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Each of the Egnater Tourmaster guitar amp's channels has an identical set of controls, but that is where the similarities end.

Clean/Vintage 1 is the cleanest of the four. Within this channel... Click To Read More About This Product

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Each of the Egnater Tourmaster guitar amp's channels has an identical set of controls, but that is where the similarities end.

Clean/Vintage 1 is the cleanest of the four. Within this channel lives a range of Classic tones ranging from pristine sparkle with the voicing switch set to MODERN to a punchy, aggressive drive (think clean JTM) in the CLASSIC mode. Pressing the button to activate the CONTOUR control opens an entire new range of beautiful clean, almost acoustic, tones not often found in a tube amplifier.

Clean/Vintage 2 has a very similar voicing to the Clean/Vintage 1 channel. This channel has more gain, so it can be pushed into mild overdrive. Sweet blues and classic rock tones are easily coaxed out of this channel. The contour knob adds another level of unique flavors.

Overdrive 1: From AC/DC crunch to modern rock, this channel covers a lot of bases all by itself. Dial down the gain and the feel is pure classic rock. Push the gain and enter into more modern, saturated territory. Scoop the mids with the CONTOUR control for monstrous metal or set it for classic British rhythm.

Overdrive 2: The Tourmaster's most intense channel, you'll find ferocious gain with a wide range of tones to suit the '80s shredder as well as the heaviest modern metal player. Scoop the mids with the powerful CONTOUR control for massive crunch or push the midrange for a solo tone that cuts through with serious authority.

Power Grid: This is a really cool feature your will only find on the Egnater Tourmaster amps. Using a group of 5 slide switches on the rear panel, you can set the power output for each channel individually. There is a 3-position slide switch corresponding to each of the four channels and a single FULL POWER/ HALF POWER slide switch. In FULL POWER mode, you can choose between 100w, 50w or 25w per channel. In the HALF POWER mode, you can between choose 50w, 25w or 10w per channel.

With the Tourmaster 4212 tube amp, you not only have a wide array of tones available from the preamp channels, but with the Power Grid you can introduce any amount of power tube distortion you wish to each channel: all preset, all automatic.

The Tourmaster 4212 amplifier is loaded with custom-voiced Egnater Elite-80 speakers from Celestion, and includes heavy duty detachable casters and metal slide handles.

  • 100W All-Tube Head
  • Four Channels with Selectable voicing
  • Power Grid: Set Wattage for Each Channel
  • from 10w up to 100w
  • Tube-driven Assignable Effects Loop
  • Tube Driven Reverb
  • Rugged Six-Button Footswitch
  • Powered by Groovetubes
  • Four independent channels each with: Gain control; Master control; Treble, middle, bass; Classic/modern voicing switch
  • Tube driven reverb
  • Master Presence/Density
  • Assignable tube driven effects loop: Assign to channels 1&2, Assign to channels 3&4, Assign to all four channels, Assign to pedal only, Send and return level controls, Selectable series or parallel
  • Cabinet voiced line/recording out
  • Simple master bias adjust with test points
  • Six preset power output levels for each channel from 10 to 100 watts
  • Output Power: 10 to 100 Watts RMS Presetable
    High Input Impedance: 1meg Ohm
    Low Input Impedance: 94k Ohms
    Output Impedance: 4 Ohms, 8 Ohms Or 16 Ohms - Selectable
    Effects Loop Send Impedance: 4k7 Ohms
    Effects Loop Return Impedance: 250k Ohms
    THD: 5% At Rated Output
    Preamp Tubes: Eight Selected Groovetubes / Egnater12AX7A / ECC83
    Output Tubes: Four Selected Groovetubes / Egnater 5881
    Density: +6db @ 120hz
    Presence: +8db @ 3.2khz
    Record Output Level: -50dBv To 0dBv
    Dimensions: 27.5" (W) x 11" (D) x 22 " (H)
    Weight: 95 lbs
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EgnaterTourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Amazing, versatile and WELL worth the $$

I've had my Tourmaster for about 3-4 months and I'm still amazed by the sounds I come up with. I'm playing both an early 90's American Standard Strat and a Duesenberg Carl...Read complete review

I've had my Tourmaster for about 3-4 months and I'm still amazed by the sounds I come up with. I'm playing both an early 90's American Standard Strat and a Duesenberg Carl Carlton through my 'Nater without any effects and it's been one of the most satisfying guitar playing experiences I've had. It growls and howls when I want it to (which is where I spend most of my time) and it's completely clean and bright for a more 'acoustic' sound with the Duesenberg (it's nice to have the option). This combo is solid, heavy and well-built. The Power Grid is a great feature - playing with the power gives you control over the distortion without the need for an overdrive pedal. If you're looking for a solid, versatile tube amp - you can't go wrong with a Tourmaster... especially at this price.


