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The JH-OC1 is a true rock 'n roll artifact like Jimi's original guitar pedal. His chipped, off-white, "cheese wedge" pedal with hand-stenciled lettering is enshrined at the Experience Music Project, S... Click To Read More About This Product

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The JH-OC1 is a true rock 'n roll artifact like Jimi's original guitar pedal. His chipped, off-white, "cheese wedge" pedal with hand-stenciled lettering is enshrined at the Experience Music Project, Seattle's hallowed rock-and-roll museum. Hendrix's octave dividers don't look like much, but these magic boxes produced the unforgettable fuzzed-out octave tones heard on the legendary Band of Gypsys: Live at the Fillmore East performance.

Recently a team of Dunlop engineers made a pilgrimage to Seattle to examine and document an original Octavio”the holy grail of octave tone. They measured and scoped with loving care. The result? The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio is an exact clone of the amazing "octave up" pedal that Jimi used to make rock history.

It's all here: every knob and jack, a DPDT on/off switch, and the exact same circuit layout faithfully copied from the original "breadboard," front-panel controls which let you dial in just the right amount of fuzz and adjust overall level. Own a little piece of Jimi”the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio.

  • 1/4" input
  • 1/4" output
  • On/off switch
  • Level knob
All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.
Trigger capo - one year warranty.
Picks - 30 day warranty.
Straps - 90 day warranty.
Strap locks - one year warranty (must follow instructions).

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Blast from the Past

It took a little while for me to really get used to the sound and the pedal itself, but after a few minutes of tinkering, i was in love. it adds just the...Read complete review

It took a little while for me to really get used to the sound and the pedal itself, but after a few minutes of tinkering, i was in love. it adds just the right amount of octave tone on high levels, and the Fuzz never gets muddy for me. For those who don't know what an octave pedal does, basically, it doubles the tone of your guitar, and makes the second tone an octave up. Like, for example, you played the open low E string on your guitar while your buddy played the 12th fret low E string on his guitar. The only thing i find to be inconvenient is the fact that there is no LED, so you can never be too sure if the pedal is on, killing your battery. to remedy this, turn the Level knob completely counter-clockwise until you feel and/or hear a click. A word of warning though: The octavio is not a polyphonic pedal, as many octave pedals are. strumming chords will result in a chaotic mess of notes. the only chords you can barely get out are power chords, but only on some notes. because of this, this pedal is strictly for picking solos and lead riffs, with the occasional short strum. nonetheless, however, this pedal can really add a great effect to any solo, and can make your style of play really stand out among other guitarists out there.


Most Liked Negative Review


Am I missing something??

I am really disappointed with my recent purchase of this effect - unless of course I am overlooking something important. I am willing to admit that either (1) I haven't figured out the...Read complete review

I am really disappointed with my recent purchase of this effect - unless of course I am overlooking something important. I am willing to admit that either (1) I haven't figured out the various 'nuances' of using this effect yet, or (2) I may have purchased one that is broken. I don't know for sure, yet!! I will continue to try various combinations of other effects, guitars and amp settings but I cannot say I've achieved anything close to Hendrix' octave-overdrive sounds from the first album or two... It only seems to work in the area between the 12th and 16th frets (!!) and then, only in a subtle way. PLEASE, someone tell me what I'm missing here. For the money, it just didn't seem to be a good deal. Thanks!

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octavio is special

By Wurmzo

from KS

About Me Experienced


  • Excellent Sound Quality
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    Best Uses

      I see people commenting on this octavio pedal, but I can tell some of them dont know how to make this pedal work. Try this folks: toggle your pickup to the neck position and turn your treble or high tone pot off. Once your in the bass tone mode using the neck pickup, turn this baby on and cut. It will slice your brain!

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      Great pedal but...

      By Mike Jorgensen

      from Cincinnati, OH

      It's a great pedal and if you're looking for an octafuzz and you know what to do with one then it's perfect. The killer for me is that there is no way to run it off of an adapter it must always run on 9v battery. AND the battery drains as long as an instrument cable is plugged into the pedal so this pedal doesn't really work on a pedal board very well. I realize they wanted an exact replica of the schematics and circuit board that Hendrix had but that's one update that may have been worthwhile.

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      By eric stathis

      from upstate ny

      definitive stoner rock and funky pedal
      i have to be honest and say it took a little while to get used to this pedal. it is a very simple layout of just a volume and fuzz control. i bought this thinking it would be used more for just a straight up fuzz tone but there really isn't a whole lot of fuzz for it to be a true fuzz...this is all about being an octave fuzz. depending on your settings, the sound is huge. the most bizarre thing about this pedal is it knocks out noise like you can't believe. i can have my amp cranked with this thing on, and the amp is dead hit the strings and bam, wicked volume. i still don't understand what is happening but i can have my 20 watt jet city on full volume, and it's tons of feedback and noise....hit the switch to this thing, and it cuts it all out..and the volume SIGNIFICANTLY increases from the amp. i still don't get it but all i know is, it sounds killer. not to mention, it looks cool as hell in its minimalist form. only drawback is it is a bit large, and it runs on a 9 volt, no ac adapter. if i can figure out how to bypass the battery power, this will be plugged in the pedal chain all the time. try it, you will dig it for sure!
      built solid, simple and it looks great.
      pretty pricey for such a simple design

      (3 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


      Exactly the Opposite of what I had expected.

