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ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Electric Guitar Black

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The ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett Signature Electric Guitar delivers the vibe and playability of Kirk's personal ESP guitar at a price we can all appreciate. 25-1/2'-scale maple neck, basswood body, ESP... Read More

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The ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett Signature Electric Guitar delivers the vibe and playability of Kirk's personal ESP guitar at a price we can all appreciate. 25-1/2'-scale maple neck, basswood body, ESP LH-301 pickup set, double-locking Floyd Rose bridge, extra-jumbo frets, and skull-and-bones inlays on the rosewood fretboard. Black hardware and black finish.

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  • Basswood body
  • Bolt-on maple neck
  • 25-1/2" scale
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Locking nut
  • 42mm neck width
  • Extra thin-u neck
  • 24 XJ frets
  • Black nickel hardware
  • LTD tuners
  • Double-Locking Floyd Rose Special bridge
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Most Liked Positive Review


Awesome guitar

I got this guitar two days ago and I'm in love with it. The floating bridge is great for divebombs and it's a blast to play. I highly recommend it.

I got this guitar two days ago and I'm in love with it. The floating bridge is great for divebombs and it's a blast to play. I highly recommend it.


Most Liked Negative Review


buy with caution...

after owning this guitar for quite some time, the best advice i could possibly give is to make sure you know EXCACTLY what you are doing when you get a guitar with a floyd...Read complete review

after owning this guitar for quite some time, the best advice i could possibly give is to make sure you know EXCACTLY what you are doing when you get a guitar with a floyd rose and locking tuners. first, you cannot tune the gutiar by the actual tuner pegs, because a very stong locking device is bolted on the neck that cannot be undone with your hands or any standard house tool. you can only tune using the fine tuners on the bridge, but even then you can only adjust the pitch within a very narrow range, meaning you CANNOT tune any of the strings beyond a half step or so. without getting into specifications, the way the floyd is constructed, you have to pick ONE tuning and stick with it. so, if you chose standard, that means, NO drop d, no half step down, nothing except standard eadgbe pitch. Another point,do not buy into the MYTH that your guitar will not fall out of tune, because it will, and very often, and, even with little to no whammy bar use, you have AT MOST two weeks before a string is altered to where it CANNOT be in tune, and you must have a tech fix it. Also, be aware that, because of its complexity, dealers will charge twice or even 3 times as much to restring your guitar than they would for other models, and to have them change the tuning, or even to restring it with a string size different from the previous one (e.g. nines to tens) they will have to adjust the bridge and it will count as a full setup, easily costing you 45-60 dollars. and keep in mind this is done more than or AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH. the only other notable shortcomings that may not be apparnent are the 1. the pickups,which are passive pickups and not as good as active pickups, however, you cannot place active pickups in this guitar, they will not fit, and 2. the clean sound you're going to get from this guitar is just not very polished. with all of that said, the guitar does have some features that can really shine (especially for its price), but the key is making sure it fits you style. This is not a guitar made for its sound, and it won't really qualify to be put through something like a Marshall. I played this through a marshall, and no matter what i did, the tones were incompatible and it was a nightmare trying to get a pinch harmonic or hear the notes when i was tapping. your best bet is to try a line 6 and crank up the gain and maybe even a wah-wah pedal, doing this solved most of my problems, along with DR brand strings, they compliment it very well. As for anyone who is not a metalhead, per say, just be warned this guitar WILL NOT suffice the playability or tonal qualities for classics like zeppilin and hendrix or any band where a les paul or fender is used. anything even slighty bluesy, like guns n roses and and the like are not going to work with this guitar. basically, this guitar was built by kirk h. for metal, and metal only, and it does it well. you can fake a blues sound by turning you lead volume knob as far down as you can while still getting sound, but its still not even close to the real deal. go for it if you want to play metal, but otherwise put a lot of thought out there before you buy. i gave it three stars but its really relative to what type of player you are, i know this review was not a rave but easily a five star if its right for you. hopefully this helped

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Solid guitar- but neck bent and fret work needed

By Tim Gable

from Malvern, PA

I bought this guitar having played ESP's in the past and always have enjoyed the way they play. I was eye balling this one and my girlfriend surprised me with it. The guitar feels solid, has decent sustain, and a quick neck. BUT, out of the box, the setup was all wrong. The FR trem is setup pretty much backwards, Low E frets out the whole way as the truss rod is too tight, and there are 3 dead frets on the high E & B strings that will require Luthier work. I know some people will say that "every guitar has to be setup after you buy it" but this is just ridiculous... I'm hoping I just got a bad apple here and nobody else has this experience.

