Hot Rod DeVille 212 60W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp  

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Great amp, great sound, great price

I just bought this amp and love the thing. I've used it in practice and have gigged with it and still haven't had the volume up past 3, and that's a gig with a...Read complete review

I just bought this amp and love the thing. I've used it in practice and have gigged with it and still haven't had the volume up past 3, and that's a gig with a full band in a decent sized club. I like that this is somewhat of a bare-bones amp without built in effects or anything like that. I use a pedal board and find that I get a great sound by using the amp's preamp before going through my pedalboard. The tone of this thing is amazing. I'm getting sounds out of my tele that I've never heard before. My les paul with my Boss metal distortion absolutely screams through this amp. One note: the built in drive/more drive. I haven't really used it much because i prefer my pedals. It does deliver that classic fender tone, but I'm not sure if it needs both "drive" and "more drive."


Most Liked Negative Review


One Trick Pony Lemon

The Hot Rod DeVille 212 is an extremely loud amp. It has 3 foot-swithcable channels which is awesome. Clean, crunch and overdrive. The clean sounds absolutely amazing, but, the crunch and overdrive...Read complete review

The Hot Rod DeVille 212 is an extremely loud amp. It has 3 foot-swithcable channels which is awesome. Clean, crunch and overdrive. The clean sounds absolutely amazing, but, the crunch and overdrive channels leave little to be desired. They sound really, really bad. But, with a good pedal, such as an Ibanez Tube Screamer, this thing is awesome! Mine was a lemon. 3 times this thing went into the shop after barely owning it. First it was the high pitched squeek and the loud buzz. Then it was the theremin sounding squeal whenever the reverb was turned on. And the problems went on and on. After the final time in the shop, I played around with it, it seemed ok, so I sold it and bought a Vox. If you want a loud amp that has some fat tone (on the clean channel anyway), pick up this amp and get a good distortion pedal. Hopefully its not a lemon.

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WOW great amp

By Erick Turcios

from MInneapolis, MN

I have a Fender 4 x 10�ۡ�ݕ�_ deville for the past 9 months now and not only does it sound good but also very sturdy. Im an active musician in the Minneapolis scene and my main weapon of choice is this amp and my Gibson les Paul traditional in desert burst. The amp brings out the rich warm, sustain, and tone out of Gibson. The 4 x 10�ۡ�ݕ�_ Jensen speakers help bring out the highs, bass, and mids out of guitar. You can hear every single note and its very fender crisp. Each note is so detailed that just makes me melt. The reverb sounds great I usually set it at 7.5 when i want that nice funk/blues sound. Oh and by the way its Super LOUD!!! At my place I can only turn it up to 1.5 volume wise, at gigs 4. That�ۡ���s when the groove tubes start to sound warm and oozy. The distortion is good for blues and classic rock, but if you want more distortion for hard rock I would go with an effect pedal. So in conclusion, am I happy with this amp? Hell yes, Would I recommend it? Yes, to people who are into (blues, jazz, classic rock etc�ۡ��_), IS it worth the money? Yes. So there you go. I would advise to go in at a store and tinker with the settings to see if you like it. I think most stores have this amp available.

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Perfect Amp

By John

from NJ

I picked up the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 I play it with my Fender American Series Tele and it really is amazing it sounds so clean and with the distortion pedal you cant beat it.The amp is heavy (55-60 pounds) and feels very sturdy (I don't recommend lifting by the hard rubber strap if you pick it up lift by the body base not saying the strap will give but its too nice of amp to just drop)Overall I recommend this amp for someone just looking to play or someone who wants to perform.

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By Zac Peeples

from Florida

I bought this amp 2 months ago and i cant wait to put it up on ebay and sell it. Yeah... the cleans are amazing and the reverb sounds great, but all the other things that suck about this amp dont even it up. For one the distortion is absolutely terrible. If your buying this amp dont get anxious just to buy a new piece of gear and make your ears make everything sound great. In the first week of having it i was to stupid to figure out all of the things that were wrong(first tube amp) so i was just in my glory. Although now i can see that the popping between channels isn't normal, and that the distortion is extremely muddy and "not enough". For example my little fender 15 watt solid state has better distortion. ALSO and probably the worst thing about this amp is that the volume controls are extremely touchy. And not that being touchy is a bad thing with some amps, but this thing is extremely loud. So to get a volume okay for around small gig levels you have to sit bent over the amp fiddling with the volume trying to get the .1 degree between 1.5 and 1.7 as the volume just spikes there. And lastly this amp buzzes alot, rarely do i ever get a time when the amp doesn't sound like the bee hive outside my house. IN THE END im selling this amp and dont think i will be buying and more fender products besides the EVH iii way later in my future.

