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EMG EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set Black

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Combining the EMG-P and a single EMG-LJ unit in a complete assembly, the EMG-PJ electric bass pickup Set gives you improved flexibility for new dimensions of sound. The EMG-P has a full complement of ... Click To Read More About This Product


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Combining the EMG-P and a single EMG-LJ unit in a complete assembly, the EMG-PJ electric bass pickup Set gives you improved flexibility for new dimensions of sound. The EMG-P has a full complement of low register power and the EMG-LJ provides a full midrange and extended high frequency response for a well defined attack. Used the pickup separately, or in combination, they offer a flexible selection of bass tones, accommodating both new and traditional bass playing styles. The result is pure capability; the capacity to produce everything from tight slap funk to smooth Motown groove, all with a sound that'll set you apart.


The active Bass pickup of choice since it was developed, the EMG-P uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance. Because the coils are not in series like the passive types, there's about twice as much low end as a passive pickup. Ceramic magnets are used to add clarity. Countless pros use it because they find it has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition.

Features hum-free noiseless operation with an even timbred response. In order to make the composite bass sound more natural, EMG added steel poles for warmth and midrange.

EMG-LJ Replacement Pickup

Has a full-bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Featuring a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response, the EMG-LJ still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical jazz bass tone.

  • Package includes:
  • 2 EMG-exclusive cables
  • Prewired conrol set including 2 volume controls
  • Master tone control
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip
  • EMG-P
    Resonant Frequency: 4.5 kHz
    RMS Output Voltage: 1.0
    Peak Output Voltage: 1.40
    Output Noise: -90 dBV
    Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
    Current @ 9V: 80 microamps
    Battery Life: 3,000 hours
    Maximum Supply: 27V DC

    Resonant Frequency: 4.8 kHz
    RMS Output Voltage: 0.8
    Peak Output Voltage: 1.10
    Output Noise: -91 dBV
    Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
    Current @ 9V: 80 microamps
    Battery Life: 3,000 hours
    Maximum Supply: 27V DC
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EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set

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Great Improvement

By Jacob

from Winchester, VA

About Me Experienced


  • Good Quality
  • Improves Sound


    Best Uses

      Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

      After watching videos comparing these to the P/J-X set, I decided on these. They are a replacement for stock Squier pickups. Contrary to what people say, I don't find these to be very clinical or lifeless sounding like some people say about EMG pickups (I experienced that with EMG HZ bass pickups. They were horrible.). They definitely sound better than the Squier pups and have more clarity in a good way. The tone knob is very effective. They have plenty of low end. The P sounds like a P and the J sounds like a J, but I much prefer the P over the J. Also the J is much quieter than the P.

      These are a TIGHT fit. The knobs are bigger than normal knobs, so my tone knob barely fits into the bottom corner of the cavity with the hole where it is in the pickguard. It is actually pushing against the cavity a little so I may have to fix that. Also, the wires are very thick and do not want to bend or cooperate in tight spaces. They feel like solid instead of braided wire thankfully. I am almost sure I would have broken one if they were braided.

      If I wiggle any of the wires or pots under the pickguard while its plugged in, it makes a sharp popping (I guess shorting) sound. I am not sure if that is supposed to happen or if I messed something up bending a wire or connection trying to make everything fit. It does not make any noises when the pickguard is screwed on and you are playing so I guess its fine.

      (4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


      EMG PJ's Sound Great

      By Jim G.

      from Portsmouth, VA

      About Me Experienced

      Verified Buyer


      • Easy To Use
      • Functional
      • Good Quality
      • Improves Sound


        Best Uses

          Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

          Purchased this set to replace the stock PJ pickups on my Ibanez SR800. Had to do some minor sanding in the cavities with a dremel tool to accommodate the installation. I also installed the BTS system because I had four pots to replace and the EMG set only has three. This was the first time I have ever replaced any pickups or electronics and overall seemed fairly easy, even with the soldering I had to do. The BTS system I got did not have the new solderless connections that the EMG PJ set had.
          Very pleased with the quality and sound I'm now getting. They don't have all the background noise the stock pu's were making.

          (8 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


          EMG-PJ IS SWEET!!!

