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EVH 5150 III 100W 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head Ivory

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The professional EVH 5150 III all-tube amp head that was developed to meet the exacting specifications of Edward Van Halen, one of the true living legends of rock guitar. The 5150III amp head's flexib... Read More

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The professional EVH 5150 III all-tube amp head that was developed to meet the exacting specifications of Edward Van Halen, one of the true living legends of rock guitar. The 5150III amp head's flexible feature set allows creation of tones from clean to crunch to full-out distortion, inspiring limitless artistic expression. Truly roadworthy, EVH amp heads feature no-compromise construction promising peak performance for years to come. Available in black or ivory.

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  • Power: 100 watts RMS
  • Tubes: eight 12AX7 (preamp); four 6L6
  • Three channels
  • Controls: Gain, 3-band EQ, volume, presence
  • Covering: Textured vinyl covering (black or ivory), EVH striped metal grille
  • Dimensions: 10.25" (26 cm) x 29.75" (75.5 cm) x 11.5" (29.3 cm)
  • Weight: 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • Four-button footswitch included
  • COVERING: Textured vinyl covering (black or ivory), EVH® striped metal grille
  • WEIGHT: 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • Height 10.25" (26 cm)
  • Width: 29.75" (75.5 cm)
  • Depth: 11.5" (29.3 cm)
  • OUTPUT: 100 watts RMS
  • TUBES: Four 6L6 output tubes, eight 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 60 lbs. (27.2 kg) including packaging
  • INTRODUCED: July 1, 2007
  • FOOTSWITCH: Four-button footswitch included (P/N 007-0926-000)

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(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)




from Phoenix AZ

When I started looking into buying a 5150 III, all I could find were videos of metal guys and Van Halen riffers. No disrespect to either intended but this amp goes sooo much deeper than that. My background -I've been playing over 30 years, owned dozens of pedals, amps and guitars and I play out a couple times a month. Band does a mixed set Merle and Waylon to Zep and the Foo's. This amp handles it all. Channel One - Gorgeous, lush, chimey Fender clean. Has an immediate attack when playing country but lots of sustain when you want to let those fat crystal-clear notes ring out. Channel Two - Again, immediate attack. rich creamy distortion without getting too grainy. But you can dial it back for some smooth overdrive. Either way, there is beautiful note separation and little compression. Channel three - Perfect lead channel. Will get as searing as you want. This is where you see the metal-guys get that weird smile and their eyes glaze over. Haha. For good reason. I play with the gain at 10:00 and the volume at 8:00 and it is ferocious. Bottom line : One of the most versatile amps I've played. The best live sound I've ever had was with this amp AND the distortion is so good on it, I was able to pull 3 pedals off my pedalbard (Dist,OD,Boost).I can't imagine anyone needing a dirt pedal of any kind with this. I get compliments from country guys and rock guys alike on "my" sound. Who am I kidding though - it's not me, it's this incredible amp. Please don't let all the metal riffers and VH wankers in the reviews make you turn away from this amp. You'd be ignoring potentially one of the best amps you'll ever play.

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Eddie's experience is your bonus...

By William Brice

from West Chester, PA

MOI BUENO, This amp is simply the finest amp money can buy. It has been thorougly road tested and R & D's by Eddie for almost 2 years...on the road. The Fender engineers gave Van Halen exactly what he thought a great power amp should be. All three channels have their specific niche and go way beyond your expectations. Channel one is actually Bell and Chimey clean. Channel two is pure Eddie; and channel three is Eddie's sound on steroids. The controls are beautiful and function with a high qualtiy feel; the pedal for switching is silent and rock solid. The front grille alone weighs about 2 pounds...Schumacher proprietary transformers; JJ tubes; tube driven effects loop performs beauifully and is foot switchable...what more could you want. When you get yours be sure and have the bias checked, you can do it yourself with some care & experience and a tube socket Bias Probe...chassis comes out easy as apple pie and the bias pot is clearly discernible(purple)...they tend to come biased from the factory a little cold whereas mine was only biased at 20 milliamps; the JJ tubes can easily be biased to at least 32 which is out of crossover distortion and into a great "sweet spot".The amp sounds even more alive and present with the higher Bias of the stock 4 JJ power tubes. My guitar player with 30 years experience playing with pro skill fell in love with the 5150iii amp. You will be amazed by this amp...just buy one...you will never look back. Thanks Eddie Van Halen & Thanks Fender. I also placed 2 JJ gold pin tubes in V1 & V8...awesome. P.S. Eurotubes is a great source for tubes and information about easy and proper biasing...great guys. And thanks GC.

