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Clearance Frontman 212R 100W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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The Fender Frontman 212R Guitar Combo Amp is a solid-state combo amp worthy of the Fender nameplate. The Frontman 212R pumps a big 100W into two Fender Special Design 12" drivers. The versatile Drive/... Read More

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The Fender Frontman 212R Guitar Combo Amp is a solid-state combo amp worthy of the Fender nameplate. The Frontman 212R pumps a big 100W into two Fender Special Design 12" drivers. The versatile Drive/More Drive channel has a mid contour switch that lets you dial in the right distortion for rock, punk, blues, or metal. The amp's clean channel speaks loud and clear in the best Fender tradition. Other niceties include spring reverb, black control panel, and chrome hardware. This guitar amp includes a 2-button footswitch and 5-year warranty.

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  • 100W
  • 2 Special Design 12" drivers
  • 2 channels: Clean and Drive/More Drive
  • Drive/More Drive channel has a quick tone-shaping mid contour switch
  • Spring reverb
  • Blackface-style control panel
  • 26"W x 19-1/2"H x 9-1/2"D
  • 48 lb.

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Most Liked Positive Review


Simplicity at its best.

I have purchased this amp about 6 months ago. This amp is a very simple one as far as its features are concerned. It is very easy & quick to shape your desired...Read complete review

I have purchased this amp about 6 months ago. This amp is a very simple one as far as its features are concerned. It is very easy & quick to shape your desired sounds. The best feature which really impressed me about this amp is the special designed speakers with large voice coil cones which is definitely a plus point for this amp for producing powerful,punchy, warm and well balanced overall sound. The sound breaks up nicely from these speakers. The clean channel is loud and clear but I still wishes that it should have a Presence control for more penetrating bright sound. On the other hand the overdrive channel is great for any kind of music. Personally I like the Drive channel sound more than the More drive channel for Bluesy and rock type of music. The More drive channel is somewhat noisey but it has got bundle of sustain. In my opinion if you want to further enhance the overall sound of this amp then try to connect a 7-Band graphic equalizer and a compressor with it and keep it ON all the time. I also keep the Mid-contour switch activated all the time as it gives pleasant Beefy touch to my sound. The reverb is satisfactory and I do not use it beyond 5 because it becomes unnatural and starts to sound too much metallic. One more thing I have noticed that if you use the effect loop the overdrive channels really improves remarkably and here what I think its overdrive Touch-senstive feature also seems to work more effectively but there is a slight decrease in the overall volume level but it is not a big issue. I have used this amp with both single coil & humbucker pickup guitars and I found it quite good. I did not like the Power ON/OFF switch located at its rear panel and also do not like the cheap speakers logos which do not look like professional ones (Now recently these logos have been replaced with real sober looking ones). Nevertheless this is a worthful & impressive amp by keeping in view of its overall quality & price tag.


Most Liked Negative Review


Great Sound but.........

I bought this amp several months ago after being impressed by the sound it produced at my local center. It has that great well renown Fender clean sound. We play 3 nights a week...Read complete review

I bought this amp several months ago after being impressed by the sound it produced at my local center. It has that great well renown Fender clean sound. We play 3 nights a week and for the first 3 months of steady playing, it sounded great. Many people complemented the tone. The clean channel is totally awesome. I don't use the OD channels much, instead I use my individual pedals to get that extra effects I like. After 3 months or so, I ready getting ready to go on live, turned it on and before hooking up my guitar a very loud, roaring sound came out of it. Long story short the power unit burned out. I replaced the unit with a Fender Delux model and it has helded up quite well. I would have stayed with this great sounding amp but I didn't have enough confidence in it durability. I would still recommend this amp to anyone for the great tone it puts out. For the price it is worth taking the chance. I may have received a lemon who knows.

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Solid Workhorse

By Jarrod Shoquist

from Fredericksburg, VA

I bought this amp about a year ago and it has held up great. I play blues and rock with the volumn set on 7 then run it through a PA. This amp has handled my sound incredibly. I don't use the drive channels that often but the sound is good and should my pedals fail I would rtust the drive channels to get me through the night. The clean channel is amazing. I'm glad I bought it. Best buy for sound and money.

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Great Amp for the Aspiring Pro

By Bill McMannis

from Asheville NC

I have owned this amp for nearly two years. It really is an incredible piece of equipment. Great Fender tone for an affordable price. A bit heavy, but still portable enough to take to a club or coffeehouse. Plenty loud, but with a little fiddling it is NOT too loud for home use. Highly recommended.

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Best amp for the price!

By James Clogston

from Claremont, NH

I bought this amp specifically based on reviews and price. I had no expectations for the distortion channel so I was not disappointed with it. With some tweaking, you can get a decent overdrive out of it, it is not metal what so ever (I guess depending on my opinion). The many reviews I read were praising the output and the clean channel, it is true. The clean channel had the deep ringing bass notes I was looking for along with the crystal clean highs. The amp will keep up in any band situation period. I use a pedal board through the clean channel and the amp works incredibly well with it. I put my delay and chorus through the effects loop and (in order) through the input, a wah, clean boost, overdrive, then noise reduction pedal. It sounds awesome and for guitars I use a Tele w/single coils, a Tele w/humbuckers, and a Strat w/rails. Think solid state Twin Reverb clean. I would buy another again, no problem.

