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Extended Range Electric Guitars

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  1. Top Seller
    Epiphone Limited Edition G-1275 Double Neck Electric Guitar
  2. Top Seller
    Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Monarchy 7 String Electric Guitar
  3. Top Seller
    Strandberg Boden Original 7
  4. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research DEMON-7 Electric Guitar
  5. Top Seller
    Ibanez GRG7221 7-string Electric Guitar
  6. Top Seller
    Jackson JS22-7 Dinky DKA 7-String Electric Guitar
  7. Top Seller
    Jackson Special Edition JS22-7 DKA-M Dinky 7-String Electric Guitar
  8. Top Seller
    Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci JP70 7-String Electric Guitar
  9. Top Seller
    Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster
  10. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research OMEN-8  Electric Guitar
  11. Top Seller
    Dean Boca 12-String Electric Guitar
    From $34999
  12. Top Seller
    ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar
  13. Top Seller
    Ibanez RG Iron Label Multi-Scale 8-string Electric Guitar
  14. Top Seller
    Strandberg Boden Original 8 Electric Guitar
  15. Top Seller
    Ibanez RG Iron Label Multi-Scale 7-string Electric Guitar
  16. Top Seller
    Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL7Q 7-String Electric Guitar
  17. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Banshee Elite-7 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac Seven-String Electric Guitar
  18. Top Seller
    Ibanez RG Series RG7421 7-String Electric Guitar
  19. Top Seller
    Gretsch Guitars G5265 Jet Baritone Electric Guitar
  20. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Deluxe Seven-String Electric Guitar
  21. Top Seller
    Hagstrom Viking Baritone Electric Guitar
    From $59999
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  22. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Demon-8 8-String Electric Guitar
  23. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Keith Merrow KM-7 7 String Electric Guitar
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  24. Top Seller
    B.C. Rich Warbeast 7 String Electric Guitar
  25. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research OMEN-7 Electric Guitar
  26. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Guitar
  27. Top Seller
    Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci Signature Series 7 String Electric Guitar
  28. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Demon-7 7-String Electric Guitar
  29. Top Seller
    B.C. Rich KKW37-SBK Kerry King Signature Series Warlock 7-String Electric Guitar
  30. Top Seller
    Schecter Guitar Research Blackjack SLS C-7 Electric Guitar
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Creative people often love to experiment with different sounds and improve on their existing skills. An extended range electric guitar is an ideal way to advance playing abilities and add a unique twist to your killer riffs. Since the 1950's when electric guitars really started to explode on the music scene, artists have been adding strings in order to create new and exciting sounds to the electric guitar. While a standard electric guitar has six strings, an extended range guitar would have seven, eight, or 12 strings. A 12 string guitar generally features twin sets of strings paired close together on the neck and tuned octaves apart. The pairs are played together as one, and most of the strings are tuned octaves apart for a fuller tone. This provides a harmonic, rhythmic sound often heard in folk music or classic rock. George Harrison of the Beatles, Jimmy page of Led Zepplin and Roger McGuinn of the Byrds have all used 12 string guitars in their music. If you're going for a louder, harder hitting sound, a 7 or 8 string guitar is what you need.

These guitars often appeal to metal players who use the additional strings to beef up their lower end play and to increase the range of pitches available to them. These guitars provide an exceptional range when you need to fill the room with power. If you're looking for steller tone without pitchiness for blasting hard rock and metal tunes, these are the guitars for you. Extended range electric guitars are a fantastic route when you've mastered the intricacies of your favorite instrument and are ready to kick it up a notch and create a more memorable sound. Even the most talented musicians would agree there is always room for growth and increasing your skill set. With a seven, eight, or 12 string electric guitar, you'll be blasting new and exciting tunes before you know it.

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