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Effect Cymbals

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Sabian Chopper (CH12)
Sabian Chopper
  • $139.00+
  • Rating:
Zildjian Zil-Bel Cymbal (A20002)
Zildjian Zil-Bel Cymbal
  • $114.95+
  • Rating:
Stagg Black Metal Bell (BM-B6L)
Stagg Black Metal Bell
  • $45.05+
  • Rating:
Zildjian K EFX Cymbal (K0888)
Zildjian K EFX Cymbal
  • $259.95+
  • Rating:
Sabian Alu Bell (AB7)
Sabian Alu Bell
  • $69.00+
  • Rating:
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An effects cymbal, in a lot of ways, works like an effects pedal. By adding a new characteristic to your setup, you can fundamentally alter your sound and really stand out as a performer. Effects cymbals are the perfect addition for any drummer who is looking to spice up their sound. The interesting thing about effects cymbals is that they are not actually one specific type, but rather a family of cymbals, so there is an incredible variety to choose from. Having a look around this section will help you figure out which types of effects cymbals are going to be perfect for your setup. That said, because there is such a wide assortment of cymbals available, having an idea of the type of sound you're looking for can save you a lot of time and effort when you're making your decision.

If you're really not sure which effects cymbal you're looking for, you should probably start by browsing the best sellers. An option such as the Black Metal Bell by Stagg, for example, is a great option for any drummer who is looking for a deeply focused metallic tone that can pierce any mix. With a strikingly unique look and a raw, hand-crafted finish, these cymbals are bursting with their own personality and are capable of producing several distinct voices depending on how you strike them. Another solid pick is the Chopper from Sabian. This distinctly designed cymbal is built to play rhythm and accents with big, uncompromisingly raw sound. The chopper is comprised of three bronze discs that are riveted loosely together. When struck, these discs vibrate against and agitate each other, producing the white noise that makes them so impressive. Used by some of the world's biggest drumming names, you'll definitely want to get to the chopper and see what it can do.

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