Most Liked Negative Review


2 bad experiences

I purchased this amp right after the holidays. The amp sound continually broke up in a very unpleasing way and when it would heat up it sounded even worse. I took it back and...Read complete review

I purchased this amp right after the holidays. The amp sound continually broke up in a very unpleasing way and when it would heat up it sounded even worse. I took it back and received another one which did sound better. However, the casing was broken. You could feel the plywood shifting back and forth when you moved it. Way to much money for that many problems. I bought an Orange AD30 and have never been happier.

Reviewed by 17 customers

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Great tone but unreliable

By Scott Boyle

from Jefferson City, TN

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I purchased my Tourmaster new in 2009, and got approximately 2 years service out of it before it went TU. At that point, the clean 2 channel went out, and shortly thereafter the OD 2 channel started having issues. After a trip to a repair center, and $100.00 of my money it was fixed "under warranty". About a month after it was returned, it failied again at a show when I foolishly decided to use it instead of my "backup" amp that I had been using from the first failure. At the time of this review, it is currently at the service center for repair, after $50.00 of my money, and we will see how long it lasts this time. These amps sound great, however the reliability leaves a lot to be desired. If I had it to do over again, I would NOT buy this amp knowing what I know now. But, mine is one experience and I have read several online reviews of those that have had stellar performance from their Tourmaster. I wish mine had been, as I really like the sound of the amp, when it works.

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This amp is AMAZING

By Andrew Callais

from Larose, LA

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I bought this amp a year ago when the used Mashall TSL I bought died on me. When I first tried it, I thought I was settling for an amp that wasn't as good. I don't think I've ever been so wrong in my life, this amp is AMAZING. It does everything the TSL did better, and it is much more flexible. Channel one has beautiful cleans that rival any twin reverb in my opinion. Channel two has a little grit to the clean, and is great for some classic rock and blues. Channel three has nice overdriven tones, great for classic rock. And finally, channel four has as much gain as anyone could possibly want, and is great for modern rock and even death metal. This amp really is four amps in one. O, and did i forget to meantion the tube driven reverb? The reverb and overdrive/distortion on this amp are so good that I no longer feel the need to use any of my effects pedals. This amp is capable of every style of music that I've thrown at it. It easily goes from prog rock like Mars Volta, classic rock like Zeppelin, hard rock like Tool, and death metal like Chelsea Grin, and all at just the touch of a foot switch. The power grid is also a very cool feature. You can change the output of each channel individually to 10, 25, 50, or 100 watts. This is very useful for record/practicing at low levels and then being able to go straight into rehearsing with a full band. This amp is LOUD at 100 watts. I have yet to turn it up past half way and it still blew me away. I haven't any problems with the amp since I bought it, its been very reliable. The two tone tolex is also a nice touch. It makes the look amp classy and stand out. The only downside to the amp is its weight (about 100 lbs.). It makes it a huge pain to move the amp from my house to the practice space at my drummer's house. I may buy a small amp to keep at my home and practice and leave this monster with the band equipment. This amp is a bit pricey at $1,700, but it is in the same range of quality and sound as Mesas, Marshalls, and Oranges, which are much more expensive. If you're in the market for a great high end guitar amp, buy this amp. You won't regret it.



By Chris

from Goldvein, VA

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I was looking for a new amp after using a Line 6 X3 Live for a few years. I found this used, nestled in a back corner of the store, hidden behind some other gear. It did not come with a foot switch, and one of the channel's led indicator lights were missing, but the sound and versatility of the amp (and price!) were too good to pass up. I play a wide variety of music and the fact that this has not only 4 channels, but allows you to select how many watts each channel uses is awesome. Each channel gives you a contour function and a "modern or classic" selection - I don't know the tech behind the latter option, but it makes each channel sound like either a "classic/boutique amp" or a more modern one and only adds to the versatility of this amp. For all you heavy distortion fans out there, you might be a little disappointed when trying the amp out on your own - as was I. But play this amp with a band and all your worries will be forgotten. You really don't need a lot of distortion - its all about the EQ and who/whats playing with you. This amp really shines, and the sound, whether clean, slightly gainy, or dripping with overdrive - is tight, crisp, detailed, and to put it simply, pure joy at any volume. At my first band practice with this amp, I was smiling all day - I just couldn't believe I was getting all these amazing sounds. I'm a tinkerer (using PODs for so long, you have to be), and I only had to tweak the amp once or twice to get a sound I was looking for. Every part of this amp looks and feels great - there was definite love put into it's design and construction. The only problem I have with this amp is that it literally weighs 100 pounds. On one hand, you know it's made tough, but if you're a weekend warrior like me, lugging this baby around might make you think twice about a purchase (but believe me, its WORTH IT!). I couldn't be happier.

