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Equalization & Tone Shaping Effects Pedals

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Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator (AC-3)
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
  • New: $129.00
  • Blemished: $113.52
  • Rating:
MXR M-109 6-Band Graphic EQ (M109)
MXR M-109 6-Band Graphic EQ
  • New: $79.99
  • Blemished: $70.39
  • Rating:
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II R2 (LASII-R2)
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II R2
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II B2 (LASII-B2)
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II B2
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II E2 (LASII-E2)
AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II E2
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Shaping your music before it ever reaches your audience’s ears, equalization & tone shaping effects pedals are an invaluable part of any musician’s setup. Giving you the freedom to tweak and remake your sound as you play, these pedals transform your instrument, letting you balance, equalize or adjust the tones and frequencies at the turn of a dial. Easy to set up and use, these pedals allow you to get the exact tone you are look for.

Used mainly for electric guitars, tone and equalizing pedals work to customize your sound, but in different ways. Tone shaping pedals do exactly as advertised, allowing you to change the tone of your guitar, altering the sound as you see fit, while equalizing pedals deal more with the frequency range. But with a variety of options available, trying to find the right one for you means understanding what each pedal can offer.

If you’re looking to shift the sound of your single coil pickups, take a look at the Rocktron Texas Recoiler Tone Shaping Guitar Effects Pedal. Without needing to modify your guitar in any way, this pedal gives you control like no other. Producing a better quality response, this pedal features a number of adjustment knobs giving you the power to fine-tune your sound on the fly. If you’re more concerned with the Drive control of your instrument, maybe the Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Instrument Preamp Pedal is more what you’re looking for. With a natural warmth, this pedal works with your mixing console, or directly with an amp, giving it the feel of a tube amp without all the upkeep.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in equalization, there are a number of options as well. Pedals like the MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ and the Electro-Harmonix Classics Tube EQ Guitar Effects Pedal give you outrageous control over your frequency, letting you adjust multiple levels at any given time. For any sound you want, you are going to want to check out these pedals.

At the end of the day, the equalization & tone shaping effects pedal for you will come down to personal preference. If it gives you the control and sound you want, it’s the right one for you. After you find your perfect pedal you’ll be able to kick your music into high gear like never before.