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Drum Sticks & Mallets

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Musician's Gear Hickory Drumsticks (P10PR)
Musician's Gear Hickory Drumsticks
  • Was: $29.99
  • $10.00
  • Rating:
Vater Hickory Drumsticks (VH2BW)
Vater Hickory Drumsticks
  • Was: $8.49
  • $6.99+
  • Rating:
Ahead Drumsticks (5A)
Ahead Drumsticks
  • $30.99+
  • Rating:
Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks (VSM5AN)
Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks
  • Was: $8.49
  • $7.64+
  • Rating:
Vic Firth Zildjian Vater Pro-Mark Regal Tip Sound Percussion Ahead DW 3 Drumsticks Hotsticks Hornets Meinl Musician's Gear Aquarian Firestix

About Drum Sticks:

When a passionate drummer is without their sticks, they feel naked. It's no wonder why younger players all around the country can be found in classrooms tapping away on their desk with a set of pencils. It's as if over time, a percussionist's sticks or mallets become an extension of their body; and once they find a pair that offer a perfect mix of comfort, balance and response, a drummer tends to "stick" with that stick forever. In other words, drummers are sticklers when it comes to sticks, because they know what they want.

Like people, drum sticks and mallets come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes, depending on the style of music you play. For example, jazz drummers often go with a thin, light stick, which are great for shuffles, agility and cymbal work. Heavier rock groups on the other hand tend to use larger, thicker sticks to ensure a powerful, hard-hitting performance and minimal stick breakage. Regardless of your preference, you'll notice quickly that there's a wide variety of drum sticks and mallets to choose from, for all tastes and styles.

When it comes drum sticks, you won't find a name more recognizable than Vic Firth, and their American Classic line combines the durability and sound Vic Firth is known for in a stick that comes highly praised. Turned from select hickory, Vic Firth American Classic drum sticks are bold in design, and the price can't be beat. Of course, equally as impressive are Vater Hickory Drumsticks. Available in a 4-pack, these sticks are heavier and more rigid then maple sticks and can absorb a huge amount of shock to reduce hand fatigue. On the mallet side of things, any aspiring percussionist will be more than satisfied with a pair of Tam Tam Rollers courtesy of Black Swamp. These 1.5'' solid maple mallets are thick and strong, yet light enough to handle with ease. Give them a shot and see for yourself.

There are all kinds of drum stick brands that are endorsed by the world's best known drummers, from Tre Cool and Lars Ulrich to jazz favorites like Ron Haynes. It goes without saying, but an easy solution to choosing the right stick for you is to simply look at what your favorite drummers use. Not to say a fan of classical music wouldn't play in a punk rock band, but by learning what your biggest influences use, you'll get a much better idea of what to look for.