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Egnater Troublemaster 4212

By Ryan Miller

from Omro, WI

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I've had my tourmaster for a year and a half. In the short time I've owned it I've had to send it in for repair twice. Both times the power transformer died. So for an amp that I've had for 18 mo. it's been in factory service for 5 of them. The amp does sound awesome and customer suport has been very good. Seems it's gaining a reputation for being unreliable.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)



By Daniel Carter

from Lawrenceville, GA

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

All I can say is that I needed a method to raise my volume so my lead parts could rise above, well this amplifier solved that problem, and more! Channel 1 (in Modern Mode) is used as my clean sound and it is so nice and clean that my Jackson or my Custom Les Paul has an "Acoustic" quality sound. Channel 2 is jus about the same as channel 1, so I run it in Classic to have a different clean sound. Channel 3....LOOK OUT we are getting into where I LOVE TO STAY!! Gain on 10, mode on modern, Contour at 3/4 and wattage set at 50 watts (all channels)and I have finally nailed my Rythym sound. The beautiful thing is that by just tweaking the mid, trebble and bass some additional AWESOME Rythym sounds pop out. Channel 4, I do not get the reviews that say this amp does not have the gain of Mesa's and other OVER PRICED botique amplifiers, the Tourmaster 4212 4th channel has more gain than ANYONE should need. I am a gain/distortion freak, espicially when playing lead parts. For my lead sound I use the 4th channel, gain at 7 as 10 is just too much gain, Contour at 7 and tone controls basically at mid point and this channel just screams. What is just AWESOME, this BOTIQUE amplifier reverb is the best that I have ever heard. It is so subtle that I cannot hear it until I stop a note or chord, just awesome. The features of this amp......just read the specs with an open mind and you should realize that this amplifier could please ANY GUITARIST regardless of STYLE OF MUSIC. Add the Density and Presence master controls and this 20 year Marshall man is now a Bruce Egnator believer and one of the proudest owners of the best guitar amplifier Guitar Center sales, the Egnator Tourmaster 4212 combo! Yes, the amplifier does weigh 95lbs. That just proves to me that is is built with the finest materials (NOT PARTICLE BOARD)and is road worthy.

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Egnator 4212 100W 12x2 Tube Amp

By Doug Kilroy

from Allen, TX

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I was in the market for a Vox AC30 Tube Amp until I heard the versatility and sound of the Egnator. What a difference. I am very impressed and glad I listened to the Egnator on the day I went in to buy the Vox.

(12 of 12 customers found this review helpful)


Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 100W

By Rick Forbus

from Memphis, TN

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

This is one fine amp. Do not be discouraged in the least by the country it is manufactured in. The amp�ۡ���s lineage is strictly boutique; much in the same way that Ferrari�ۡ���s street cars owe their pedigree to their racing counterparts. This amp sounds like Bruce Egnater. To those familiar with his TOL models (Tone Of Life), this amp will not disappoint (especially when you factor in the seriously non-boutique price)! By the way, there are four true channels, not boosts or E.Q. variants! The 1st channel is unabashedly Fender-ish; clean, sparkling, complex, as much high-end as you can stand, very responsive to the knobs and it has headroom for days (more on that further down). The 2nd channel sounds similar to the 1st to my ears, but with a bit more gain and growl at the smaller numbers on the volume knob. I would assume that a combination of a Bassman and an AC 30 might have been the intention: This also is very usable channel for coaxing out Stones, George Thoroughgood, SRV, Tom Petty, etc: As I stated, a very usable channel, and to some players, probably their favorite. In the way that channels 1 and 2 sound similar, so do channels 3 and 4. Marshall and Soldano are what I would use as reference amps for these channels (not Triple Rectifiers or Uberschals). Sustain with none of the grainy distortion that you would expect from say, a Blues Deville. Just searing, lyrical tube tone. I love these channels. If I said that you could hear each note in a chord, you might mistakenly assume that the gain is weak. No, it is not. One ingenious feature is that the individual channels can be rated at different wattages allowing you to determine how early you can get genuine amp breakup without blowing out the back wall, or how much headroom your clean sound needs. The back panel has lots of routing features, in fact I can�ۡ���t think of anything more that could be included Cosmetically speaking, I find these amps gorgeous: Two-tone without being retro, knobs that are easy to ascertain their position and a salt and pepper grill. Of course, an amp this pretty needs a road case which leads to its only drawback. You will probably need a band-mate to help you lift it into the truck because in the case it easily exceeds 100lbs.

