Ernie Ball's M-Steel electric guitar strings are unlike anything you've played before. Short for maraging steel—an extremely strong alloy used in high-stress applications for the aerospace and defense industries—M-Steel wound strings are comprised of Ernie Ball's patented Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around a maraging steel hex core, producing a richer, fuller tone with powerful low-end response. M-Steel plain strings are made from a specially tempered steel for maximum fatigue resistance, resulting in a louder, stronger string. A patented winding of steel around the ball end of M-Steel plain strings reduces slippage, resists breakage and stays in tune better than conventional plain strings. The loudest, most expressive strings ever created, M-Steel strings provide increased output, frequency response and strength.

Super Slinkys Electric are one of the most popular gauge combination preferences by guitar players.

Hybrid Slinky Electric are a perfect match for those who like the ability to combine Super and Regular Slinkys.

Power Slinky Electric are a perfect match for those who like chunky rhythms for rock and roll or blues.

Regular Slinky Electric are Ernie Ball's top-selling set, and are favored by many musicians around the globe.

Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky are the perfect hybrid set for those who like thick bottom strings without sacrificing the ability to solo on higher strings.

Create your signature sound

Selecting the right strings for your instrument is a vital component for ensuring you get the sound and tone you desire. Ernie Ball's Tone Universe allows you to hear distinct nuances between all Ernie Ball strings, giving you the opportunity to audibly compare the differences between all available string alloys. We've selected four parameters in the tone grid (Output, Sustain, Mellow, Bright) that will give you a clear idea of what characteristics each alloy provides: Nickel, Stainless Steel, Pure Nickel, 80/20 Bronze, Phosphor Bronze and more.