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By Edgar Chacon

from el paso tx

As my first combo amp i bought this one.it was perfect until one day i turn on the amp and it smells like something was burning.After that the amp doesnt work anymore.this is cheap made,if you want a perfect amp for almost any genere you can buy the peavey vypyr i did it and it keeps working since 3 years ago.you are warned you get what you pay.

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Best Amp for the money, Hands down!

By Roger Gordon

from Caro, Michigan

I've owned this amp for almost two weeks and I must say, it's an impressive amp. It includes 2 inputs, one for passive and one for active pickups. 2 channels with separate EQ for each. Footswitch jack /w footswitch included. Pre-in and out for effects loops. It also has a "More drive" button for the 2nd channel as well as a "mid-Contour" button for scooped mids on the 2nd channel. The clean channel is superb! A very clean sound with little to no distortion. The Distortion channel is a bit different. It doesn't have the distortion for my taste. Without the "More Drive" button on, I would mostly consider it more of like a mild Overdrive but with the more drive button pushed in, it's a heavy distortion for more hard rock or metal. I don't much care for the sound of it though. I rely mostly on pedals for Distortion anyway. Lastly, it's a very loud amp. If I put the clean channel's volume on 3-4 my windows are rattling....literally! The Amp itself is rugged and looks to be well built for longevity.

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By James Gravely

from Buford, Georgia

I bought this amplifier a little while back. I was happy with the sound when I tried it out in the showroom however before I purchsed one. I took it home and powered it up played a 96 strat into it a few times, I started to notice a buzz at high volumes. To make long story short I narrowed the buzz to the speakers, once I replaced them using eminence texas heat 12" 8 ohm (150W rms) the amplifier sounded a whole lot better, cleaner as well as dirty. Not to mention the change dropped the lows to a much better tone. I love playing rhythm for all types of music. What I found regarding the speaker was there is a loose piece of debris or something inside of the sealed center of the speaker. I can shake the speaker in my hand and listen to the debris bounce around inside of it. Other than that I am very happy with the amplifier.

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Excellent amplifier!

By Bradley Ard

from Highland, IN

I've been through a few amplifiers over the years, from a little Ross combo (my first amp), to a Fender Blues Junior and a KMD 100w combo, and this amplifier is probably my favorite so far. To all the metal players who are so down on this amp, try putting a good stomp box in front of it, you won't be disappointed! I use an old Digitech RP200 and an even older DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus with this amp, and with my Gibson Les Paul, it sounds absolutely amazing! In fact, more and more, I find myself disabling everything except the wah on my RP200 and just using the amplifier's overdrive, which, while not quite as good as my old Blues Junior, is still very good. The "More Drive" channel is a nice added bonus, because of the little boost it gives you for soloing. The added sustain and gain really make you stand out against another guitarist or a keyboardist. I've tried the mid-contour, and while it isn't my favorite tone these days, it does the "scooped midrange" sound very well, especially if you cut the midrange knob to zero. The clean tone is classic Fender. With my LP's neck pickup, it simply sparkles! Think David Gilmour's first solo on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", that smooth, clear tone. Simply amazing! I've had this amp now for a couple of years, and while I haven't cranked it up very loud, it's been very durable. I've even put my Ibanez bass through it, and gotten some very cool Geddy Lee-ish 70's distorted tones from it. I see a lot of people complaining abut the lack of on-board effects. If you're looking for on-board effects or modeling, buy a Peavey, Line 6, or the Fender Mustang. If you're like me, and like to occasionally plug straight in and let the amp, guitar, and your fingers do the talking, this is an excellent choice, especially for the money! If you absolutely must have effects, that's what stompboxes or rack-mount processors and the effects loop are for! Great amp for the money! Easily as good as other amps priced two to three times as much, and for the money you save, you can easily buy a POD, a Digitech unit, or a few decent stompboxes, and get almost any tone you're looking for!

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The absolute best amp value for your money!

By Terry Winkler

from Akron, NY

Purchased this after seeing video reviews and reading reviews.. All I can say is. WOW! This is an awesome amp! Plenty of power! Works great with my Boss GT 100 Buy it ! You'll love it!

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By TJ Shliff

from North Aurora, IL

I bought this amp for my alternative band and i have to say, it has a great sound. its also very loud...i have not yet gotten it past 2 and a half at any venue i've played. it has a punchy, driving distortion and gentle, warm clean tones. I would recommend this amp to any guitar player who likes loud amps or just wants a durable amp. i bang this thing around and it still works perfectly. i use a Hamer guitar and it shreds out of this amp, i get the exact sound i like out of this amp. if you need an amp that could play Milton Keynes or Lollapalooza but you dont want to spend a lot, buy this, you really wont regret it!

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By Martha Mobley

from Kennett,Missouri

I got this amp today and I took it to my cousins house and we were jamming, and this was on two and it was almost too loud. It sounds great I've played through Marshall stacks, twin reverbs, ac30s, princeton reverbs, and this is up there and louder too. Best reverb ever, cool footswitch, I like the tone controls, good distortion. But there isnt a speaker output, and it is really heavy. But it a pretty good amp.

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