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Fender Guitar Pickups

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Do you think that, when Leo Fender founded his repair shop all those decades ago, he had any idea what the future had in store for him and his guitars? Could he have known that not only would they make history; they'd become so sought-after that people wouldn't just shop for Fender guitars but also for Fender guitar pickups and all kinds of other accessories too? This many years on, nobody could say - all we can do is appreciate the amazing instruments that we've been able to use for years to create our music, and whether you're building one of those from scratch or restoring an old favorite, these Fender guitar pickups are a no-brainer for accurately recreating the legendary tone.

Of course, that tone could mean all kinds of different things depending on which instrument and which era of Fender you're interested in bringing to life. For instance, if you're looking for clarity and tight response on a Telecaster, you might want something like the Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele Pickups. On the other hand, for bringing a Stratocaster back to its roots with tone faithful to the original, there's the Fender Pure Vintage '59 Strat Pickup Set. Or for a more modern approach to the Strat with humbucker-like performance, try the Fender Super 55 Split Coil Stratocaster Pickup Set. Maybe you're a fan of the "underdog" models? In that case, check out the Fender Pure Vintage Jazzmaster Pickup Set or the Fender Pure Vintage Jaguar Pickup Set.

With so many different Fender guitar pickups here to choose from, it's safe to say you can find a great set to deliver your ideal tone no matter what that ideal happens to be. That choice is up to you, since every guitarist has a different impression of what constitutes the best guitar tone possible. But if it's something that's available in Fender's lineup, you can definitely expect to find it here in this section.
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