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Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp

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The Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp, a reinterpretation of the classic Bassman amp, produces 60W into 4-10" Eminence alnico-magnet speakers with an all-tube preamp and power amp. The tube ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp, a reinterpretation of the classic Bassman amp, produces 60W into 4-10" Eminence alnico-magnet speakers with an all-tube preamp and power amp. The tube complement features 3 - 12AX7s and 2 - 6L6s. The Blues DeVille has Normal and Drive channels with independent Gain and Master for the Drive channel and a Bright switch for Normal channel. It also has an effects loop, reverb, presence, master volume, 3-band EQ, and Standby switch. Original Blues series styling includes chrome control panel, vintage chicken-head knobs, and, of course, genuine Fender tweed covering.


  • All-tube preamp and power amp
  • 60W
  • 4 - 10" alnico-magnet Eminence speakers
  • Dual selectable channels (Normal and Drive)
  • Independent Gain and Master controls in the Drive channel
  • Bright switch for Normal channel
  • Effects loop
  • Reverb
  • Chrome panel
  • Vintage chicken-head knobs
  • Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive select switch, Drive, Volume, Bright, Standby
  • Genuine tweed covering
  • Tube complement: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6, SS rectifier
  • 23-1/2"W x 23-1/2"H x 10-3/4"D
  • 50 lbs.
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(29 of 29 customers found this review helpful)


Awesome Clean! Warm warm Overdrive!

By Roadkill Mike

from Sierra Vista (Tucson) Arizona

Have had this amp now for three weeks. Traded a Hotrod Deville for a Marshall half stack and have returned to Fender! Man does this amp have the tone! I love the clean channel, and the overdrive, while not as intense as the HotRod, is very retro and warm. Had to get used to that. Used a TS9 through the clean channel to up the ante and now have the best of all worlds. Only wish that instead of the reverb on the two button switch, they had put the brite switch there in stead. That's the reason for the 4.5 on the features. The power is rediculous too. Even though rated at 60 watts, there's something about 60watts of TUBE POWER! I haven't even aproached 3 at any of the three gigs I've played with it, even outdoors! Awesome amp!

(18 of 20 customers found this review helpful)


All you'll ever need...


from WV

I bought this amp a couple 4 months ago and play it every second i get. when i got the thing, i was origionally looking at either a twin or a super reverb. after playaing all three, i can honestly say that this map makes the warmest, sweetest tone i think you can possibly hear. i've heard lots of complaints about the overdrive channel, but people must forget, this is a tube amp, so the volume you play the thing has everything to do with teh tone you hear. the sweet spot on the amp is volume 3 drive 1.5. with my telecaster on the neck pickup i get tone i never thought i could get for any price. yes, it is a blues amp, but you can definately get any sound out of this amp except metal (and who wants to do that??)anyone how is looking for a all around perfect tube amp that you will never get tired of, this is the one. btw, this amp is incredibly loud, you WILL NEVER need a louder amp than this one for any gig.(i've tried) btw 2, my buddy's LP sounds great through it too (the tele is fantastic, the the LP is a gibson, so you cant expect perfection)haha, buy it, you wont be sorry

(13 of 13 customers found this review helpful)


Nice Warm Tone!!!!!

By T-Bone333

from New Orleans

This amp is one of a kind. It gives you the sound that only tube amps can give and make you appreciate the invention of the vacuum tube. I play a lot of SRV and when I heard the clean channel of this amp I new it was the one that I was looking for. Sure you can buy the re-issues of the Viborverbs and Double, Twin, and Super Reverbs but why when this amp can give all of that tone plus some for a lower price. Why is it a lower price when it sounds like that? I'll tell you... because it doesn't have the acclaimed use of recording artists through the past 50 years, thats why. Thats why they can slap those hefty sums of money on those re-issues of classic amps, because people buy them thinking they'll sound like Johnny Winter or Jimmy Vaughan who use them. The Blues Deville is all anyone could need in a tube amp. I have owned amps that have wattages of 150 and as God as my witness I'll say that the 60 watts this thing pushes out is 70x louder. The only problem I have with it is a jingling in one of the pre-amp tubes which is a situation remedied with the changing of that one defective tube. I play it with the drive channel and I also use my own effects throgh it, both work amazingly well, it even supports heavy metal distortion. Hint: It sounds awesome w/ the clean and a TS-808 or Boss Blues Driver driving it. Concluding this is just the cr����me de la cr����am of tube amps, it holds right next to the greats and can be used on stage in a club, hall, large ampitheater, or satdium. People say it can't get loud enough for large venues, but with todays modern microphone technology, just mic up and your good to go, thats what Clapton does. And on the plus side of micing up amps, you can mic it so that you achieve stereo sound from this amp, which would sound great. Check out this amp and buy it if you like what you hear. Peace!