          By 808BASS-E

          from HILO, HI

          About Me Experienced

          Verified Buyer


          • Easy To Use
          • Functional
          • Good Quality
          • Improves Sound


            Best Uses

            • Backup
            • Concerts
            • Practicing

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            The EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set is a good choice for those looking to upgrade.

            In my case, I wanted to upgrade my first bass (Ibanez GSR200) and keep it as a reliable back-up or even main bass for those back-to-back, non-stop gigs. Although the original pickups had a good low-end punch, the highs weren't as noticable and I constantly had to crank up the gain on rigs in order to hear the higher notes as much as the lows. This problem was definitely solved once the EMG-PJs were put in.

            My recommendation is to add on a tone control that fits your bass and your needs. Because I originally had 4 knobs on this bass, I added a BTS control. This replaced the "Passive Tone" pot that came with the PJs, & filled all 4 holes (Neck Volume, Bridge Volume, Bass Boost/Cut, & Treble Boost/Cut). Plus, the BTS control came with its knobs as well as 2 extra knobs that I used for the "knob-less" PJ Bridge & Neck Volume pots. This setup fits my needs and should satisfy most.

            If you decide to purchase and use this set alone, remember:

            -There are NO KNOBS for the provided pots
            -You will have to solder if you have a barrel-type output jack
            -You may have to modify (dremel/drill) your bass to fit the new pickups &/or battery
            -The pickups may not fit as your original pickups did, so modifying the depth may be a challange
            -You may find it difficult to determine which diagram to follow


            -Purchase a tone control (ex. BTS) to aid with EQ and use extra knobs for the PJ pots
            -Use the foam padding that the pickups came in to add height in your bass' pickup cavities to keep them close to the strings
            (cut foam to your preference & insert under the pickups when installing)
            -Diagram #4 (J-Bass style) on the P Installation Info Sheets will most likely be your setup

            ...Hope this helps!

            (11 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


            These pickups will meet most bassist's needs.

            By Todd-m7O6z

            from Boca Raton, FL

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            See above
            I have been using and installing EMG products since 1997. The difference in clarity and tone with the addition of these pickups is nothing short of amazing. This is my 4th set of EMG PJ pickups, and my 2nd set of the new, solderless variety.


            -The new solderless kits are amazingly easy for anyone to install. All you really need is a regular Phillips head screw driver, a flat & Phillips head jewelers screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and the ability to read and follow directions.

            -The kits feature quick disconnects on both the pickups and pots. It also includes multiple colored, wiring diagrams cover most pickup configurations. Want to run two pickups with two volumes and one tone? No problem; theres a diagram for it. Want to run both pickups on one volume? No problem; theres a diagram for it. Want to include a pickup selector switch in your circuit? No problem; theres a diagram for that. Want to run your pickups at 18V for more headroom? No worries; EMG included directions for that as well.

            -The battery bus is a new addition to the solderless kits. It basically allows the installer to quickly configure the pickups and power wiring. The battery bus also allows for a solderless connection for a pickup selector switch, and has enough extra quick connect ports to accommodate an EMG onboard preamp.

            -The kit basically comes with everything you would need, including shrink tube, input jack, mounting hardware, etc. Even the input jack has solderless yet secure connections.

            -Wiring this kit was so easy, that it took me longer to actually figure out how to stuff the battery in the control cavity.

            -Shielding the cavity is not needed with these pickups.

            -The tone control included with the kit is pretty responsive, and is more sensitive than most tone controls Ive worked with.

            -If you can afford it, and have the control cavity space, pairing these pickups with an EMG onboard preamp, and wiring it at 18Volts, will maximize the awesome tone of these pickups.


            -EMG pickups are quite clinical sounding to some who favor vintage mojo. Ive always liked the attack and clarity these pickups produce, but if youre looking for something more retro, Id look elsewhere.

            -The physical dimensions of their pickups are sometimes boxier and a tad bit longer than others. If you have a tight pickup cavity, you may have to sand the bottom edges of the pickup to get it to fit. This has only happened one time to me. Most of the time, the pickups fit perfectly.

            -The battery bus and 9Volt battery make fitting this pickup system in a Fender type bass (slender control cavity) a very tight squeeze.