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(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


versitality at its best, MONSTER TONE

By Francisco Gonzalez

from Monterrey,MX

After buying all different kind of amps,i realized that i wasnt happy with my overall tone at all, and that means that none of them could give me " the perfect tone" i was searching for, so i end up solding all of them which wasnt a bad idea, after a few weeks testing amp demos on youtube, i found this amp, what i like about it was not just the clean channel, the red ( 3 ) channel too its simply amazing,TIGHT and cleanely saturated , so i start messing around on the internet for a while and i found that this amp is not even builted by peavey, is built by FENDER which is awesome,(super quality products), 2 days before that, i placed my order for this amp, and now i got this monster at home, ever since i bought this amp i cant get enough of it, i highly recommend this amp to any different kind of player, jazz guitar players to metal/hardcore players cause is worth every penny, dont waste your time playing thorugh amps that need tube screamers and stuff, this one dont need ANY PEDAL to get a good high gain sound. ( remember to get the evh cab too or a cab loaded with celestion vintage 30 like mine so your tone will be great, good amps need good cabs )

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(3 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


EVH 5150 3D review

By Rob H

from albuquerque NM

Wow, I was quite impressed right off the bat with the sparking clean sounds from channel 1 with my G&L strat. I was able to get the chimiest sounds from those single coil pickups. I think that channel 2 has plenty of gain to serve as a lead channel. channel 2 is very dark and sounds like a bogner alchemist on the lead channel. Channel 3 sounds very much like the early Van Halen records "Brown Sound" I listened to as a child. Channel 3 is smooth and dark, but not harsh like the Bogner Alchemist, but much brighter and harmonically rich. This EVH 5150 is equally as good as a Mesa Boogie mark 5 and the Orange Rockerverb 50 which are a little bit more expensive. This amp is a keeper for me. This amp has the true brown sound I've been hearing about. The Bogner alchemist is a toy compared to this EVH 5150. If and when they come out with the EVH micro, I'll buy that too.

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(24 of 26 customers found this review helpful)


Tonal Perfection

By Garry Klein

from Sacramento, CA

I was the proud and satisfied owner of an early 90's Mesa Boogie Mark IV for over fifteen years. Purely out of curiosity, however, one day I went to a Guitar Center and plugged into one of the half-stacks they had in an isolation room (so I was able to crank it). Now, I have written several rave reviews on Harmony Central praising the sonic virtues of the Mark IV. In fact, with the Mark IV, having owned it for over fifteen years, I truly thought I was DONE! When I plugged into the EVH iii, however, I had a serious life-changing reality-shift in my sonic perspectives. In every respect, this amp was superior to my Mark IV. The clean channel of the EVH was every bit as clear, clean, and "chimey" as the Mark IV (one of the Mark IV's most compelling features). The second channel is where the amp really begins to rise above all competition (and one of the Mark IV's least compelling features). It had the crunch (but not over the top), definition, clarity, and smoothness that the Mark IV lacked (Channel 2 on the Mark IV can be a bit harsh). The high-gain channel is where the EVH iii leaves all others in the dust! It has a smooth, singing, yet aggressive and untamed quality about it that I have not heard anywhere, through any amp. The gain is thick and has incredible definition and clarity even when playing in the lower register. Where most amps become blubbery and indistinct, this badboy thumps and and rattles the China. This amp is not a good amp for those who are sloppy players, you can truly hear every note, every nuance of your picking and it is very responsive to picking dynamics. I basically plug my 1992 PRS Custom 24 or my PRS CE 24 straight into the amp and use a TC Electronics Nova System for the effects. I use no overdrive stompboxes so I primarily depend upon the inherent tonal qualities/characteristics of the amp to define my sound. I play it through a Marshall 1936, 2x12 cabinet and it sounds, to me, every bit as good as the EVH iii 4x12 cabinet without the bulk and weight. I have been playing for over forty years, have played through every trendy musical style that has occurred during that time, can and do play just about every style (except for theory-heavy jazz) and am generally a very accomplished player. Although I have primarily owned Mesa Boogies for the past thirty years, I have made an occasional foray into the "exotic" territory (Rivera, Hughes and Kettner, Soldano). Although to me it was worth what I paid, others may choke at the prospect of shelling out so much cash. For those of you who, like me, are involved in a lifelong pursuit of tonal perfection, you have to give this amp a road test. My experience demonstrates the fact that sometimes we don't know where we are going until we get there. I truly believed that I would never buy another guitar amp. I now realize that I was mistaking satisfaction for complacency!! I have rediscovered sonic bliss, and true tonal perfection with this amp! Now, I am truly satisfied; now I am truly done!!