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excelent for any kind of music

By lightning

from akron ohio

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

this amp has way to many controls to tweak the sound witch is a great thing imo. you can set it anywhere from 10 watts to 100 watts for each channel. it has 2 drive channels and 2 clean channels, you can have one channel set at 10 watts and the others set at 100 watts or 20 watts or 25 watts, witch is amazing. even set at 10 watts you could easily play over a drummer, but at low volume it sounds great also. you can play in a apartment without neighbors banging on your wall, it does not need to be turned up loud like a lot of tube amps to get good sound out of it. even at low volume you get great sound, no muddy mess like many other tube amps at low volume. nor or is screaming loud the second you turn the volume knob enough for the sound to come on. i have one clean channel set to get a sparkling clean, the other set for a blusy sound with a nice amount of break up when you hit the strings hard. one drive channel set to the ac/dc sound and the other to full on gain witch is great for any kind of rock and roll or metal you throw at it. does it have that Marshall or 5150 sound, no not quite, the distortion on this amp is not gritty hard hitting over drive. it sounds smooth and sweet yet still packs enough punch to please the ear but dirty enough to rock the house. and for playing solo's the notes just sing out, especially if you turn on the re verb, the re verb is mild, so don't expect a ton or re verb, you need a good re verb tank if you want that. when playing chords you can depict every note even in the drive channel set to heavy over drive. i have made this amp sound somewhat similar to these amps, fender blues deluxe, fender hot rod deluxe, peavey jsx, peavey xxx,orange rocker 30. and some others only thing better in my opinion would be a DR. Z amp only con about this amp is that it weights a lot. it is hard to find a amp with a great drive and a great clean channel, well this has 4 great sounding channels when i play out this is the amp that will be going with me. over all this thing rocks hard, there are better amps out there but they are hard to find and will cost around the same price or more. as far as guitar center goes i think this was the best sounding amp they had in the store. even better than the other egnater half stacks.

(5 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Just buy this thing!

By In The Know

from Los Angeles, CA

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

No big surprise here by now everyone knows about these amps. I can't believe how great this am sounds and the versatility, nothing can hold a candle to it in this price range. The clean tone for my money is the most clear pristine clean I've ever heard. Better then my Vintage 66 Super and then some. I purchased this amp for it's clean channel, most don't so I wanted to mention it. The two overdrive channels can be dialed in to the California or the British tone, this thing is incredible. One thing I would like to mention, the record out is not really a record out. It needs a Direct box and if you want silent recording for the studio you need something to carry the load from the speaker output. It's not like the the rebel 30, it's not a balanced output. Still it's 5 stars all the way. Buy one in store if you can, GC sends it fedex freight and they just suck. My box was tore up and open by the time it arrived, thank goodness the amp was ok.

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By Micks C.

from Orange, CT

Comments about Egnater Tourmaster Series 4212 All-Tube Guitar Combo Amp:

I purchased this amp in the early part of March, having just received it yesterday. Well, so far so good. The 4 unique channels take a little time to get used to as far as finding a sound of interest (as all amps do), but once you do, you're happy. They aren't kidding when they say that the Tourmaster is like having 4 amps in one -- it really is! The wattage selector is one of the more useful features of the amplifier. I love the fact that I can put it on 10 watts, crank the gain and volumes and get an amazing crunch out of it. The amp cranked at 10 watts sounds like another amp would cranked at 40 watts, so this thing is loud enough for your needs. The more you push the tubes, the better it gets. When I first started looking into these, a few people whom I was talking it over with said to avoid getting the Tourmaster because it was made in China. SO WHAT! Everything is these days. If this amp was made in the US it would cost double the price. It was this or a Mesa and I'm happy with my decision, and so is my pocket.

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