(12 of 13 customers found this review helpful)



By P A

from Stockholm, Sweden

Ok..So I write "1995". Why? Cause that̴��s when I got my first edition Blues DeVille 410. I got it a bit by accident. I was looking for a combo after years of traveling with full stack HiWatt, went into my local shop in Stockholm, and found my amp. It is also a limited edition blond Toolex (not tweed) covered one with ox blood coloured front. (According to Fender, a very limited special series. The same inside but different cosmetics). Anyway..I̴��ve used this for hundereds of gigs since I bought it, and also four album recording sessions, and it is simply great. Sometimes I wish I could get the same great sound at low volumes cause it drives some sound engineers crazy with it meaty powerful and edgy sound, together with my Telecaster equipped w Custom Shop Texas Special,so I am always on the edge of beeing too loud. But that is also my "signature"..Loud and proud..HaHa. A few times I have let other players use it at festivals. Even different metal bands, and no one ever complained about the sound for any music style or with any type of guitar. Quality has been fantastic, too. I just had it looked over first time since I bought it and all service needed was a soldering that needed to be redone. Probably cause amp has been banged around a bit on touring. Great amp. Great sound. Great purchase. Love it. Now I wait for a 40-45 watt version from smaller venues. ;o)

(10 of 13 customers found this review helpful)


One Cool Amp!

By EagleBlues

from Fort Walton Beach FL

I bought the Fender Blues 410 reissue just the other day. I have got to say this is the best amp I have ever played through! I have been playing a long time and this amp for me is the amp of all amps! My 69 Less Paul loves this amp as well as my 69 Strat. and my Carvin. This is a good all around amp. Nice clean tones and good crunch tones too! I am vary happy with this amp. Just go to a music store and try one out, the cool sound will melt you. I tried out a lot of amps and this one had the sound I was look for and for the money it was also a good choice, other amps that were a lot more money didn't even come close to this one.

(6 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


Only amp I can stand to use

By Quinton

from Salt Lake CIty, UT

I have played through my share of amps, but I have never ever played through anything that gets the tone this baby does. It is incredible. Throw a decent strat through there and you won't believe your ears. It gets this pop that I have never heard from any other amp. Basically in love with this amp. I am a blues man. If you play metal, or anything that requires super heavy distortion, it might not be the best, but if you are looking for sweet sounding riffs and smooth transitions, this is definitely for you.

(4 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


Fender Blues DeVille 410 Reissue Guitar Amp

By Skully

from Brookings

The sound was every thing i thought it would be love this amp it is loud and the tone is awesome.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)



By that guy

from ATL georiga

I just got this amp yesterday and have been playing with it and adjusting the knobs, trying to get that rich warm tube tone. It sounds amazing and is extremely LOUD, which can be a good thing or a problem because I like to get at least 2 on the volume Knob so you can get the full tone and on this amp it's more like1 1 1/2 but i can still hear the quality i gave this amp a 5 out of 5 because it's amazing GO GET ONE!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Gotta Love Fender Amps!

By Ryan K.

from Fox River Grove, IL

This amp sets the bar high for all amps. This is the first and only tube amp I've ever owned and it keeps me goin' and the crowd loves it! Great engineering and great sound quality. Currently I'm considering an amp to pair it up with to go stereo, but it's a hard decision because this amp just has so much character it's like trying to find it a mate. Gonna be hard. What I'd most like to point out is this amp sets the bar high for all amps. Fender; if you have one you know and if you're about to play one for the first time you'll soon find out they are the raw deal. A+. Let the effects and the guitars do the talkin' and the amps do the barkin'! Thank you Fender for one hell of an amp! Keep playing music.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Versatile, warm, and expressive

By Eugene Opryszko

from Canton, Ohio

This amp will be my regular gigging amp for a while. My latest endeavor is with a country band, and it calls for me to play from clean & chimey, to bluesy, to flat out rockin', and the Blues Deville 410 is delivering in all those categories. That is not to say that "dialing it in" happens instantaneously, but the tones are there. You just need to get the right mix of settings. The power is there as well. I play with a strong rhythm section and have no problem being heard, with LOTS of room to spare. One thing that is a little hard for me to deal with is the fact that the master volume, and volume are used for both the clean and drive channels. If you set those two where you need them for the clean tone you want, the drive control seems to boost the volume far too much, especially if you're looking for max overdrive. (I could be missing something and still just need to "dial in", as stated above) One solution is to use pedals along with the two channels and the problem is solved. The amp seems to be constructed fairly well, but as with most modern manufacturing, there is most likely quite a difference from the old industrial age amps. This amp is not nearly as heavy as my '74 Twin Reverb, but 60+ lbs is still a bit to lug around. I would highly recommend not carrying it too much by the handle, though. Although the rubber handle is comfortable, I think after a few years of natural degradation it could fail without warning. A metal reinforced handle would have been a better way to go. I may even fit one on myself after a while. The tweed cover and general style is a great look. I imagine the cover will get scuffed, and torn, and stained over the years, but that doesn't even enter my mind as a concern. My old Twin is all beat up, but still sounds great. I expect the same thing will happen to this amp. This is a great amp for anyone that gigs and likes a warm, driving, and bluesy tone. I only use Fender guitars with single coil pickups (and I would think this amp would be well suited with humbuckers as well, although I may never find out). You can't beat the sound of Fender guitars and amps!

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