      By Steve Walker

      from Metro Detroit, MI

      I am a Jimi Hendrix fan, absolutely LOVE tunes like "Who Knows", "Machine Gun", and all the Experience classics. I've found that I can better match the tone with my presets on my VoxAD30VT, along with the addition of my Dunlop Crybaby, and a simple fuzz analog pedal. I was expecting to plug in, hit the level on the Octavio, and take it on back to 1970. I was very wrong. Could have been my luck, as I've heard of other users complaining the device was faulty. I have yet to find an Octave up that will deliver. I am tempted to try the Fulltone Ultimate Octave. I read that some of the users include Billy Gibbons.
      This was intended to provide an octave up with fuzz, if so desired. The Octave Up was sub-par at best. I attempted several times to find that "band of gypsys" sound, and nothing doing.
      The thing is built like a tank. I would not knock it for sturdiness. The fact that there is no 9-volt DC-Direct, I think is a big "turn-off" for those of you who rely on a central power supply.
      I think for the price, and the fact that with my wah, fuzz, and vibe, (same setup as Hendrix on New Year's '70), I was not able to reproduce that same tone....complete waste of money. Actually, I was thinking to myself last night, that it sounded much better OFF! I could hear the effect up around the 10th to 15th fret, however the high tones would offer almost zero sustain, in contrast to what some have noted. The low tones almost seemed to have the complete opposite effect, at times, even sounded like a weak version of a "Big Muff". It was very inconsistent, I should add. Different days, different tones, (to a subtle extent).

      (3 of 4 customers found this review helpful)



      By edgeofgreen222

      from New Brunswick Canada

      This pedal screems vintage, it's very warm and really gives a hendrix tone. If cranked up it turns into a fuzz monster but retaines tone and dosen't cause hi pitched tones. The only worry I have for the pedal is the battery clip which is two prongs for a 9 volt battery but the clips atach to a peace of cardboard. Hopfully this will last.

      (2 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


      Buy this pedal

      By Cody Newberger

      from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      To start out I want to say that I have finally recieved this in the mail today and I have been using it for about four hours straight now. I have to say this pedal is awesome. It is definaly that sound Hendrix had for Band of Gypsys, same exact to the T. And I've even discovered that with the bypass switch on, you get that beautiful clean tone hendrix used on so many songs. Take it from me, I've been playing 8 years and was inspired soley by Jimi Hendrix so I am a fanatic and I say that this Pedal is definatly worth it. If you like to play real music like 60's and 70's Blues Rock and Roll this has to be your pedal. I play it with my Boss DD7 and it's even more amazing.

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      the numb fuzz octave up sound your looking for

      By jimilover

      from south carolina

      when i first got this pedal, i got one that didnt work. so i finally got one that worked and this pedel is amazing. palm mute bending is amazing, so is the sustained vibratos. this produces that bassy vumb sound just as well with the octave up. If your a fan of Jimi this is a must have.

      (7 of 8 customers found this review helpful)


      This thing. . .

      By Strat Lover-3mUEM

      from Mount Vernon

      Cool stuff. However, for those of you expecting to hook this up to a clean solid state amp and sound like Jimi, you may be dissapointed. Hendrix would crank his Marshalls to a natural overdrive (think "Hey Joe" drive levels), run his Fuzz Face cranked ("Fire" or "Voodoo Chile" territory) then have this thing in front of the fuzz with the fuzz set low and the level high, to get as pronounced an octave as possible. Using this by itself isn't going to get you that "Purple Haze" solo tone.

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      This is pretty nice...

      By mando-band44

      from CT

      I got this a few days ago and am liking it. It takes a while to fiddle around with at first to get the right sound. I am playing a Strat into a Spider Line 6 Combo and it sounds really cool. The only thing is I can't really seem to get the octave "up" sound that Hendrix plays in the Purple Haze solo but I like the sound enough to keep it. But the weird thing is that it picks up radio frequencies which is odd because that is not a feature on my amp, sometimes I will hear radiomercials or some french lady talking. This may be because its analog but whatever it makes me laugh. All around its a cool pedal, you just have to mess with it to get it right.

      (3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)



      By WolfgangConvert

      from Houston, TX

      Got one of these pedals as a Christmas gift. Here's the deal: I can't stop playing Hendrix riffs! I'm running a Peavey Wolfgang into a Marshall Vintage Modern combo. The magic tone comes when you switch on the neck pickup, ease off the volume and play around the 12th fret. It just sounds VINTAGE! It's an addictive effect!

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