            -The kit does not include knobs.

            -The input jack included is the standard-type jack. If your bass uses a barrel/panel jack input, then you will have to de-solder that jack, or buy a new one.

            -The pots are solid shaft, so press-on knobs are not an option.

            -The white/black wire quick connects can easily be installed backwards, if one doesnt pay attention. You will know you did it wrong if your bass sounds tinny.

            -The J pickup can be thin sounding if the user is looking for a real aggressive tone. To remedy this, Ive done a bass build using an EMG P pickup in the neck position, and an EMG 35 DC in the bridge.

            Like I said, I have used the EMG PJ set 4 times in the past, and two of my current basses have these. Im building a bass right now, and guess what pickups I intend to use? You guessed it. EMG has made it so easy now for everyone to enjoy these pickups. Gone are the days of endless soldering. A very happy bassist here.
            See above
            See above

            (3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


            Active Thump

            By Patrick Gallagher

            from Fl

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            If you are thinking about going active, I can't recommend this set more. The sound has punch in the mid-range that my passives did not. It is great to play with the new sound. I am stoked on my Squier bass more now than when I first got it.
            You will probably have to do some routing to make room for the battery, and, in my case, I had to enlarge the bridge J pickup hole to accommodate the new one. The work was minor and SO worth it.
            Get these pickups!
            The solderless connection system makes installation extremely easy! I did not need one drop of solder on any part and everything I needed was included.
            The build seems bulletproof. The pickups were a bit heavier than my stock ones. Possibly better magnets?
            Turned my mediocre Squier Precision Bass into a monster for a low price. Can't beat that.

            (2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


            A-BOMB Custom Shop

            By Al Schubert

            from St.Louis

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            Can't go wrong with EMG bass pickups. Definately not my my first rodeo with EMG's. I buy them because they are the best bass pickups. Fat low end and very articulate high end. They cut through the mix like no others. To get the full experiece you need to puchase a BTC or BTS system as well.

            (1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


            EMG PJ Set

            By Gary Stevens - GS Custom Guitars

            from Las Cruces, NM

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            I have been building guitars and basses, as GS Custom Guitars, since 1989. I invariably use the P set or PJ set because of the clean, clear tone and total lack of noise. Being active, these pickups work very well with effects like the Boss ODB-3, Tube Screamer, Chandler Tube Driver and the Alesis MicroVerb4. These pickups work well through tube, as well as transistor amps. Long cord lengths can be used with no signal loss because they are active pickups, driven by batteries. I always use two 9-volt batteries wired for 18 volts with the bass pickups. I find battery life is more than a year. Just don't leave the cord plugged in, as this will drain the batteries. The EMG BTS Control is a useful accessory for these bass pickups. It is an active bass and treble control. It boosts, as well as cuts, both bass and treble with separate knobs for each. No additional batteries are needed. The mini-circuit board has switches for 4 different treble settings. Excellent.

            (4 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


            best pickup im puttin emg in everything

            By matthew t mccourt

            from portland or

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            as a former dimarzio advocate/endorser i have to say.. after years of puttin off installing these i bougth a dean bass and decided to give it a try the dean cadillac had active pu system but i wasnt relaly sold on it..(and i needed a pickup set for another bass in the p/j config i love these pickups hands down no dropped notes super tone and more compliments on how good that bass sounds i ahve a squier modern vintage that plays well but after changin out form the duncan deisgned and a vintage hi- a bartolini and aduncan vintage jazz and not bein happ with any of em im droppin the jbass set in that bass.these i dont get free and will gladly pay for the supreme sound

            (10 of 21 customers found this review helpful)


            the real deal

            By nathan mitchell

            from paulding ga

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            these things are hot if you like the thump from the p bass but also want a little pop like a jazz these are for you I own a Ltd B-50 and these are these pickups are simply amazing

            (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


            Make your bass a bolder axe!

            By Anonymous

            from Undisclosed

            Comments about EMG-PJ Active Bass Pickup Set:

            These things are amazing. I put these things into a ESP B-50 and it went from a beginner's bass to being quite breathtaking. I'm running these through a crate combo amp and the tone can go from jazzy to rock with lots of range in between. These things can do anything!

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