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Great guitar for the Price

By Frank Cippartino

from NY

I haven't put it down since I got it. Once I figured out how to tune the Floyd Rose properly its awesome. I am going to replace the bridge pickup with a Dimebucker but only because I want a really hot pickup without going to active pickups. The pickups are fine otherwise. With a good amp and distortion pedal this thing screams. The action is really close for shredding and the neck is really thin. It was just what I was looking for in a metal guitar. I am used to a much fatter neck on my LP. I highly recommend it, not just for the beginner but for anyone.

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By zak rynn

from ohio

I got this guitar exactly a year ago and let me tell you... I'm in love. I love the slim super smooth neck. No matter how humid it is, it never seems to get that "sticky" feeling that you can sometimes get. I also love the overall feel and look of the guitar too. The ESP humbuckers, all though passive, really pack a punch. You can play anything from lamb of god to bb king and everything in between. I can't really say if the floyd rose is good or not because this is the only guitar I've ever owned other than my strat, so I can't really compare. It is kinda hard to tune, so I would recommend keeping it in one tuning most of the time. Other than that it looks amazing, especially the rosewood fretboard the crossbone inlays. It's got a moderate weight to it but its super comfortable to play standing, sitting, and even laying down. For the price nothing that i played even comes close. I would recommend the kh-602 but if you're looking for a really good moderate level guitar and your on a budget, then this one's for you.

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awsome guitar

By Charlie LI

from Long Island NY

This guitar playled awsome right out of the box and everybody said tunning this guitar with the floyd rose was difficult you just need to take your time once its there it stays in tune well and the sound is more than exspected and more this guitar is a great metal guitar and restringing is not bad just UTUBE how to string it's really not that bad over all and awsome guitar i recomend it to anybody looking for a good metal guitar or any other type of music you desire

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By Chris

from McLean, IL

I got this guitar for my birthday about 3 days ago and i have one word to describe it. AMAZING! This guitar has been my dream guitar ever since i started playing. The floyd rose system is kind of a pain at first but once you figure it out, it's awesome! Just last night i played for 6 hours and i never got tired of it. It stayed in tune the whole time. When you tune the guitar i recommend unlocking the bolts but don't take them off, then start with low e, high e, b, a, g, then d. Keep doing that until it is tuned. Also make sure the low e says a little sharp because it'll even itself out. After that, lock the nuts back on and fine tune it with the same tactic. Once you tune the guitar it'll stay in tune for a LONG time!

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Pretty but a Pain

By London

from oklahoma

I wanted this guitar for about 2 years and just recently worked up enough money to buy it. It looks great and sounds great.. but if u want to change tunings often..then watch out. I have tried multiple times to down tune and up tune.. each time the floyd rose lifts and breaks a string. It is insanely stressful and a major disappointment.

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Great Purchase

By Jmetal

from Chicago,IL

I got this for my birthday 2 weeks ago i already had Kirk's Amp,Wah pedal,and picks(i know im a fanboy;) so i wanted his guitar i would recomend this to a more experienced player because there are things you have to do to it that you dont do with a normal guitar every month or so you have to retune it because of the wammy but in that month whenever you tune it there are little bolts above the bride that you tune it with but i love the guitar great size jumbo frets

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Great guitar for the price

By Jeff Webster

from whittier

This guitar is one of the most easiest guitars to play. The action on the guitar makes it that easy. I have had this guitar almost a year now, and love everything about this guitar. I also got a great deal on a new guitar for under $380! Hard to pass up. This guitar is well worth the money spent. No problems with the guitar since I bought it. A.lso, a lightweight guitar for those who play long periods on the same guitar. I like that about this guitar. Just an all around great playing, and cool looking guitar

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Great Guitar...Great For Metal

By AndrewN

from Fremont CA

when i purchased this guitar i played this guitar for hours on my little 15Line 6 spider 3 guitar amp without even thinking to change to my marshall kerry king half stack. I was sooo impressed at its low action and its incredibly thin neck. this guitar was built for speed and rythm guitar and does great in the clean channel. the pick ups are modeled after the EMGHZ's which are the passive form of the popular active EMG's.. the pickups in here are as good if not better that the EMG HZ's... all around a great guitar for the price!!!!

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Simply Amazing

By Jacob

from El Paso, TX

This guitar is amazing! I've wanted one of these babies for the longest time and finally had the money to buy one. It was truly an exciting moment getting the 202, and even a greater moment when I began to play. The neck has an excellent feel to it, and good sustain, the pickups were punchy and alright but I was able to get my hands on some EMG 81/85s (weird i know since Kirk uses 60/81). After adding the pickups me and my friends were blown away by this guitar, I've only had the KH-202 for 5 months but I have no plans of upgrading from it in the near future. I highly recommend this guitar to everyone!

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