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Since 1974, Music Man has been creating exceptionally crafted instruments for musicians around the world. Made right here in the U.S.A., Music Man's dedication to comfort and tone has earned them praise from many famous recording artists, including Keith Richards, Joe Perry, Randy Jackson and countless others. One of the great things about Music Man is that they don't play favorites when it comes to playing style and music tastes. Whether you're a country crooner, a funk groover, or a head banging metal shredder, Music Man caters to all walks of life, so you can bet that what you're looking for can easily be found in this section. Music Man's roster of famous musicians is so extensive, it only makes sense that they'd offer a huge range of signature guitars and basses. Take, for example, the Steve Morse Signature Model electric guitar. Consisting of an amazingly comfortable neck and an array of tonal possibilities, this axe is made to Steve Morse's exact specifications, and its versatility is only matched by his far-reaching career that has spanned tons of music genres. Another top seller is the Music Man Sterling HH bass. Featuring a shape that's similar to the StingRay, but shorter and narrower with a slightly smaller neck, this fantastic 4-string bass guitar has 2 Music Man humbuckers with hum canceling phantom coils, and unique 5-way switching. Overall, the Sterling HH bass is just another example of Music Man's incredible commitment to high-quality components and remarkable staying-power. In order to fully realize your musical capabilities, the equipment you're playing on needs to be well-built by professionals who understand the importance of playability. From the string-spacing to the height of the guitar's action, all musical instruments should be constructed with meticulous attention to even the smallest detail, so you can enjoy playing it for many days to come. Thankfully, Music Man takes great pride in assuring you that the guitar, bass or amplifier that bears its name is more than worthy of taking your talents to the next level.