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(0 of 14 customers found this review helpful)


Another case of Edison Envy

By Randy

from Florida

Of course it's a great amp after Peavey worked so hard and long with Eddie to develop the 5150 series and let him in to experience there developments. Like Edison rippin Nikola Tesla off Eddie just combined the 5150 and XXX and took it to fender to put his name on it.Eddie is great we all know this and one of the most influential players of all time but really it's so appearent what happened.Great amp buy it if you want just my oppinion.I played it and liked it but I still use my XXX.

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(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Right out of the box

By Anthony Robichaud

from Canada

I've had 30th anniversary 3 channel amps for years and when the new EVH came out I read the Guitar world article and thought, This has been done before, it's called the 30th anniversary Marshall head. Last month I had an opportunity to test drive this EVH half stack ( at low volume ) and it blew my mind and made me sad because it meant that I would have to sell all my gear; and I did. I just sold 3 Marshall heads and 4 Marshall cabinets. Your wasting your time with any other amp. If you play any kind of rock to Metal stop wasting your time and get this Head and Cabinet. The specs are the same as what I used to have, but they are not the same at all. This is what Marshall should have done; I know that Eddie took everything he ever used and heard to put this together, but this is a new product. The gain doesn't get oversaturated and the Tone just gets better and better. The clean channel can be a gain channel as well. It's not overpriced, cause you'll never need anything else. The biggest decision I had to make was the Color; I chose an Ivory full stack. I won't get it for 3 weeks and I can't wait. It'll be Christmas no matter what day it gets here. Thanks Eddie and EVH, Fender and Whomever else. Dr. Tone

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(55 of 63 customers found this review helpful)


A sexy, smokin' three headed beast

By KStrings

from Orlando, Florida

I happened to be in the Orlando, Florida GC when the sales guys pulled the store's first EVH 5150III out of the box. It was a week day, so the store wasn't overly crowded with eager onlookers. This was my good fortune and allowed me to be the first awestruck customer to give this particular 5150 III a whirl. First, I was struck with the cosmetic touches that have been applied. The fit, finish, and overall sexiness of the amp is a real draw. I tried the white one, and will go for that color when the cash finally piles up. I especially like the ease of the three channel layout with all three presence controls on the right side. The fact that the input jack is labeled "insert" is perfect! It could also be labeled, "duh?" Secondly, I was truly impressed with each of the three channels different tonal characteristics. The first channel was actually jangly! It compared with top level Vox, Fender, and other boutique amp clean channels that I've demoed. Early 5150s had no usable clean channel. This model, Eddie's given a real gem in that department. You can use your volume control to really shape the edge of your dynamics with this channel. This feature makes it worthy of a boutique label to me. The second channel is my favorite. I was 13 when I heard Eruption for the first time. But it was VHII and Women and Children First that really got me loving Eddie's tone. Channel two IS that tone. I'll buy the amp just for that sound, that chocolate brown beautiful sound! Channel three is more like the out of control gain I've used to from earlier 5150 amps. When it's time to "sing for days," this is the channel. I'm normally an EL34 guy. But to my ear, the 6L6s in this amp sound better than any amp in GC at this time. I liked the user interface of the back panel. But, even though the footswitch is as seemless as advertised, I wish it had a way to be switched via a midi controller. Maybe it does and I'm not aware of it??? Using a JMP-1 at the moment for my tones, I'd like to switch this head with the same controller. Finally, I think the price could be argued as justifiable. It is Eddie's amp after all. But, I still think anything that isn't fully point to point wired using the absolute best of components is not worth $2000. Still, it's the tone that counts. And this amp just freakin' has TONE. So, thanks Ed, Bruce, and the R&D folks at Fender... now I gotta get in trouble with the wife again!!!!

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(26 of 50 customers found this review helpful)


Take This Peavey!!!

By SaseboIndy

from Pearl City, Hawaii

I have been a fan of Eddie Van Halen for along time. Afew days ago, I was at a music store and someone was trying out the new EVH 5150 III amp. I was impressed on how this amp is very versatile and how the sounds on the amp were acheived without the use of stomp boxes.

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