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Superbly Clean

By SilkyHotLicks

from Sacramento, CA.

I got an opportunity to purchase the floor demo while at my local Guitar Center. I play a Godin xtSA fitted with Thomastik blues sliders. While I'm not a fan of the drive/more drive channel configuration, the clean channel is marvelous and the amp is amazingly loud. It was good choice. Try it for yourself.

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a working horse amp that is Great

By Paul

from Dudley, Ma.

I bought this amp in 1994 made in the USA. I put casters on it to roll around,I have serious back injury for life., I put the chrome corner on everyside and a Big fender made usa logo on the front were the speakers are, to give that old look. I had a soild state prince chours, killed that by playing two Les pauls through that. Guitar shop stated only good for one guitar, the Hot rod 60 watts, with 2-12's is great for any time of music,I play lot of blues and classic rock and loud. You can hear this 4 streets up the road only on 4-5, I turned up one time playing two gibsons les paul down in my celluar and you could still hear it 4 streets away plus had to fix a couple of broken dishes . Just a great work horse amp. I played marshall,vox,peavy etc., keep coming back to Hot Rod fender. Not one problem with this amp. Great for the money.94-2010 you do the math.

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Solid Tube Amp

By Todd

from Pocatello, ID

The Fender HRD 212 is the very first place to start when shopping for a tube amp. This is just a classic, solid, tube amp. The clean tone is great and the distortion is just as good. This amp is a great value. There are no fancy tricks or shiny bells and whistles, just straight forward tube tone. I really wish to emphasize that this amp is capable of many awesome tones. You can build it into whatever you want. I really like it with just guitar, amp, and cord. I have used a tube screamer on occasion for a different sound. I usually play my Gibson SG with 57's through this puppy and it is really a rocker. Nevertheless Lace Sensor Strat sounds awesome bluesy as well. I highly recommend this amp. I would suggest saving the money to get this amp over cheaper tube models.

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Amazing Liquid Tone

By IIIcj

from Temple,TX

This amp is amazing. If your looking to get a cool smooth tone or a dirty blues sound this amp can do it. Once the tubes get warmed up and you turn up the reverb you can get a really cool liquid type sound.I love this amp!

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One awesome Amp

By Will

from Spotsylvania, VA

This amp is amazing. I bought it today and I am floored. Many reviews say I can't turn it past 3. Turn it to 6 or 8 on the clean channel in the tone just sings through. Total overdriven tube tone!!! The other channels are also awesome at loud volumes. This animal needs to be cranked. The clean at 3 sounds extremely sweet and is crystal clear. I highly recommend this amp for Rock, Blues and I think you should be able to get some good metal sounds out of it as well.

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Quality Tube Combo Amp for a Good Price

By jnasty

from Lincoln NE

Owned for about 7 months. Pretty basic unit, but great sounding cleans and old school Fender reverb. Lack of effects make this a very user friendly base with simple controls, but most players will want to utilize an effects processor with the Hot Rod Deville 212. This is a very powerful amp! I turned it up to 4 (highest I have ever cranked it), and it about blew the doors off of my house. While this is a good unit for a bar or medium venue, its not so great for small practice rooms or recording, because you need to crank it to at least 3 to get a decent gain. Tubes are color-coded for easy replacement. Construction is basic, but sturdy. Not really a fan of the drive channel with the additional overdrive switch. As previously mentioned, you need some volume to get a good tube sound which limits my overall use of this unit. If you have wood/tile floors, be sure to have piece of rug handy to prevent scratches. I usually play my Les Paul through it, but single coil pick-ups seem to hum louder than through my solid state Crate or tube Peavey in identical venues. I give the 212 Hot Rod Deville 4 stars overall, but you will not find a better tube amp with this kind of power for under a G, which makes this a good value even though it lacks features.

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Awesome amp!

By rockandrolldisaster

from Saginaw, MI

I was playing in a rock band and was switching to country and was playing a Vox Valvetronix amp that just couldn't get that tone I needed no matter how much I tweaked it. The other guitar player had this amp and it just always sounded so good on stage and in the mix that I decided to buy one too - was the perfect choice because the clean is so clean and punchy. I switched back to rock and this amp still blows away the Vox and Line 6 gear I was using before. I pretty much run on the clean channel all the time with effects if I need crunch, but do set the lead channel with the extra crunch so that I can stomp on it for leads. I use Gibson guitars and they just howl through this all tube monster!! Get it!

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