212R Vox mini 3 Peavey MADE in the USA Crate Taos Acoustic

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Great Amp

By Chris Dziema

from Waukesha, WI

I just got this yesterday and I'm very happy with it. I had purchased the original Mustang IV (shelf model) the middle of last month and after a few days realized the new one was coming so I took it back and anxiously awaited this one. Don't get me wrong, the other one sounded great, I just wanted the extra little fixes and new effects/amp capabilities that come with the v.2. I was mostly an acoustic player before I bought this amp but now that I'm transitioning to lead, I need something powerful and dependable for a lot of gigging. The amp sounds on the Mustang are great. You can get a nice clean, country, blues, hard rock fat sound, as well as metal sounds. There is definitely great control over finding the perfect sound for whatever your needs. You can always tweak something. I love the ability to control the amp from the Fender fuse software. It makes creating presets 10 times easier. My next purchases will definitely be the Exp-1 pedal to take advantage of the wah/pitch shifting effects as well as volume control and the mustang two-button foot switch to add to the 4 button one that came with the amp. It would be great to be able to have 5 presets instead of the 3 I have now. This is my first modeling amp and I can say I'm quite impressed with how it looks and more importantly how it sounds. We'll see how this performs live but I don't foresee any problems. Now go get one!

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